The Best Cheap Keyboard Piano – Get Quality at an Affordable Price

 RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

Full Size Keyboard
High Quality Headphone Are Included
Durable And Sturdy Padded Stool
LEARNING AID 1 and 2 for beginner
The Best Cheap Keyboard Piano - Get Quality at an Affordable Price 1
 Alesis Melody 61 MKII

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

61 responsive piano style keys
300 Built In Tones Layer and Split Modes
300 Built in Rhythms
40 demo songs or record your own
The Best Cheap Keyboard Piano - Get Quality at an Affordable Price 1
 Alesis Recital 88 Key Keyboard Piano

Alesis Recital 88 Key Keyboard Piano

88 premium full sized semi weighted keys
5 voices (Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass)
Power Adapter or 6 D Cell Batteries
Powerful Educational Features Standard
The Best Cheap Keyboard Piano - Get Quality at an Affordable Price 1
 Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

Battery Power Or The Included AC Adapter
400 Tones and 150 Rhythms
Built-In Speakers, or Connect Headphones
World Rhythms: 46 [12/34]
The Best Cheap Keyboard Piano - Get Quality at an Affordable Price 1
 Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Flawless, Authentic Range of Sound
Integrated Learning System
Deluxe Effects & Features
Record & Playback, With Microphone & Headphones
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Music is universal. We’re always listening to it- whether it’s the sound of birds chirping or hardcore trap beats. You can’t ignore when there’s an acoustic guitar strumming into your ear with a melody that’s pulling at your heartstrings and making you go ‘Oh, I wish I could play that.’ While that establishes you as a routine music lover, don’t you want to be a part of the music you listen to? What better way to start on your musical journey than learning the most basic of instruments- the keyboard or the piano?

The keyboard is an instrument that stretches across genres of music- from modern pop to jazz and even rock. With a keyboard, you can learn and play almost anything- whether it’s a classical piece or a modernist mantra. Today, the contemporary keyboard has various extensions of itself. The best cheap keyboard piano, the organ, synthesizers, and the best cheap keyboard piano are the most popular options.

You can use the best cheap keyboard piano to control the sensitivity and the dynamics of your playing. Each keyboard piano will come with features capable of advancing your keyboard playing by bounds. Most keyboard pianos- with their touch-sensitive keys and LCD headboards will guide you into smoother and more professional playing.

With just about 61 keys, the best cheap keyboard piano is structured well and will help you progress from a beginner to a performer in no time!


If you’re a beginner buying your first keyboard- you’ll find that finding the best cheap keyboard piano can be a hard feat. You can go on countless keyboard sprees, but without the appropriate research and knowledge- the search can be futile. A keyboard is an important financial investment that you can preserve for years to come. Different keyboards may offer different prized features.

It is up to you- the player- to choose which one suits you the best. While looking for a keyboard- it is important to consider the enjoyment and the learning that you can get out of an instrument. You want a keyboard that for quite a while without needing an upgrade after simply a few months of use.

However, if you are not sure what to look for in your search for the best cheap keyboard piano, you can refer to these factors:

  • Number of keys

The best cheap keyboard piano will deviate between a full-sized one that has 88 fully functional keys and a normal one that ranges from 61 keys to 88 keys. An 88-keyed piano is fully equipped with 7 octaves of notes that give you the lowest of the low and the highest sounds. A full-fledged keyboard means that you have access to a range of notes at any point in time.

This comes in handy when the sudden project of a flexible piece is thrown at you. You needn’t go the extra mile to modify the piece into your small keyboard. At one point in your musical journey, you will be required to explore a variety of lows and highs. At this point, a full-sized keyboard is ideal as it throws all-purpose for up-gradation out of the window.

However, this does not mean that the 61-key keyboard undervalues progress in any way. A lot of beginners start their journey here. A 61-key keyboard will provide the same kind of features as an 88-key. A 61-key keyboard is a proof that less is more!

88 keys are usually more useful to a classical player. However, a beginner will do just as well on a 61 key as most exercises are centered here. A keyboard with less than 61 keys isn’t as engaging and could impact your performance by a wide margin.

  • Weighted/Touch-sensitive Keys

A keyboard piano strives to emulate the structure and design of an actual, heavy-weight piano in a modern design. A major concern with keyboard pianos is the presence of weighted keys. Weighted keys refer to touch-responsive keys. Just like a piano, the weighted keys follow the routine of sounding louder or softer depending on the pressure exerted on the keys. This means that pressing down hard on the keys will produce a louder sound while pressing down lightly will lead to softer music.

