Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X

Akai Professional Midi Keyboard

Akai Professional Midi Keyboard

25 keys
Backlit buttons
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1
PreSonus ATOM Hybrid Midi Keyboard

PreSonus ATOM Hybrid Midi Keyboard

LED screen
Green and Blue keys
Small in size
Matte Black body
25 keys
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1
Akai MPK225 Midi Keyboard

Akai MPK225 Midi Keyboard

3 versions
8 beat buttons
25 keys
Compact and Durable
Traditional look.
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1
Alesis V25 Midi Keyboard

Alesis V25 Midi Keyboard

Light blue lighting
Matte black body
Covered keys
8 beat buttons
4 music knobs
25 keys
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1
Nektar Midi Keyboard

Nektar Midi Keyboard

Analog screen
Buttons on the interface
25 keys
8 beat buttons
Compact and Durable
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1
Midiplus AKM322 Midi Keyboard

Midiplus AKM322 Midi Keyboard

32 keys
3 knobs
Few buttons on the top
Sleek and durable
Different music modes
Produce Music with the 6 Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X 1

Instruments are such an essential part of any music and differ based on the culture of that place and region. People have come up with so many different types of instruments, right from wind instruments to string instruments. Music has evolved in this century with constant development in terms of the technology available to produce it.

There are so many ways to improve the sound quality as well as enhance it with the help of different effects. One such tool that is the extension of a piano is the best midi keyboard for logic pro x. It has a lot of different features that make it one of the best instruments available on the market in recent times.

Midi Keyboard – A perfect blend between a traditional piano and technology :

The piano is one of the most famous instruments in the whole world. The use of a piano has been passed down from generation to and has faced some kind of evolution that more or less left it the way it was. Right after electrical and electronic devices started making waves people sought an electronic piano which is also known as a keyboard. The best feature that a keyboard has is that one can have a lot of other sounds besides just the traditional grand piano.

However, music in recent years has changed, and people rely a lot more on technology to help them produce sound than they did 20 years ago. The techno and electronic sounds are pleasing as well as easy to produce. A logic pro x Midi keyboard does this in the most effortless way possible without much hassle. It also preserves all of the traditional sounds by retaining timbre and originality.

Best Midi Keyboard For Logic Pro X – Buyer’s Guide

 A midi keyboard is something that is relatively new and involves a lot more technology than all the other instruments that you may have wanted to purchase in the first place. We need to have a look at certain factors before buying a keyboard to ensure that you get the best buy and one that is most suited for you or the person you intend to purchase this for. We have made a list of the most important factors that affect your decision process.

Factors to Look for While Purchasing a Midi Keyboard

  • The Price Point:

The best midi keyboard for logic pro x is one that gives the best sound for the price it is bought at. These models have a lot of technology that is induced into them which is bound to make it an expensive buy. Several features differentiate one product from the other. This is one of the major factors that increase the price. One must read through the features available and pick the one that is best suited to get the best price eventually.

  • The Appearance: 

A grand piano is very appealing to most people who play it. However, it becomes very difficult to carry this grand piano around which makes it a hassle. To solve this problem, we can use the best portable midi keyboard for logic pro x available on the market which is also really attractive. A regular midi keyboard may not have the neon lights like other higher-end keyboards. If one wants to indulge in some lights or a color that defines the look, it is a must to make sure the appearance is paid heed to.

  • Sound and Other Features

The final and probably the most important factor is the sound that is produced by the keyboard. A lot of different best midi keyboards for logic pro x have different sounds as well as certain beats that come along with it. The speakers might be of a lower / higher quality depending on the model bought. Hence, one must research the sound produced and only then buy a keyboard.

These 3 factors are important when buying the best midi keyboard for logic pro x available on the market. There could be other factors that may play an important role in your selection process, not mentioned here.

Best Midi Keyboard For Logic Pro X Reviews

We have made a list of the best products based on the important factors.

  1. Akai Professional Midi Keyboard

Akai Professional Midi Keyboard

The first product that is on our list is one that stands out in terms of its looks. The red and black color allows it to be stylish while producing some great sound. It has 25 keys in total which allows it to cover most of the sound available on it. There are buttons to produce other sounds on the side panel. There are Some other features of the product given below :

  • This product is red and black in color. It also has 2 other versions which include a completely matte black finish and the other which is grey in color.
  • There is a USB to aid music transfer between different mediums.
  • Pitch control is a new feature that is accompanied by a modulation controller that helps adjust the sound.
  • Beat pads are the main additional feature when it comes to a keyboard, and there are 8 total pads available that can be used to store sound.
  • The knobs available can move 360 degrees to produce the perfect tone of sound intended by the user while being durable.
  • The keyboard is small in size which allows it to be carried around.
  • There are over 1500 sounds stored inside the midi keyboard along with 2GB of space for additional content available.

