The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Audio-Technica Professional studio monitor headphones

Audio-Technica Professional studio monitor headphones

Headphones can Mix Tracks
Top-notch Engineering
Extra Layer of Padding
The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
 Sennheiser Pro Audio headphones

Sennheiser Pro Audio headphones

Headphones are Dynamic
Bass is also Provided
Two-year Manufacturing Warranty
The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
AKG pro audio Over-ear, semi-open headphones

AKG pro audio Over-ear, semi-open headphones

Portable Nature
3m Cable
Quite Inexpensive
The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
One Odio over the ear headphones with wired bass

One Odio over the ear headphones with wired bass

Attractive Colors
Crystal Clear Sounds
Padded Cushions
The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1
One Odio A71 Wired over the ear headphones

One Odio A71 Wired over the ear headphones

Best studio Headphones under 100
Mix and Stereo Sound Effect
Flexibility and Inner Padded Cushions
The Best Studio Headphones Under 100 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1

Creating wonderful music starts with choosing the right instrument to work with. With years of efforts showcased by experienced technological giants, the latest developments in the field of introducing fine studio equipment have been brought to the forefront. Comparing traditional musical instruments with modern ones, the basic area of change can be traced to the use of headphones. For improved sound production, headphones are necessary and a critical instrument. Deciphering the merits here, the contemporary studio headphones bring some extraordinary features, quite impressive to mankind.

Hence, if you are looking forward to upgrading your very own studio headphones today, now is the right time to do so. There are ample opportunities to take note of the characteristics of the headphones, to receive the best sound effect. Thus, the best studio headphones under 100 bring to you the ultimate level of comfort and assurance, in combination with flexibility and enhancement in sounds. If you are looking forward to purchasing one of these classic headphones, a thorough buying guide is detailed below!

Factors to look for when buying the best studio headphones under 100:

Headphones are considered one of the fundamentals of sound recording gear. Needless to say that nothing can work in a studio, unless and until you have a fine headphone. Hence, it is important to make a speedy decision in terms of buying the best studio headphones under 100.

Some of the primary characteristics that define the real nature of a studio headphone are as follows:

  • The operation basics-

One of the primary factors that define the real character of the studio headphone is its operation type. Generally, headphones are classified under three categories- mixing, monitoring as well as mastering. Mixing headphones can solely be used for mixing sounds. On the other hand, the monitoring operation is dedicated to monitoring the sound quality and then mixing the required tracks.

Finally, mastering operation denotes a fully professional action, basically used for high-profile performances, mostly by DJ’s. If you are too confused regarding the operative nature of the studio headphones, feel free to analyze the conditions first. Also, take note of the type of work that you will perform with your headphones, to purchase the model accordingly.

  • The nature of the headphone-

There are various types of studio headphones available in the market, and the most common ones are classified as, open-back headphones, semi-open, and closed headphones. The best studio headphones under 100, comprises of any one of these categories. The open back nature helps in releasing extra pressure when hearing or recording sounds. This model ensures that you receive accurate sound frequency, in all situations.

In contrast to the open back headphone, the close back model can provide enhanced monitoring options. The headphone can be used for recording by the lead singer as well. The basic merit of this type of studio headphone lies in its sensitivity. It shuts all external noises as well, giving a whole new musical experience.

Finally, the semi-open headphone is considered one of the best in the market, in terms of its monitoring nature. This type can release extra pressure, and help in the original recording of sound around you. Plus, the headphones are less costly to purchase.

Seeing all these types, buyers should form their own opinions first and make their purchase!

  • Accuracy-

The third factor in the process of purchasing the best studio headphones under 100 is the element of accuracy. When listening to any kind of music with these headphones, the level of accuracy should stand perfect. The sound should fall in place, without having to extract any kind of outside music. Hence, whenever you have the dire need of purchasing stereo headphones, make sure that you come to terms with the accuracy of the device too. The model that doesn’t promise the accuracy, will not serve long.

