The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

 best electronic keyboard

Yamaha Psr-E263 61-Key Keyboard

The psr e263 Yamaha portable keyboard features
61 full sized keys
Yamaha Education Suite
Tone generating technology
The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1
 Roland Premium 88-key Keyboard

Roland Premium 88-key Keyboard

Next-generation RD stage piano
Dedicated acoustic piano sound engine
128-voice polyphony for electric pianos
Eight knobs with LED status indicators
The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1
 Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

compact and lightweight
400 Tones and 150 Rhythms
Different Variations Of Drum Beats, Bass Lines, And Synth Parts
Connect to your iOS or Android device
The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1
 Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Backlit LCD display
AUX input for connecting your MP3 player
USB MIDI port is ready for computers
600 Built-in tones
The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1
 RIF6 Electric 61 Key Piano Keyboard

RIF6 Electric 61 Key Piano Keyboard

Full-Size Keys, Fully Capable
Introducing The Rif6 Backing Band
Eliminate Overhear With Over-Ear Headphones
On Tour Portability
The Best Electronic Keyboards of 2023 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide 1

The electronic keyboard is an instrument an adaptation of the piano that sounds just like it but is reduced in weight and size. The electronic keyboard is also known as a portable keyboard or digital keyboard owing to its electronic inheritance and compact build. An electronic keyboard is a piano packed into a more convenient design. The best electronic keyboard strives to copy the sound of the piano and reproduce its exact timbre using digital samples, and so on.

The best electronic keyboard can produce a variety of instrument sounds- from an acoustic guitar to the violin. Electronic keyboards are usually used by home-based players, beginners, and non-professionals. Besides, these homebodies are also very cheap to purchase. Electric keyboards can also come with their own set of speakers. They popularly come in two different models- 61 keys and 88 keys.

If you’re new to this whole keyboard thing, it’s always recommended that you go for an electronic keyboard. With its durability and easy-to-operate features, the best electronic keyboard is sure to root for you as you go up the learning curve.

Factors On Which You Should Choose An Electronic Keyboard

  • Size of the keyboard:

The most important deciding factor to help you buy the best electronic keyboard would be to take into consideration the size of the keyboard. Is the keyboard a full-sized, 88 key keyboard that gives you maximum sustainability with weighted keys? Or maybe you’d like to purchase a beginner keyboard that has a smaller build but offers more features?

If you intend to be a heavy-duty professional performer, you should likely choose an 88 key keyboard. The weighted, piano-style keys are sure to give you an edge over the others while you perform complicated sons. However, if you’re into the composition and producing, or simply unsure about what you should buy- a smaller keyboard with extra features is your go-to. These keyboards have features that allow you to choose between different sounds and include them in your compositions and so on.

  • Response:

When you test new keyboards, take a moment to notice the pressure you need to apply for a keystroke to produce sound from your keyboard. Different keyboards have different levels of resistance to the touch of your finger. The firmness of keys comes in two levels, and the keys divided are called unweighted and weighted keys.

Unweighted keys are easy to push down- they require just a little amount of force and you are good to go. However, with unweighted keys, the sound is produced at the same level regardless of the force exerted on the keys. On the other hand, weighted keys are designed to give you the traditional piano experience. A softer push is required to produce a small sound while harder pressure produces louder sounds. Weighted keys are designed to support expressive playing to enchant your audience.

  • MIDI:

MIDI is also referred to as “musical instrument digital interface”. If you’re a beginner, you might not necessarily be learning about the ins and outs of midi. However, as your progress, you’ll probably find this to be a non-discountable feature when it comes to keyboards. A MIDI lets different instruments engage with each other through the sending and receiving of signals.

With a MIDI connection, you can connect your keyboard to your PC/Laptop device and control your instrument through this. A MIDI is a valuable asset should you decide to get into music production or composition. If you think that long-term benefits are important to you, then make sure that you look for a MIDI connection availability to identify the best electronic keyboard.

  • Computer Connection:

Much like a MIDI connection, a lot of keyboard brands will also offer computer connectivity. With computer connectivity, you can directly link your instrument to your computer and integrate it with software for music production and composition. As a beginner, these features may not be important to you, however, you will use these features to your fullest once you progress as a player.

  • Sampler/Recorder:

The sampler and recorder features are also available to help you in your own musical projects. These features record any track right on the keyboard. This way, you can record covers of the latest songs and save new ideas and compositions to not forget them.

