The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Cameron & Sons CSM-41D Digital Grand Piano

Cameron & Sons CSM-41D Digital Grand Piano

Intricate work of durable woodwork
88 Touch Weight Keys
MIDI capabilities
Find 64 note polyphonies
The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Loaded with 128 polyphonies
Awesome MIDI capabilities
Big LED screen
Eight Assignable Knobs
The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

Pre-equipped with 88 Piano-style Keys
Graded Soft Touch
6 Track Sequencer
Split & amp, Dual Voice Features
The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
Suzuki 88-key Digital Pianos

Suzuki 88-key Digital Pianos

Versatile Performance Features
Beautiful Cabinet
Amazing Qualities of Sounds
The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 4
Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano

Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano

18 Premium Quality Tones
60 music library songs
The recorder also comes with 2 tracks along with one song
The Best Digital Grand Pianos of 2023 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 4

Are you frustrated with the whole search for the best digital grand piano thing? Then, wait. Take a long and deep breath. We can help you out with this. Therefore, we have enlisted some of the best digital grand pianos. All these pianos have got the most ratings. And, to top it off, we are highly assured that you will be 100% satisfied and content with our research. But, before that let’s look at some factors that must be considered whenever you go hunting for your best digital grand piano.

Factors to look for in your best digital grand piano:

It is always recommended that whenever you go shopping for your best digital grand piano, you must make a checklist of the features that it should have. This in the future can help you in getting your things done properly by maintaining a record. Not only this, but it will also help you recheck that your chosen variant comprises all the features that you have been looking for. Therefore, some of the factors that you must look into before you finally make up your mind about buying a particular piece are:

  • Sounds: Always recheck the quality of sounds that your grand piano makes. You need to pay close attention to it. You must also recheck the internal sound library along with its speakers. Since speakers are the main sound outputs, therefore you must be quite careful in checking. Also, a digital version of the grand piano comes inbuilt with several sounds. Make sure that their quality is quite high as per your expectations.
  • MIDI connectivity: Make sure that your grand piano comes enabled with MIDI connectivity. MIDI capabilities usually ensure that you can connect your piano to your desirable DAW i.e Digital Audio Workstation. In this way, you can record yourself playing and can also compose hundreds of several plug-ins. The MIDI connectivity opens up a whole new world of opportunities. In this world, one can use multiple qualities of sounds thereby encouraging one to be creative and imaginative with his playing.
  • Polyphony: It tells one about the number of notes that he can play at the same time. This factor is great if one is planning to layer several sounds.
  • Portability: If you are concerned about taking your piano to places, then opt for a lightweight one. Choose those variants which are not cabinet styled as these variants tend to be quite heavy and require a lot of effort to disassemble or assemble.
  • Features: Always make sure that your set of best digital pianos comes loaded with tons of features. This applies even to beginners as at some point in time they would require one or the other feature. Therefore, go for a full-fledged piano that comes pre-equipped with features like:
  • Playback and recording options.
  • Lesson Mode/Lesson Lite features.
  • Sound effects like delay, chorus, reverb, etc.
  • Accompaniment functions.
  • Layer modes.
  • Split mode.
  • Transposing, tuning, and octave shifting.
  • Metronome, etc.

Therefore, based on these factors, we have enlisted down some of the best digital grand piano available in the market.

1) Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Have you been looking for a good, feature-loaded grand piano for quite a long time but still couldn’t find one as per your needs and budget? Well then, this digital grand piano from the brand Medeli would be the perfect choice for you. It aims to provide some of the coolest nerve-wracking features. It comes with features that can allow you to see the displayed music in an effective sheet format. Players can watch this on the massively large LED screen that the product comes pre-equipped with.

It is also loaded with features like consisting of an album comprising more than 600 different types of songs. Players can pick anyone from this album which feels just like a baby grand cabinet. The grand piano also comes with an amazing white polyester and ebony finish to complete the overall look. It also comes with a set of eight assignable knobs. These knobs make it quite convenient to play the whole thing and concentrate on your piano lessons.

