The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass – 2023 Review

Cervin vega’s Subwoofer With A Built-In Amplifier-Best under seat subwoofer

Best under seat subwoofer for car

Cervin vega’s Subwoofer With A Built-In Amplifier

Power handling capacity.
User friendly, compact.
Built-in Amplifier.
Matt black.
10 inches, 200 W RMS, 450W RMS MAX.
MOSFET power supply.
The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 1
Dual Electrical’s Under Seat Subwoofer

Best under seat subwoofer with built-in amplifier

Dual Electrical’s Under Seat Subwoofer

Built-in amplifier.
Peak power of 160W.
Integrated ventilated control circuit.
Computer designed.
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 200Hz.
Easy to use, install.
IllumiNITE design.
The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 1
JBL Under Seat Subwoofer SL Pro

Best under seat subwoofer

JBL Under Seat Subwoofer SL Pro

8" (200mm) woofer.
Class ‘D’ amplifier used.
Intelligent electronic device.
Frequency range: 50hz to 120hz.
Easy to use, install.
The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 1
Alpine Under Seat Subwoofer S8

Best compact car subwoofer

Alpine Under Seat Subwoofer S8

Compact in size.
Rugged cast metal.
Built-in amplifier.
Phase control of 180 degrees.
Frequency: 32hz to 150hz.
8’’ shallow mount.
The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 1
Kenwood Under Seat Subwoofer-KSC

Best under seat powered subwoofer

Kenwood Under Seat Subwoofer-KSC

Built-in D class amplifier.
Digital bass control.
Black in colour, extremely tiny and made up of aluminium.
Frequency for deep: 20hz to 200hz.
Frequency for dynamic: 40hz to 160hz.
The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 1

Music plays a very important role in everybody’s life. The importance of music has been proved time and again. Music is considered to be the ultimate stress buster. Sometimes when everything seems difficult, the relevancy to your problems can be experienced only through music. Someone once said music is a universal language, it unites people from all sorts of backgrounds.

If you are someone who believes in science, then here’s a fun fact for you. It is scientifically proven that music helps in concentrating. Nature’s sound or the music which you like can dramatically increase the quality of your performance. Music not only helps a person psychologically but making music is considered to be one of the best ways for developing capitalism. Some of the richest people in the world are musicians.

Capitalism in the music industry has been happening for eons, there will never come a day where people will stop listening to music. Making successful music and then making money are strongly related. Various industries run because of the songs that are made. Some of the industries are marketing, production, distribution, direction, engineers, record label companies, online stores, and copyright companies. One of the industry is the industry that manufactures all the musical instruments. This business plays a large role in providing all the musicians the instruments they need.

The importance of the musical instruments

  • Capitalism: As mentioned above making music and making money both go hand in hand. Similarly, for making music a musical instrument is required. This capitalism has been going on from world wars where companies from all over the world were investing money into making instruments. These companies are now running businesses that are worth some billions. Even though not all can reach that milestone of making billions yet the production and maintenance of musical instruments on a small scale can make a worthy impact.
  • Size: Most of the musical instruments are handy in size. Except a few, the rest all are extremely compact and their compactness does not define the output they are going to give
  • Part of music production: The instruments play an active role in the production and design of music. The selection of an instrument and the output it is going to give decides the character of the sound it would produce.
  • Freedom of expression: Music is considered to be an art form, and people learning music and all the related niches are considered to be artists. Playing a musical instrument can give you the liberation to express yourself through your music. For example: When a person is playing the piano very aggressively it is said the person is expressing his anger towards a certain someone or something. Similarly, when a musician collaborates his lyrics and beats with the right rhythm a song is formed and the artist is free to express whatever message he wants from that song.
  • Personality development: The most important factor in having an instrument and learning how to play the same is personality development. Now let’s get a little deep into this point, learning an instrument can be extremely helpful for a person to experience personal growth.
  • Some of the points as to why it is important to learn a musical instrument are listed below.
  • Increased ability to focus: Scientists have proven that playing a musical instrument increases the ability of a person to focus. Similar to learning any skill, learning how to play an instrument teaches a person traits like discipline and patience. These two are key points to increase concentration levels.
  • Builds confidence: Truth to be told, very few people master the art of playing a musical instrument. The fact that after choosing which instrument you wanted to learn and putting all the hard work and dedication, you will become confident not only about your skill but also about your abilities as a person.
  • Stress reliever: Learning an instrument need not be a full-time course, it could be something you enjoy doing just to relieve some stress. Playing music will loosen up you a little bit. It will slow down your heart rate and pulse and also psychologically relax you.
  • Good social life: Now this might be a bonus point, but you can really meet people of similar interests and successfully bond with them. And it is a proven fact that people who build a good social life can live life more optimistically.
  • Improves memory: As the first point mentioned, with increased levels of patience and discipline, learning to play a musical instrument also improves memory. The reason is as much as this process is creative is also mechanical so both parts of your brain are being used. The artistic as well as intellectual.
  • A side hustle: After going through all these points and successfully learning and mastering the skill. You can use this skill to earn some extra cash by playing for small gigs, freelancing, or maybe even tutoring other people.

