Acoustic guitar vs electric guitar | Comparison By Experts

There is a common perception which on one hand says that one should always start with an acoustic guitar because it’s much harder to play and as a result will make fingers and hands stronger quickly. But on the other hand, another myth says to begin by using an electric guitar since it is easier to handle and play. How about we address these using a basis of similarities and differences between these two styles:


A major contributing factor in choices is obviously the cost.

  • Acoustic Guitars

    Budget-friendly guitars are also easy to buy. You will only be in need of a few minor accessories before you start. But many starter packs do come fully loaded with spare string, a guitar pick, and a tuner too.

  • Electric Guitar

    Definitely more expensive and needs more accessories like an amp tuner a guitar lead; and As with acoustic ones, it’s better to use a starter pack at the beginning.


The sound is where much discord regarding the choice happens.

  • Acoustic guitars

    They sound great and produce the softest and most beautiful melodies. With this, you won’t require an external amp for your sound to be heard as you will have it with you. But acoustic guitars are very limited to just one type of sound, and moreover, it’s not possible to add effects to an acoustic guitar.

  • Electric Guitar

    Definitely much more versatile in regards to sound and with the presence of an external amp, there is a huge chance for sound expansion. Sound can be further enhanced by adding on effects pedals too.

Acoustic guitar vs electric guitar | Comparison By Experts 1


Let’s discuss more on what we talked about in the introduction- are the myths true?

  • Acoustic guitars

    Considered harder to learn because the strings are heavy and also higher than that of standard available electric guitars. But this is generally just for the first few months as after this your fingers will get stronger as they adjust. But if that doesn’t work, you can put on lighter strings instead of heavier ones for a small amount. Using an acoustic one will help the technique develops efficiently and also quickly; acoustic guitar like the Yamaha f325 can be a great guitar for beginners.

  • Electric Guitar

    Easier to play because the strings are light and more comfortable to play with. Overall, it does make learning more comfortable. But there’s also the fact that since there’s less space between the strings so the chords can be difficult to learn. Make sure that the guitar is well set up. So now you know what to look for when buying an electric guitar.

Select Your Genre

Some genres demand one form of the guitar because that works well for it, a good example of it is rock music which works amazingly on an electric guitar but doesn’t sound appealing on an acoustic one. So, here’s a distinction list for you:

  • Acoustic guitar

    If you like acoustic music, folk, country, bluegrass, and such, then go for acoustic; check out our review for Hola HG-41N, which can be a very good option for beginners willing to learn acoustic guitar.

  • Electric guitar

    If you like punk, metal or blues then go for an electric one.

But before buying any guitar, it doesn’t matter if it’s the best acoustic or electric guitar; make sure to try it before you purchase it. It is important for you to feel comfortable with its weight while holding it.

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William Larson

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