The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level

Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano

Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano

Leading Wooden Versions of Keyboard Piano
EX acoustic grand piano sounds
Strong selection of Realistic Electric Pianos
Virtual Technician Sounds along with Editing Parameters
The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level 1
Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano

Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano

7 different sound engines
Good Compatibility with Other Electronic Instruments
Best Keyboard Pianos to showcase both Tradition and Modernization
The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level 1
Alesis V161 MIDI Keyboard

Alesis V161 MIDI Keyboard

61 Variants of full-sized Keys
It also comes with 16 different pads
Premium Software suite Included
Integration a lot easier
The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level 1
Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

It comes with a total of 88 keys
includes 192-note Polyphony
Total of 200 rhythms
Produce 700 different sounds
The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level 1
Nord USA 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Nord USA 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Super-clear OLED displays
Inbuilt double memory of 2 GB
C2D organ simulations B3 variant of tone wheels
Pre-equipped with a sync section
The Best Keyboard Piano for Every Budget and Skill Level 1

If your child has been wanting to learn the piano for a long time, then wait! What could be better than a keyboard piano? The best keyboard piano is certainly the simplest yet the most exemplified version of an electronic musical instrument. It comes inbuilt with a wide range of features that are bound to make every musical experience a fascinating one. But, considering its popularity there is a lot of buzz among the people regarding its purchase.

People are clueless about what kind of keyboard pianos they must go for. To solve this issue, we have curated a list comprising of the best keyboard piano that is available in the market today. Each one of them has got the best keyboard piano reviews and is unique in their way. We are assured that you will never regret choosing from this list.

Factors to consider for purchasing the best keyboard piano:

We understand the importance of buying your first-ever best keyboard piano. Its a big investment and one must get the best features at the price he has paid for. Therefore, we have enlisted down some factors which must be considered before you go hunting for your best keyboard piano next time. They are:

  • A full-size keyboard: Always, remember than owning a full-size keyboard piano gives you the flexibility and willingness to learn more. As a beginner, you will be required to learn both the low and the high notes. Even if not now, you will be learning about the notes in the future. If you disregard this factor, you might have to upgrade your instrument after a certain period which will again cost you extra bucks. Beginners can also go for 64 keys keyboard but the 88 keys one is always the ideal one.
  • Weighted keys: One must go for weighted keys. This makes them quite responsive when touched. When someone presses the keys hardly, the piano plays louder. But when softly touched, the sounds are mostly soft. This makes it quite easier to play the piano and learn more about it.
  • Pedal: Opt for a foot-controlled sustain pedal. This will free up your hands so that you can continue with your playing.
  • Quality of sounds: Make sure that the range of sounds and their quality are perfect. This factor must be chosen according to the requirements of the player depending upon his taste, ambitions, and aims.

1) Alesis V161 MIDI Keyboard

Alesis V161 MIDI Keyboard

This a very simple yet simple introduction to the modern versions of digital keyboard pianos. The product comes with a total of 12 different unique voices. Also, it comes pre-equipped with several hammer action keys. This MIDI keyboard also comes with 61 different versions of semi-weighted, square-front, and full-sized keys. It comes with a USB MIDI accompanied by a 5 pin MIDI Out port. This ensures maximum flexibility for enabling proper MIDI connectivity.

Also, one can manipulate the plugins as well as control the other virtual instruments via their hands. It can even open and close every kind of filter available on your virtual synthesizers. Not only this, but it can also adjust the levels of volume incorporated in your mix and even activate their effects. One can also find a total of 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads in this product. These pads are in turn illuminated via RGB feedback which is essential for proper production of beats.

The quality of its modulation wheels and the pitch produced by it is quite expressive and creative. It’s 48 assignable buttons help the piano players to interface with their other music software using the 16 different assignable knobs. The product also comes with seamless visual feedback which can be connected to any LED screen. Also, the weight of the keys is quite lightweight. But, this doesn’t imply at all that the product lacks in providing any kind of resistance.


  • It comes with 61 variants of full-sized keys.
  • It also comes with 16 different pads.
  • It makes integration a lot easier.
  • It comes with full onboard control.
  • One can also find a premium software suite included in this product.
  • The product also ranks in the chart of best keyboard piano reviews.