Playing a keyboard piece requires you to exude emotion through your playing by using the features available to you. With weighted keys, you can convey the right emotion at the right moment through your playing.

The absence of weighted keys doesn’t mean that you can’t play, but it can lead to a lack of expression from your playing- it is not very enjoyable, and you might need an upgrade sooner or later. Thus, it is advised to look for a keyboard with weighted keys to give you the best experience.

  • Sound Quality / Range

When it comes to sound quality- two aspects are important. Firstly- the realistic sound of your keyboard emulates that of a piano. Does it carry the heavy, believable sound of a real piano instead of producing a phony tone? This is essential if you’re a serious performer. You want to keep your sound authentic and professional.

Secondly, most keyboards come with a range of sounds that they can copy and produce. Thus, a keyboard can adapt the sound of a guitar or a synth onto its keys so that you can play multiple instruments through a single keyboard! This is especially useful if you’re concerned with producing or recording with your keyboard.

Thus, make sure that you know which of these factors you’re looking for in the best cheap keyboard piano the timbre or the range?

  • Accessories

Accessories might not be the first thing on your mind as you look for a compatible keyboard. But considering them saves you a lot of time looking for each accessory later on. Along with sound quality and other features, you should try looking for things that make you are playing more naturally and easy-going.

Accessories like a stool or seat, music stands, a metronome, and headphones are the kind of stuff you should keep an eye out for. If they are offered along with the keyboard- they’re generally compatible with the model you’ve chosen. Buying them as a bundle is easier than searching for each compatible accessory in the future. The accessories will help you in your learning experience.

  • Budget

The budget is a huge factor at play when buying a keyboard. A high-quality keyboard, of course, comes at a high-standing price. However, the musical market has evolved so that you can get the best deals that fit into your budget. A lot of companies manufacture durable keyboards with great features at a cheap fare.

To help you make a careful decision about what keyboard you should purchase, we’ve compiled a list in which you’re likely to find the best cheap keyboard piano. These keyboards have been chosen for being budget-friendly as well as qualified in terms of keyboard quality.

Here are the best cheap keyboard pianos in order:

  1. RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

The RockJam 61 Keyboard Super Kit is an all-in-one keyboard kit that is suitable for players of all levels. Its wide variety of features helps you reach your maximum potential as a musician. Both kids and adults are likely to get addicted to playing their RockJam because of its easy operation and fun effects.

  • This keyboard is a 61-key keyboard piano with standard key sizes.
  • The keyboard also has an LCD screen on which you can monitor your progress.
  • You can also record your songs as you play and play them back as you wish.
  • You can choose from about 100 sounds and instruments and apply 100 rhythms to your playing. The super kit comes with 50 demo songs from which you can learn.
  • The keyboard set includes a set of headphones. By connecting these headphones to your instrument, you can play noiselessly and even practice late into the night without disrupting your surroundings.
  • This set increases convenience by providing you with a strong, durable stool. This stool is designed to be at an appropriate height for your keyboard so that you can play comfortably.
  • The keyboard stand is another accessory that is provided. With a keyboard stand, you don’t need to adjust your keyboard on uneven or uncomfortable surfaces where it is likely to fall or incur damage. Instead, the keyboard stand holds your keyboard securely and adjusts itself to accommodate all heights.
  • The RockJam 561 also allows you to receive free lessons from the Simply Piano App for a month. The voucher is in the package.
  • This Keyboard also has power supply functionality included in the kit. With this, you can connect your keyboard to a power source anywhere and begin playing.

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  1. Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Hamzer is known for its easy-going, user-friendly design that makes the keyboard easy to play for players at all levels. Its 61-key capacity seems almost endless as it allows you to play a wide variety of songs. You can also record yourself and play it back. Use its many easy features to keep track of your progress.

  • This keyboard will support you as a beginner until you reach intermediate-level playing. The keyboard is a 61-key keyboard that allows for versatile playing. You can access up to 255 sounds and 255 rhythms. Play around with 61 percussion sounds and create your beat, record, and play it back as you, please!
  • A set of microphones and headphones accompanies the keyboard. You can practice noiselessly for hours using the headphones. The microphone allows you to sing along with the keyboard and record at the same time. This keyboard is ideal for recording covers.
  • It has reputable built-in speakers that are loud and clear.
  • You can also use effects like vibrato, sustain, and ensemble to recreate real-life, cool piano sounds.
  • This keyboard is to be operated with 6 AA batteries. This feature means that you can take this keyboard to places without a power supply as well!
  • The keyboard comes with an adjustable stand and stool. You can modify both of them for the perfect height at which you can play your piano! The keyboard stand can be adjusted at 3 levels of height.