  • The factor of isolation-

Another important factor that you surely cannot neglect when trying to purchase the best studio headphone model is its isolation function. Now, the basic problem for any kind of sound recording device is the function of prohibiting the outside noise. This means that while recording, you do not want to get in touch with any sort of disturbing music. The sound that you want to hear should be free from all kinds of disturbances. This is where the role of the stereo headphone comes in.

There are noise cancellation stereo headphones available, which will keep all sorts of disturbing noises at bay. Plus, the special mechanism of these devices will ensure that you live up to its priceless function, taking into account, its isolation or remote feature. The vibration of the music in your ears is mild, thereby assuring you of complete clarity always!

  • Comfort level-

Once you start to analyze the different aspects or features of the best studio headphones under 100, you also have to make sure that they are comfortable to wear. The extra padded surface on the studio headphones can cope with safety, in addition to providing all sorts of comfort in the process of recording, as well as listening to music. Hence, whenever you try to pick up the best headphone brand, make sure that you come to terms with the technique of how to wear the headphones, and will it be comfortable or not.

  • Price of the headphone-

Shopping for the best studio headphones within a limited budget is not a thing of pressure. It is good to be calculative, keep a budget, and check the features that you are looking for. When you are already planned, the process of buying the headphones becomes much easier. However, the price of the studio headphones differs from the functions available and the overall features as well. Plus, the style, structure, and comfort of the headphones, add up to the cost as well. Therefore, analyzing the terms and conditions of your requirements, keep the budget in mind, and get hold of your dream headphones.

  • Durability-

With reference to the process of buying the best studio headphones under 100, one of the key elements that focus on the usage of the product is its durability. Now, with every electronic gadget out there, it is necessary to use that the product is safe to use and promotes longevity. You certainly do not want the studio headphones to stop working soon after buying it. Therefore, always go for a brand that assures you enough, regarding the durability of the headphones. Also, it is wise enough to buy a headphone that gives a warranty. Any damage can be repaired within this time frame.

  • Connecting features-

Lastly, whenever you are shopping for the best studio headphones, check the connecting features as well. This refers to external connections, plug-ins, etc. Also, analyze the current usage too, to stay away from any kind of hazard!

Keep all your purchase problems at bay, by taking note of some of these above-listed factors when buying the best studio headphones under 100.

Listing the best studio headphones for your purchase!

Below are some of the best-reviewed and high-quality best studio headphones under 100-

  1. Sennheiser Pro Audio headphones

Sennheiser Pro Audio headphones

Sennheiser has always been a tough competitor when it comes to selling some good quality headphones. The studio headphones of this brand can display some exciting functions, with an engineered design to attract customers. These pro-audio headphones are enabled with noise cancellation or isolation feature so that you can concentrate on the music only. Plus, the headphones are tough and comfort is at its best.


  • These headphones are dynamic, not only in terms of the functions but also regarding the elements of control.
  • The design is one of its kinds, providing no provision for the interference of outside sound.
  • This headphone can also be purchased within a restricted budget of 100 dollars.
  • Users can also release excess sound pressure, and lower down the sound level too.
  • Bass is also provided with this headphone model.
  • A two-year manufacturing warranty is available with this headphone.

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  1. Audio-Technica Professional studio monitor headphones

Audio-Technica Professional studio monitor headphones

One of the best studio headphones under 100 that all buyers will love to use is the Audio Technica professional headphones. Simplistic in design, with various elements modified into it, this headphone will match your expectation of track-mixing and other activities. The durable exterior, along with robust constructive features, makes this headphone durable, and completely safe to use.


  • The headphones can mix tracks pretty well and the sound quality is also superior.
  • If you have a restricted budget, then this headphone will surely leave an impression upon you.
  • The top-notch engineering, followed by easy tracking features, makes this headphone highly sophisticated for use.
  • The headphones are convenient, portable, and easy to carry.
  • The extra layer of padding near the ears is also impressive.