The resonating sounds offered by this grand piano are also pretty amazing. Moreover, the keys of the piano add a nice responsive sensation of touch to the whole thing. The piano even provides all kinds of basics that one would aspire to learn. Being pre-equipped with 128 polyphonies in total, this digital version of the grand piano also comes with inbuilt speakers and several MIDI capabilities. This product is indeed a great option for someone who wants to master the art of playing a grand piano.

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  • The piano comes loaded with 128 polyphonies.
  • It also showcases awesome MIDI capabilities.
  • It also includes a big LED screen.
  • It comes with eight assignable knobs to facilitate easy playing.

2) Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

After going through this product, we were not at all surprised that this product comes with literally everything that one would require in his digital grand piano. It won’t be wrong to consider it the best digital grand piano of all time. The brand itself is a certification of the product’s quality and authenticity. The grand piano comes equipped with a total of 88 full-sized keys. Each one of them has been nicely weighted to provide a natural feel whenever one presses upon them.

The white-colored keys are made from the best wood and have been topped with faux ivory. This gives the most authentic feel when touched. Not only this, but the keys also provide that excellent response that one has been longing for such a long time. The company has incorporated premium quality materials for its manufacture thereby giving a highly sophisticated look to the whole instrument. It comprises every feature that one would have longed for in his grand piano.

Either they are mega voices, super articulation voices, stereo sustain, string resonance, or four-level sampling, you name it you get it. In addition to this, the instrument also comes laden with more than four hundred accompaniment voices. One can easily record them via their USB recorder and upload them on their online venues or computer for further work. The cabinet of the grand piano is quite awesome and demonstrates awesome furniture quality. It has been specially made from ebony. The overall furniture look comes highly polished and demonstrates a concert-quality piano.

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  • This version of the grand piano comes pre-equipped with 88 piano-style keys.
  • The keys are aided with a graded soft touch.
  • It also comes with a 6-track sequencer that allows one to record their music.
  • The instrument also comes with several Yamaha XGlite/GM voices.
  • It also comes with split & amp and dual voice features.
  • The music database of this instrument can offer a total of 267 keyboard setups.
  • It also comes with a keyboard stand.

3) Suzuki 88-key Digital Pianos

Suzuki 88-key Digital Pianos

This Suzuki-branded MDG-330 version can be enlisted in the list of your best digital grand piano. The piano has been constructed beautifully and is quite fun to operate. The grand piano comes laden with multiple features. All of the features excellently demonstrate spot-on performance along with being elegant and traditional at the same time. The cabinet comes with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish. The instrument can fit every decor and room size. One can even find a wide selection of pre-recorded music files. Each file can be downloaded to play the right song according to your mood. The piano also does not need any tuning.

It comes pre-equipped with an amazing collection of over 128 voices along with recording features and rhythms. This helps the player to create several musical opportunities for himself. One can even feel the authentic grand piano touch by accessing its hammer-action keyboard. The product’s 3D instrument voices along with the stereo create an astonishing atmosphere of amazing sounds. Not only this, but the product also comes with several accompaniment styles. Now, composing and recording sounds won’t be a big deal. One can do it easily via its onboard 3-track recorder.

It also comes pre-equipped with a digital drive to ensure players can save and play back their music whenever needed. Being facilitated with amazing sound imaging technology, the product can be used to create remarkable realism, expression, and depth. Its 3D sound source sampling is perfect for enabling dynamic response. The product also comes with a powerful set of 6 speakers for delivering the best sound quality. Suppose you want to have an integrated tuned cabinet, high-grade variants of speakers, Bluetooth compatibility, and wireless technology inbuilt into your grand piano. In that case, this grand piano can be the one.

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  • It comes with a beautiful cabinet.
  • It can be a complete entertainment center in your house.
  • It demonstrates awesome versatile performance features.
  • It produces amazing qualities of sounds.
  • It also comes with additional accessories.

4) Cameron & Sons CSM-41D Digital Grand Piano

Cameron & Sons CSM-41D Digital Grand Piano

If you aren’t aware of this brand name, well don’t hesitate. It has the potential to be your next best digital grand piano. And, if you are still thinking that how is that even possible, then wait! We will inform everything shortly. The piano is an astonishing piece with that classy and elegant addition of a cabinet. It dresses up the whole piano. The instrument has been polished with ebony to bring out the true essence of rich wood. It comes equipped with every feature that one would find in most of the expensive variants.