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2) Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

This keyboard is the most advanced form of keyboard piano in the whole series of the Casio Privia Range. It is also popularly known as the slimmest keyboard piano. But, the overall layout of the device is quite cool and fun. Its packaging includes a sleek casing that has been beautifully finished by applying glossy black paint. It houses the most advanced versions of hammer action keys due to its slimline design. Also, the product stimulates the most sensitive unique touch response which can be applied to every key.

Its advanced version of the AiR piano engine helps to deliver awesome expressive tones enriched with subtleness. In addition to this, its features like the tonal balance and the overall touch sensitivity can also be customized according to the player’s requirements. One can find a total of 700 voices inbuilt in this product. These are perfect to create your own creative and complex combinations. It also comes with 96 different registration memories which can save your tunes and let you access them later.

Not only this, but its USB recording capability is also pretty awesome and it comes pre-equipped with 200 different smart styles that can assist the players to play the piano. And last but not the least, the device comes with amazing Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate the streaming of songs or tracks from your smart devices through the piano’s speakers.


  • It comes with a total of 88 keys.
  • It also includes 192-note Polyphony.
  • It also comes with onboard effects – Black
  • It comes with a total of 200 rhythms.
  • It can produce 700 different sounds.

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3) Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano

Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano

The brand Korg is quite successful in establishing itself as one of the best brands to manufacture easy to control and intuitive versions of keyboard pianos. This product known as the Grandstage 88 comes pre-equipped with a unique 3-band version of EQ along with 4 different insert effects. While playing this keyboard piano, these effects can easily be adjusted. The overall layout of the products is quite impressive. It has been made to perfection by including its dedicated dynamics section. One can also find an inbuilt favorite section which enables the players to recall their most used voices within seconds.

There are a total of 6 different unique variants of authentic piano voices inbuilt in the product. These voices range from those of upright pianos to concert grand pianos. Having a total of 500 voices, this product it an amazing piece. These voices are usually from different musical instruments like organs, electric pianos, etc. Also, it comes with a simple user interface. Its dynamic section is quite dedicated and the product produces the most gorgeous and authentic sounds that anyone could have ever imagined.


  • It comes with a total of 7 different sound engines.
  • It has been loaded with awesomely amazing selected keyboard sounds.
  • It has good compatibility with other electronic instruments.
  • It is one of the best keyboard pianos to showcase both tradition and modernization.

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4) Nord USA 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Nord USA 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

This keyboard from the brand Nord is one of the must-have instruments for every keyboard piano player. The device’s stage 3 has been divided into 3 different sections. These are the organ, synth, and piano. Each segment can be customized according to the musician’s requirements. Also, the product’s synth sections and memory have been extended to quite a great extent. This provides an opportunity to allow deeper sampling.

It also ensures that now, one can access a better quality of sounds. The product’s organ section also showcases a vintage styled rotary speaker. It uses physical drawbars for enabling realistic controlling of tones. Its synth section also comes well-equipped with a dedicated version of an OLED display. This makes it quite easier to adjust the different parameters.

The product’s overall split and layer functions are quite impressive. They have been enhanced a lot by adding features like the optional cross-fade. The brand Nord has been capable enough to include the authentic effects in the device as well which mainly includes the delay and the compressor. With great built-in features like the organ section drawbars, this keyboard is certainly one of the best keyboard pianos that anyone has ever owned.


  • It has got two versions of super-clear OLED displays for providing on-stage clarity as well as to enable seamless transitions.
  • It has an inbuilt double memory of 2 GB.
  • It also showcases award-winning and extraordinary versions of C2D organ simulations B3 variant of tone wheels.
  • It also comes pre-equipped with a sync section.
  • In addition to it, it also comes with an awesome OLED display for its every oscillator function.
  • One can also access sample playback via this product.
  • The keyboard piano also comes well-equipped with an effect section.
  • The effect section mainly comprises a separate reverb and compressor for each slot, an enhanced version of a delay effect, a wide array of morphable parameters, and the newest version of the filter effect.

