7 Best Junior Drum Set

Gammon Junior Drum Kit

Gammon Junior Drum Kit

Realistic features
Consists of 5 drums
Good quality with durability
Adjustable stool
Strong drumsticks
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 piece

ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 piece

Great sounding tone
Cymbals mounted to the bass drum
Equipped with kick pedals
Snare stands and hi-hat stand
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
PDP Player Drum Set

PDP Player Drum Set

Stable drum kit
Adjustable lugs
Adjustable cymbal stand
Adjustable snare stand
Adjustable bass drum
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
Alesis Compact Kit 4 

Alesis Compact Kit 4 

Electronic drum kit
Small and portable
Can be plugged into home theatres, external speakers and headphones
Pack comes with drumsticks
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
Mendini Kids Youth Drum Set by Cecilio

Mendini Kids Youth Drum Set by Cecilio

Great sound quality
Adjustable drum stool
4 lugs
Pre-installed toms ship
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
Ludwig Junior Drum Set (5-Piece)  

Ludwig Junior Drum Set (5-Piece)

High and supreme quality
Tuneable drums
Adjustable drum stool
Easily replaceable drum heads
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1
Paxcess Drum Kit - Roll up  

Paxcess Drum Kit - Roll up 

Electric drum set with trigger pads
Built in speaker
Can be connected to computers
Kit has songs that can be controlled
7 Best Junior Drum Set 1

One of the most common questions of the kids going to school is- ‘can I play the drums?’ Well, not to be surprising, kids have a tendency to play this fascinating set of the instrument just because they liked it once! While some of them actually grow up into a good drummer, some like to play it only for a short time.

The thought of letting your child play the drums is still a nightmare for many of the parents reading this article! The loud noises and the amount of space it takes up in the room are the main reasons why most parents say no to drums. However, kids cannot be given the large drum set for learning. For this, we have the best junior drum set that is going to be the perfect fit for your child!

Best Junior Drum Set – Buying Guide

Picking the correct sized drum for your kids is one of the primary things that a parent should consider before buying a drum set.

Factors to look for while buying the best junior drum set

To save yourself some time, we have listed down some important factors that you need to consider before buying the junior drum set.

  • Price and quality- buying anything need planning and the most important step in planning are allocating your budget. Budget plays a very important role in the buying process. In the case of drums, the quality of the drum sets will determine its price. Less expensive drum sets come with a warning. However, do not stumble upon the fact that expensive drums are the good drums. Check for the detailed reviews of the product and its hardware components and accordingly plan your budget.
  • Research about the product- buying things online gives you the advantage of researching the product thoroughly. While buying drums, research about its hardware. Look for the components of the drum set. Take a look into the zoomed images of the product and ensure if it looks solid.
  • Durability- one of the most important things to consider while buying drum sets is its durability. All that a drum receives is beating! Your selected drum set must be able to take pounding hits for an hour at least. It is highly advisable to check the reviews before finalising your buy.
  • Sound quality- for a beginner, the drum set must sound good. As far as a junior drum set is considered, the quality of the sound must be good. A horrible sounding drum kit will ruin the experience of the kid playing the drum. For this again, read the reviews of the different drum sets and then decide your choice.
  • Display- the display of the drum set is an important feature for all kids. Drumming is a fun activity for them and in no way, do they want to have a drum set that is not visually appealing! The colour, design and the flashy drumsticks are the points that will affect the purchase for your kids’ drum.

Best Junior Drum Set Reviews

There are many junior drum sets available in the market, but in order to find the best one, we are providing you with the list of the best junior drum set that you can get for your child!

  1. Gammon Junior Drum Kit

Gammon Junior Drum Kit

The list of the best junior drum set has to start with the very best indeed! This drum set is the ideal one for the kids who are just beginners. The drum set has some realistic features that can be associated with the original drum sets and are perfect for any budding drummer!

The drum kit consists of 5 drums, including bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two high toms. This set of the drum is considered to be one of the best quality junior drum set from all angles, whether it is the sound quality or the durability. This whole set of the drum is a compact set that is sure to become a favourite thing for your kid. The bass drum is 16 inches, which is the perfect size for a kid’s drum set. This set of the drum is a good starter for the kids to learn as it comes with everything one needs to start their basics with.

  • The Gammon junior drum set comes with a stool that can be adjusted according to the height of the child playing it.
  • The drum kit consists of flashy and strong drumsticks.
  • The kit is available in black, blue and pink colour so that the child gets the option to choose from the variety of colours available.
  • It has a good value for money and comes with everything you need to have to get started.

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  1. ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 piece

ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 piece

ddrum is famous for offering the best rated junior drum set at an affordable price. The ddrum D120B MBD Series Drum Set is a fantastic 5-piece drumming instrument for your kid!

The drum set is specially been designed for kids with all the necessary and basic features of a drum set. It is one of the best drum set with which your kid can start from the basics. It has a great sounding tone and is made up of good quality that can withstand pounding and beating on a large scale. The height of the drum kit is perfect for your child, as it is not much tall. The drum set is good in looking and has the potential to become your child’s favourite in just one look!