  • Storage/Cloud:

A keyboard with storage lets the user preserve their sounds and songs into blank files. This way, you can keep getting innovative while simultaneously keeping track of your progress. However, even if a good keyboard lacks onboard storage, you can always download new sounds on micro USB cards and connect them to your keyboard.

  • Input and Output:

Carefully check your keyboard’s input and output ports before purchasing it. Audio input for a keyboard is usually not common and is only compatible with MIDI if it exists. However, the output jack lets you connect amplifiers, mics, and headphones to your keyboard for a heightened experience.

  • Sounds:

The single most important feature that you must never forgo testing while looking for the best electronic keyboard is the keyboard sounds.  When referring to keyboard sounds- two things come into mind, 1- to make sure that your keyboard produces realistic sounds rather than cheap and fake ones, 2- the variety of sounds you can choose from. Many best electronic keyboards usually cover a wide range of sound timbres and aim to emulate different instruments. These different sounds make playing fun and also contribute to production.

Here’s a list of 5 best electronic keyboards in the market

  1. Yamaha Psr-E263 61-Key Keyboard

best electronic keyboard

The Yamaha Psr- E263 is known to be the best electronic keyboard for beginner players. Built with 61 keys, it is a perfect starter keyboard that features a whole range of sounds and functions to make keyboard playing fun and enjoyable for the newbies. Yamaha supports every aspiring new musician through their careers with its smooth and soothing musical touch. It produces authentic piano sounds to build up the player’s confidence daily.

  • The Psr E263 is a 61 keys keyboard that highly benefits learning players who are still sharpening their keyboard techniques and skills.
  • This keyboard has a wide variety of sounds to choose from. So you can play your favorite songs in your favorite tones.
  • More than 100 preset songs are available to learn from. The keyboard adequately serves the needs of a beginner.
  • The keyboard has an aux line input through which you can connect various music devices with a headphone output, for instance- an MP3 player, a computer, or a mixer. Following the connection, you can hear the sound through internal speakers.
  • The keyboard functions on AWM stereo sampling technology that helps in electronic production.
  • 400 instrument voices are available to make songs in different musical genres for your enjoyment.
  • 130 Band backing tracks customize themselves according to the chords you play to give you real-time musical support.
  • With the dual-mode, you can enjoy playing your instrument with your friends and family.
  • The keyboard has a light and compact build. Moreover, both battery input and power adapter options are available to start your keyboard. Thus, the keyboard is convenient to carry around.
  • The keyboard also offers 3 step learning lessons through which you can master your favorite jams.

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  1. Roland Premium 88-key Keyboard

Roland Premium 88-key Keyboard

Roland is an all-in-one grand investment. If you have your mindset on this keyboard, it has its heart set on giving you grand and unrivaled service. You will never have to look back. The Roland premium 88 Key is full-sized with 88 keys, 2 independent sound engines, and unbeatable controller features. Whether you’re performing on a stage or practicing at home, doing it on the Roland Premium will ensure to leave your audience in awe.

  • The Roland is a stage piano that features independent sound engines and modern controller features.
  • The keyboard features both an acoustic piano sound engine as well as a second supernatural based sound engine. Both support polyphony.
  • You can control the sounds and effects using the 8 knobs provided on the keyboard. Moreover, an LED screen indicates the settings being used.
  • Internal sounds and sources from outside can be combined and merged using 8 assignable zones. You can save new sounds in these blank zones.
  • The keyboard is prized for its durability. It is made of hybrid wood.
  • You can choose among 1100 nonpiano sounds. These sounds feature instruments like the organ. String, brass, synth and so many more. Spice up your everyday routine playing by using these songs.
  • You can also upload additional sounds from Roland’s Axial website and link then into expansion sounds in your keyboard. Sounds designed for past models are also supported on this keyboard.

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  1. Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

The Casio LK 265 is the perfect starter kit. This keyboard arrives with a pair of headphones, a keyboard stand as well as an AC adapter to make your life as a brand new keyboard owner easier than you thought.

 The LK 265 prizes portability, so you can count on being able to take it anywhere with you. With over 150 built-in rhythms and 400 tones, you are bound to find the perfect sounds to complement anything you play on this keyboard. His keyboard is one of the first to also include a Dance Music Mode, where you can go crazy with electronic remixes. Besides, it comparatively makes learning so much fun and easy with its concept of highlighting keys to help you learn.