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5) Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano

Kawai MP11SE Stage Piano

The brand Kawai has always been known for manufacturing luxurious qualities of pianos exemplified with their awesome qualities of meticulous sampling and recording. And similarly, this keyboard piano MP11SE is no exception to that. It is considered to be one of the best compatible keyboard pianos of all time. The product has extended its pivot point. It stretches from comprising of amazing hammer action keys to cool virtual effects.

One can easily tweak the sounds with the help of its virtual technician technology. The product also comes with several independent sections that are mainly meant for electric pianos and simple pianos. The hammer action keys of the product are quite realistic and it demonstrates the luxury of sounds. Also, the gadget comes with the simplest version of the user interface which is due to its awesomely inbuilt MIDI controller options. It won’t be wrong to say that this keyboard piano has become the number one product to top the keyboard piano reviews.


  • It is one of the most class-leading wooden versions of keyboard piano.
  • It comprises of a stunning SK-EK.
  • It also comes inbuilt with EX acoustic grand piano sounds.
  • It showcases an extremely strong selection of realistic electric pianos.
  • It also comes with a wide variety of several virtual technician sounds along with editing parameters.
  • Its intuitive panel comprises of an independent selection of different effects and sounds.

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6) Yamaha CP88 Piano

Yamaha CP88 Piano

This version of a keyboard is a premium quality one. The product is perfect for those people who love to perform on stage like the songwriters, producers, and performers. The keyboard is indeed very powerful along with its easy to use, intuitive form of design. It weighs less than most of the keyboards and this makes it the perfect for gigging.

It has been built with so much perfection that it could easily handle a few knocks with ease. The piano also comes recorded with lots of details. One can find two upright pianos. These are the U1 and the Yamaha’s most popular and flagship versions of upright piano i.e the SU7. One gets to access a wide range of voices via it. These voices can range from including strings to synths.

The device also comes pre-equipped with the coolest sound enhancements. These are mostly the processors and vintage-styled effects. Apart from including the sounds of 3 grand pianos, its interface is quite user-friendly. It comes in the form of a virtual circuit modeling which gives its sounds a realistic feel.


  • The product comes inbuilt with a total number of 88 keys.
  • The keys are made from wood.
  • It showcases three premium versions of grand pianos, five electric pianos, and two upright versions of the piano.
  • It also comes with master delay along with EQ effects and reverb.
  • The product enables seamless sound switching possible.
  • Last but not the least, it also includes an FC3A variant of a sustain pedal.
  • The piano has also been the product to grab the top-most position in the keyboard piano reviews.

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Therefore, these are some of the best keyboard pianos that one could ever find in the market. Not only the best, but these are also among the most-selling pianos. Also, special care must be taken while making their decision of buying the piano. We recommend you to scrutinize multiple features and only after that, come to a decision. Each of these keyboard pianos is the best among the lot but it also won’t be wrong to say that every player has his preferences. Therefore, to place you in a safe zone, we have curated this list so that whatever you choose from these 6 best keyboard piano, it is still the best for you.

FAQ Section:

i) Does one need to own a full-size keyboard to learn piano?

Claviers are those which comprise each keyboard-related instrument. They even encompass harpsichords through foot pedals and also include the organs and the modern pianos. A keyboard piano with 88 notes is generally known as the full-size keyboard. It is almost like a proper piano. But for the time being, since you want to learn to play the piano, you won’t be requiring the top and the bottom octaves much.

ii) Is a piano difficult to play?

An individual must know the chords properly to gain progress with the whole learning process. Though a piano can be a little difficult to play, with hard work, enough dedication and patience, one can master it within no time. Also, beginners must try to get comfortable with playing the piano with both hands and reading piano pieces properly.

iii) How much time does it require to learn piano?

Well, it all depends on practice and hard work. One can master it within a year if he is dedicated to it. But, on an average, if one wants to learn one piece by rote, it takes almost a few weeks. To be capable of reading basic piano music, it requires approximately 6months or even 3 years. To excel in reading intermediate piano music, it can take up to 3-10 years. And, for advanced, it can again require 10-15 years of hard work and thorough training.

  1. iv) What factors should one look before buying his best keyboard piano?

The factors that ought to be considered are:

  • Weighted keys
  • Sustain pedal
  • Sound range/quality
  • Accessories
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