  • The drum kit comes with cymbals, which is mounted to the bass drum.
  • Available in sleek red colour that is vibrant and bright.
  • It is equipped with kick pedals, snare stands and hi-hat stand.
  • The perfect set of drums that is well suited for your kid to learn.

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  1. PDP Player Drum Set

PDP Player Drum Set

Junior drum sets come in all sizes. The PDP Player Drum Set is the best junior drum set for 10 year old! If you are searching for a stable drum kit, then this is the one!

The bass drum of the PDP Player drum set is 18 inches. The snare drum comes with an attached lug, which sits upon a snare stand. The PDP Player comes with a cymbal stand and the hi-hat stand is of good quality.

  • The bass drum can easily be tuned and replace the heads with a drum key.
  • The snare stand can be adjusted according to the required angle and height of the drummer.
  • The bass drum mounts can be adjusted according to the required height and angle. It can also be removed in case of transportation.
  • The cymbal stand can be adjusted according to the height.

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  1. Alesis Compact Kit 4

AlesisCompactKit 4

If your house is small and you cannot manage to accommodate a drum set, then we have the solution for you. AlesisCompactKit 4 is the best junior electronic drum set that will cater to all your needs!

This is the top-selling electronic drum kit, which is small and portable. The main benefit of this drum kit is that it can be used with headphones! The quality of the built-in is great and the coaching functions present in the drum set can be the best to train your child regarding the same. The added bonus of the drum kit is that the package comes with drumsticks as well.

  • The drum kit can be plugged into a speaker or home theatre, apart from headphones, to have the full effect of it.
  • It is a portable drum kit, which takes up little or no space in your room.
  • There are a variety of inbuilt songs, including rock, pop, blues and jazz.

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  1. Mendini Kids Youth Drum Set by Cecilio

Mendini Kids Youth Drum Set by Cecilio

If your kid is into drumming and wants to start learning it, then this is the best option for you. The Mendini 5-piece drumming set is an amazing choice for kids who want to begin their learning and training!

The advantage of purchasing this drum set is because this junior set is much younger. The kids can easily reach out to the drums and cymbals while using them. Each drum of the Mendini drum set consists of 4 lugs, which is why they are mentioned in the best junior drum setlist! The sound quality of the drum set is great, ensuring you that your buy will be worth it!

  • The drum package comes with a drum stool, which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • The toms ship is pre-installed but the floor tom and sidekick comes in parts, which has to be organised.
  • Along with drum stool and other drumming equipment, it comes with cool-looking drumsticks as well.
  • The drum set is easy to set up because of the descriptive manual.

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  1. Ludwig Junior Drum Set (5-Piece)

Ludwig Junior Drum Set (5-Piece)

Ludwig is one of the famous and leading brands in the drumming industry and hence, there is no chance we could have missed mentioning this product in the list of best junior drum set!

The drum set comes with 5 drums, cymbals and hi-hats. The quality of this set is higher than most of the junior drum set. The bass drum is of 16 inches and a 12 inches large snare drum. The Ludwig junior drum set is considered to be one of the greatest drum set for kids to start their learning. The cymbals of the drum kit are small and that is the perfect size for a kid’s drum.

  • The drums are completely tunable, which means you can change the sound of the drum with the help of the keys.
  • It is available in different colours such as red and blue and that is why it is famous among kids.
  • Replacing the drum heads is done easily with no extra hassle.

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  1. Paxcess Drum Kit – Roll up

Paxcess Drum Kit - Roll up

If you are searching for the best junior electric drum set, then it is time for you to look no further! The most amazing fact about this drum kit is that your kid will be able to learn the art of playing the drum!

The drum kit consists of trigger pads, which can be played with the help of drumsticks. The ‘brain’ attached to the drum is the reason why the drum kit produces different sound features. The drum set can be connected to computers or other devices, in order to have the experience of clear sound quality! If your kid is interested in learning about drums without even using a full-size drum kit, then you should definitely go for this one.

  • The roll-up kit has many songs, which is controllable.
  • There are 7 pads in total, which connects the pedals and helps in controlling the bass drum.
  • The built-in speaker gives you the advantage of listening to the clear sound quality of the drum kit.
  • The Paxcess Roll-up drum kit is the ideal drum kit for beginners and also, it comes with the drumming sticks.

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If you are into buying the drum set for your child, then these are the best junior drum set available for you! With been supreme and strong in quality, the drum sets are indeed a piece of artwork. Check out for all its details and finalise your purchase before your child starts getting annoyed with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What age is a junior drum set for?

There is no specific age for the junior drum sets. While some of the drum sets are the best suited for 5-7 years old, some may be the best for 10 years old. Each junior drum set has a specific age group. Moreover, generally speaking, all the junior drum sets are for the age group 5-15 years.

  1. What is the difference between a junior drum set and a normal one?

A junior drum set usually consists of one or two cymbals. They are comparatively smaller and shorter in size than the normal drum sets. The cymbals do not have the sonic quality like a normal drum set.

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