  • The compact and light build allows you to carry this keyboard anywhere as you play and charm your audience. With this Casio in hand, you’re going to go places!
  • The keyboard operates on either battery power or an AC adapter.
  • You can choose your favorite sounds from over 400 tones and 150 rhythms. With these sounds, you won’t be stuck playing the same old tunes.
  • The built-in speakers provide a booming effect and support your playing with the best quality. However, you can use the output jack and connect headphones for some privacy.
  • You can use the Dance Music Mode to spruce up your practice time.
  • You can choose between various drum and bass lines, add filters and effects to your sounds to create cool and moody tunes.
  • This keyboard takes learning to another level. Through light-up keys, it shows you exactly what keys you should be pressing and efficiently teaches you over 60 built-in songs.
  • You can also connect your phone to the Chordana Play app on which you can learn how to play songs on your keyboard.

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  1. Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

This Casio model comes with 76 keys- not too much or too little. It is the perfect beginner piece for learning songs that range high and low. 600 built-in sounds can be applied to enhance your scale of playing. A prized 5-track/6-track recorder helps you pour out all your new ideas and creativity into your keyboard for future reference.

  • This model comes with a large backlit LCD that helps you view and adjust multiple settings at once. You can use this LCD pane for a split second view to check whether everything is in place before and during your performance as it shows music notation as well.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • The keyboard lets you combine different tones or even split the keyboard for different sections to operate on different tones.
  • An AUX input lets you connect your MP3 player or mixer to your keyboard so that you can enjoy music through the keyboards revolutionized speaker system.
  • The USB MIDI port lets you connect to the computer or other compatible MIDI devices for production and composition through your keyboard. Even iOS devices can be connected.
  • You can choose from a wide collection of instruments and play your song by selecting from over 600 built-in tones. You can also play around with about 152 built-in songs and learn them.
  • You can use about 180 preset rhythms to add on to your playing. You can play around t=with these rhythms to compose various songs. Let your creativity reach its maximum potential.
  • 48 notes of polyphony are available so that no notes are missed.
  • As you play, you can record using the onboard 5-track, 6-track recorder and immediately store your ideas on the keyboard.

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  1. RIF6 Electric 61 Key Piano Keyboard

RIF6 Electric 61 Key Piano Keyboard

The RFI6 Electronic keyboard is a great fit for keyboard players at all skill levels. The full-sized 61 key exposure lets you practice all kinds of songs on the keyboard without restricting yourself to a small number of keys. This electric keyboard is not only a brilliant instrument but also an excellent teacher- owing to its two teaching function mode.

  • The keyboard is a full-fledged 61 key keyboard that serves the needs of both adults and kids.
  • The RIF6 keyboard has over 300 tones, and rhythms along with 50 demo songs to make playing creative and fun. You can also add percussion and drum sounds to support your playing and help you stay on beat.
  • If you want to practice privately, you can attach over-ear headphones to the output jack and play in peace.
  • You can carry and set up this keyboard wherever you want with its X-shaped stand, the stool, battery input, and DC adapter.
  • With RFI6, you can not only practice but also learn. This keyboard has two teaching function modes that monitor your progress.

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A good electronic keyboard can help you go a long way in your musical progress. The best electronic keyboard with countless tones and rhythms, with a capacity for recording, is usually ideal for any keyboard player who has to practice daily and improve regularly. To help make your search easier, we have listed 5 items, of which you can choose the best electronic keyboard for yourself. Happy shopping!


  1. Can an electronic keyboard go out of tune?

No, an electric keyboard is usually tuned to concert pitch- unlike a guitar or bass, and an electronic keyboard can’t go out of tune.

  1. Which electronic keyboard should I buy?

There are many compatible and efficient electronic keyboards available in the market. However, you can refer to our list to find out the best electronic keyboard for you.

  1. Is an electronic keyboard a piano?

Unfortunately, an electric keyboard is not a piano. However, an electric keyboard emulates and copies many mechanisms from the piano which make it similar in operation. It is like a piano packed into a smaller model.

  1. How to learn an electronic keyboard?

You’ll be sure to find many classes to learn the best electronic keyboard where you live. However, most electronic keyboards themselves have built-in lessons that help you learn various songs on the keyboard. You can also refer to YouTube tutorials and apps.

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