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  1. AKG pro audio Over-ear, semi-open headphones

AKG pro audio Over-ear, semi-open headphones

For a full-proof professional experience in the field of studio recording, having the best headphone model is necessary. Hence, bringing you the most anticipated headphones, this is the AKG audio pro, semi-open headphone. This model combines all essential features into one, making it possible to boost your musical journey.


  • For the aspiring and budding musician out there, these studio headphones will work best for you. The portable nature, in addition to its semi-open design, makes it highly enthusiastic for all buyers out there.
  • The price of this headphone is quite inexpensive.
  • Buyers get a 3m cable, in case you are required to fix the cord at some point in time.
  • The components of the headphones are all of high-quality, thereby assuring buyers of sophistication and flexibility.
  • The functions are easy, and you will get an in-depth experience of music, once you start using these headphones.

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  1. One Odio over the ear headphones with wired bass-

One Odio over the ear headphones with wired bass

If you are looking for some extra bass, then the One odio headphone is just the right model for you. Invested with some classic functions, this headphone provides huge comfort, because of its extra foldable nature. The cushioning, smoothness, and light-weightiness, allows full support for all your studio sessions.


  • These wired headphones are available in attractive colors like bronze and gold and serve the notch in terms of professional studio recording and listening experience.
  • The ability to get in touch with crystal clear sounds is possible with these headphones.
  • There are padded cushions available.
  • These are also one of the best studio headphones within the limited budget of 100 dollars, keeping in mind that the controlling functions are smooth and less complicated.
  • The headband is flexible and doesn’t strain your neck at all.

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  1. One Odio A71 Wired over the ear headphones-

One Odio A71 Wired over the ear headphones

One of the best possible studio headphone models that buyers will certainly be impressed with, is the One Odio A71 new headphones. Charged with some lightning features, this headphone covers all the basic factors that buyers are looking for. Meant for both casual, as well as professional use, these headphones are available in colors black and white, making it look stylish in and out.


  • This is one of the best studio headphones under 100, because of its professional nature. All its elements, when combined, produce forceful effects, which makes music, sound superior.
  • Users can mix sounds with the use of the headphones, and get the best stereo sound effect too.
  • In terms of comfort, nothing can beat the flexibility and inner padded cushions of these headphones.
  • These headphones are wired, and there is the feature of isolation present as well.
  • There are maximum and minimum sound buttons available too.
  • External connection with devices like your smartphone, PC, laptop, IPad, etc., is also possible.

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Acknowledging all the facets of the studio headphone is significant, as every single aspect of the sound recording is dependent on it. Hence, opting to buy the best studio headphones under 100, will ensure that you receive a unique experience in your musical world. Some of the headphones are invested with multiple features, thereby guaranteeing individuals of superior approach in its purchase. Hence, without any shade of doubt, it is always a responsible decision on buying the finest headphone for your use, to receive long-lasting results!


Some of the most frequently asked questions about the best studio headphones under 100 are as follows:

  1. Where do I buy the headphones from?

It is common for individuals to stay confused with the ideal place to buy headphones. Hence, buyers can search for the product online, as well as offline. The service is pretty safe anywhere, until and unless you get your desired product.

  1. Will I receive a warranty with the headphones?

With some headphone brands, getting a warranty is possible. However, some headphone models restrict this feature, and you may have to spend some extra few bucks to get your headphone repaired, in case of any sort of damage. Therefore, if you are looking for a warranty, go for a brand that assures you one!

  1. What is the maximum sound management feature present in the headphones?

The maximum sound management feature of studio headphones depends on the brand and the model itself. Every model has some of the other unique features, making it versatile. Therefore, depending on your requirements, you can check the sound quality and other available functions!

  1. Can beginners use studio headphones?

Well, studio headphones are for all. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional individual or not. The headphones are vested with some cool features, which enables every user to use it without any discrimination. Hence, beginners can get studio headphones without any doubt.

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