A couple of layering functions along with a total number of 88 perfectly weighted keys are available in this instrument for enabling comfortable playing sessions. One can even find hundreds of different voices inbuilt into it. The voices also Coke pre-equipped with 8 different types of reverbs. The grand piano is one of the perfect pieces to be kept in your church, home, or any venue. Though it is slightly expensive, its features and quality is worth the price paid for it.

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  • The whole piano showcases an intricate work of durable woodwork.
  • The piano case has been finished by using polished ebony black.
  • One can find a total of 88 touch-weight keys.
  • The instrument produces grand concert sounds.
  • It also comes pre-equipped with 3 pedals in total.
  • The pedals are sostenuto, soft, and sustainable.
  • One can also find hundreds of ensemble sounds and solo voices in it.
  • It displays a split keyboard.
  • It also comes with voice layering features along with MIDI capabilities.
  • One can find 64 note polyphonies in it.
  • Not only this, but it also comes pre-equipped with 8 types of reverbs which are mostly 8 types of chords.
  • In length, it measures over four feet.
  • It can easily fit into homes, institutions as well as churches.

5) Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano

Casio AP250 Celviano Digital Piano

This is an amazing piece by the brand Casio. It is among the top pianos in the list of the best digital grand piano. The brand is itself known to manufacture inexpensive and premium quality keyboards for quite a long time. And this fact was true when we researched further on this product. It comes with an upright cabinet which is pretty cool. Not only this, but the grand piano also comes pre-equipped with the best range of features. These include DSP presets for tones, four variants of reverb, etc. It even comes with a brilliant lesson library. The mode (duet) easily allows two persons to play the piano. The piano also comprises a total number of 88 keys.

These keys are no ordinary ones. They are the special version of hammer-styled grade keys. These keys provide a much better response when touched. The grand piano also comes with at least 128 polyphonies along with USB MIDI control functions. It includes Casio’s patented version of the Linear Morphing System. This ensures to offer of the best and the most realistic grand piano quality sounds. The sounds are capable of tricking even the ears of professional ones. This instrument is indeed an ideal teaching tool.

Its several features allow budding artists to learn several techniques of playing like dual layering which is nothing but layering two sounds together. Using its advanced AIR technology, the grand piano offers sounds with great realism and details. The USB connectivity is pretty awesome and can be connected to both Windows and Mac. It also does not require downloading any additional drivers. Therefore, this nicely priced version of the grand piano can help one master his playing skills.

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  • It comes pre-equipped with 18 premium-quality tones.
  • These tones even include the stereo-sampled grand piano variant tones.
  • It also comes pre-equipped with several digital effects.
  • These effects are the reverb which comes in 4 types, the brilliance; the chorus which again comes in further four types; and DSP which is one of the best presets for tones.
  • Its lesson feature comes equipped with a total of 60 music library songs.
  • One can even find 10 users loaded songs.
  • The recorder also comes with 2 tracks along with one song.
  • A total number of 5000 notes can be found in this grand piano.

Therefore, we did our best and have enlisted the top 6 best digital grand pianos. We are 100% assured that the above list will make your search for the best digital grand piano a lot easier.


i) How many hammers does a piano usually have?

Well, in a standard variant of a piano, one can find a total number of 88 hammer-style graded keys. They also come pre-equipped with seven full octaves along with a few other keys.

ii) Are the piano keys made from ivory?

Well, if you happen to have an older version of the grand piano something belonging to 1950, then it is very certain that their keys are made from ivory. Also, ivory keys are a bit difficult to replace and require proper maintenance. Ivory ones can only replace ivory keys. This is generally done to maintain the aesthetics and value of the instrument.

iii) Why do pianos have 3 strings?

This is mostly for facilitating high-pitch and middle-pitch notes. They not only help one to increase the volume of the sounds but also brighten up the quality of sounds produced. All these three strings are tuned to the 440-hertz frequency.

iv) How much does it cost for maintaining the best digital grand piano?

Well, on average it may cost up to $300 to $500 annually. But those who regularly use their pianos need to spend a little bit more to maintain their optimal performance.

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