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  1. PreSonus ATOM Hybrid Midi Keyboard

PreSonus ATOM Hybrid Midi Keyboard

Just as the name suggests, this keyboard is very small in size when compared to others in the same price range. It is a different-looking keyboard that aims for a very futuristic look along with a vibrant color scheme. There are essentially 2 different versions which differ mainly in terms of the features offered by both of them. Some of the other features mentioned are as follows :

  • The keyboard has a matte black look on its body that makes it look very sleek. There are ample knobs around the body interface surrounded by buttons.
  • Unlike a traditional midi keyboard, this one does not have piano keys on it.
  • Some multiple features and options are easy to maneuver with the help of the instruction manual.
  • There are RGB lights present behind the pad which keeps it well-lit even in dark places. There are 32 pads and keys in total on the pad that are distributed well around to avoid crowding.
  • A small screen is present on the top-right corner of the board which displays the usual setting options implemented.
  • Encoders are available as well that can rotate to improve the user’s experience.
  • There are libraries of music that are present inside the model.

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  1. Akai MPK225 Midi Keyboard

Akai MPK225 Midi Keyboard

Akai is a brand that is well-known in terms of the modern musical instruments that they produce. This is the main reason for a second product of theirs appearing on the list. This one has a different look to it, unlike the previous model. People interested in a more classical look could try this option. Some of the other features are :

  • 25 keys are present on the body which makes it very similar to all of the other products available on the market today.
  • The keys have the style of an old grand piano which gives it a classic look.
  • Pads are placed above the piano keys which helps save space and makes it very light.
  • One can assign controls to some of the buttons and allow them to play in a loop while the instrument is being played.
  • There is a USB input that goes well with the MIDI input of 5 pins.
  • The software comes with music that is pre-installed.

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  1. Alesis V25 Midi Keyboard

Alesis V25 Midi Keyboard

This is a midi keyboard that has been introduced by the brand Alesis. This keyboard has a lot of buttons and comes with a stylish look. This midi keyboard has a light blue colored hue that runs across it behind the buttons. The keys used are traditional in nature right from a grand piano.

  • This keyboard has 25 piano keys which are made to look just like a grand piano.
  • The sensitivity of these keys is really high which allows the player to produce a good amount of sound with minimal touches.
  • The 8 pads consist of foam on the buttons to improve the touch.
  • Knobs for sound adjustment are present on the keyboard which allows the user to improve the sound quality and set it according to their preference.
  • One can obtain the entire range of a grand piano by using buttons to extend the octave.
  • Numerous sounds are installed in the system beforehand.
  • All these features make it one of the best affordable midi keyboards with logic pro x.

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  1. Nektar Midi Keyboard

Nektar Midi Keyboard

The next item on the list is one that is relatively newer on the market available. This product has a grey body with keys and knobs surrounded well around it. There is also a screen present on to improve the users’ experience. Some of the other features are:

  • 25 keys on this product have a good amount of sensitivity attached to it.
  • Modulation bars are present on the product that allows it to change the sound.
  • Beat pads are present on the system as well to enhance the music by producing some beats which can be assigned to them.
  • It is compatible with various operating systems commonly used.
  • There are several music themes already installed in the product to allow the user to obtain the best music to produce.
  • The product is also very light and durable.
  • It has an analog screen in the top-right corner to help the user understand the setting that is being used.

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  1. Midiplus AKM322 Midi KeyboardMidiplus AKM322 Midi Keyboard

Our final product is one that has a longer range of keys than any other keyboard on the list or on the market. It has a very modern and stylish look with the entire body black in color. Some of the other features of this product are:

  • There are a total of 32 keys on this keyboard which is more than the usual 25 keys.
  • Various other keys are evenly distributed about the keyboard.
  • The functions of this keyboard are countless with all the other knobs available to improve the music sound that the user produces.
  • One can set different chord combinations and assign them to the system which plays them.
  • There are various modes to choose from viz. Chord mode, scale mode, and Normal mode.
  • USB ports are available to connect various devices to input sound.
  • It is one of the best mini midi keyboards for logic pro x.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a MIDI keyboard for Logic Pro?

A logic pro keyboard has various forms of input. However, having the best midi keyboard for logic pro x improves the user experience because of all the various functions available. It is advised to have the best midi keyboard for logic pro x.

  1. What is the best midi keyboard for logic pro x?

This is a subjective question that depends on the need of the person. Some people may need the best midi keyboard for logic pro x with a lot of features. 2 keyboards stand out as per our analysis viz. AKAI MPK225 and the Midiplus AKM322.

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