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  1. Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

The Casio CTK-2550 is a popular brand among keyboards. Portable as well as durable, this keyboard ensures that its service is worth your investment. It’s got a selection of tones and rhythms to choose from that make playing enjoyable. A specialized dance mode keeps you coming back to the keyboard to create new and flashy remixes.

  • The Casio CTK-2550 is a two-in-one portable keyboard. Its compact and light design lets you carry it anywhere with you. Moreover, this keyboard comes with the option to use batteries as well as connect it to a power supply using an AC adapter.
  • You can explore a variety of genres and musical styles by using the 400 tones and 150 sets of rhythms that are featured on the keyboard.
  • Its well-structured inbuilt speakers give you a booming sound as you play. However, you can also hook your headphones into the headphone jack for silent playing.
  • A specialized dance music mode is available through which you can remix dance music and create your tracks to spice up the party!
  • The keyboard is prized for its percussion- drum beats, bass lines, you name it, we have it! You can also add filters to your beats to create a mood and give your beat a desired effect.
  • You can connect your keyboard to your iOS or Android device, on which you can learn to play your favorite songs on the keyboard by downloading the Chordana Play App!

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  1. Alesis Melody 61 MKII

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

The Alesis Melody 61 MKII strives to provide you with a complete piano-grade experience. With 61 weighted keys that feature realistic piano sounds, awe your audience with a professional performance. Its 40 demo tracks also help you get the hang of playing if you’re a beginner. Besides, the many accessories make keyboard playing more convenient.

  • 61 responsive piano keys are weighted and perfect for both beginner and intermediate-level playing.
  • The built-in speakers give out excellent sound quality. You can proudly show off your keyboard skills to friends and family!
  • The keyboard comes with built-in 300 tones and 300 rhythms that let you explore and add different tonal effects to your songs.
  • The layer and split modes let you attribute different tones to different parts of the keyboard. Thus, you can mash up various sounds to create a lovely soundtrack!
  • 40 demo songs help you get your start on the keyboard by playing along with the demos and learning them. You can also record your newly learned songs on the keyboard!
  • The keyboard comes with many useful accessories including a keyboard stand, a stool as well as headphones, and a microphone. You can adjust the stand and bench until you’re satisfied.
  • Belt out songs on the microphone as you play to enjoy your musical experience thoroughly.

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  1. Alesis Recital 88 Key Keyboard Piano

Best Cheap Keyboard Piano

The Alesis recital is completely equipped with 88 keys that are designed to support n number of songs on this digital keyboard. Also providing an effectual piano experience is the touch-responsive characteristic of the keys. The keyboard is specifically performance-based and trains beginners on a professional level right from the start.

  • The Alesis Recital is a full-fledged Digital Piano that consists of 88 functional and weighted keys! This means that you can have a piano-like experience while playing your favorite songs. The 88 premium keys allow you to play a wide range of songs without missing a note!
  • The touch response level can be adjusted as per the user’s preference.
  • The electric keyboard is suitable for both professionals as well as beginners.
  • You can switch between 5 sounds: the acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, bass, and synth, and use them for different songs as you see fit. Use chorus and reverb to give a performance that resonates warmly throughout the room.
  • The electric keyboard includes a headphone jack for personal and private practice sessions, along with a pedal input option to amplify the sound.
  • You can also connect the keyboard to your speaker or amplifier for a voluminous performance.
  • You can play the keyboard through both batteries as well as a power adapter. Thus, you can play this keyboard anywhere regardless of the power supply connection.

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The keyboard piano is a phenomenal history in the world of music. It has been around for years in the history of music. The best cheap keyboard piano is a beginner’s best friend. However, despite its easy playing, this one instrument is all it takes to large influence a song. Choosing a good keyboard piano while on a budget can be a hard decision to make. However, we hope that the list above helped you find the best cheap keyboard piano.


  1. What keyboard piano should I buy?

If you’re looking to buy a keyboard/piano, it is recommended that you check our list to find the best cheap keyboard piano for you.

  1. Can the keyboard produce piano sounds?

Yes, many keyboards are designed to produce realistic piano sounds.

  1. Keyboard with piano keys?

A lot of keyboards nowadays emulate the structure of weighted piano keys to produce the effect of different sound levels.

  1. How long will a keyboard piano last?

A good quality keyboard piano that is used regularly will last for about three years.

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