Best Under Seat Subwoofer Buying Guide

Defining the term subwoofer

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that reproduces low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass. The frequency of these is typically lower than those generated by a woofer. Subwoofers are almost all the time manufactured with built-in amplifiers. The following is the frequency range for different consumers

  • 20–200 Hz- For consumer products.
  • below 100 Hz – professional live sound
  • below 80 Hz- THX-approved systems

The subwoofers are a mixture of more than two woofers and are wounded by a loudspeaker enclosure. The enclosure is most of the time made from some rugged metal, so it can withstand air pressure and other unsuitable conditions. There are some types of subwoofer enclosures available which are listed below. The best Under seat subwoofer is made from the following enclosures.

  • bass-reflex
  • acoustic suspension
  • passive radiator speakers
  • transmission line,
  • horn-loaded,
  • infinite baffle
  • isobaric

Factors like efficiency, low frequency, and compactness are considered while making a subwoofer with an enclosure.

History of the subwoofers

The history of the subwoofers goes way back to the early 90s. The first subwoofer was developed in the year 1960s. The main motive behind inventing this subwoofer was to add bass response to home stereo systems. Because subwoofers were now being used in movies like ‘earthquake’ just a year later it’s an invention, the subwoofers got a lot of limelight. The subwoofers used in the movie were able to oud low-frequency sounds. So years after years and with some more inventions, finally in the year 1990s the subwoofers were used domestically in-home audios and custom car installations. By the 2000s the subwoofers were used globally.

Technical features of a subwoofer

  • The typical diameter used by a subwoofer for a speaker woofer is from 8 inches to 21 inch
  • Speaker woofer of size 4 inch are also available which is considered to be the smallest and the largest diameter of a speaker woofer is 60 inch. The smaller ones are used for home audio
  • The most common sizes used are 10 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches which are used in nightclubs and pop-rock concerts.
  • The frequency range specification measures in Hz is a range of frequencies a speaker can produce. The typical range for a subwoofer used at the consumer level is 20-200hz.
  • Range of pitches, size of the cabinet, construction, and design of the enclosure and driver are few factors that a subwoofer can differ on.
  • Subwoofers that do not include an amplifier are called Passive subwoofers and Subwoofers who include an amplifier are called active subwoofers.
  • user-adjustable equalization which helps boosted output at particular frequencies is available with active subwoofers.

Applications of a subwoofer

There are many applications of a subwoofer and the following are mentioned below in detail.

Car audio: The car space does not allow for a subwoofer to be hidden for a long time, most of the subwoofers are not compact so they are installed at the back( trunk of the car). As the “SPL” wars have been popularised subwoofers, SQ has not received that much popularity yet. The SPL cars are made only for competition and so it is not possible to play music properly. So in the 2000s companies like Boston Acoustic, Kicker, Sony, came up with circular-shaped subwoofers.

Cinema sound: The subwoofers are also used for cinema sounds. Theatre owners permanently installed subwoofers in their theatres after Sensurround was founded. two subwoofer channels that reproduced low frequencies were used in the year 1976 which were named  Dolby Stereo 70 mm Six Track The Dolby stereo had six film channels.

Factors need to be considered before buying the best under seat subwoofer

  1. Size: The size of the sub is the most important factor to look for. Yes, it does get tricky as sometimes when the size of the sub changes the volume can change too. But the answer to this question is quite subjective. It all goes down to what you want. If you want a subwoofer that plays loudly and your car is big enough to handle a loudspeaker like a subwoofer then go for a large subwoofer. On the other hand, if you want a subwoofer that will be “invisible” in your car and can comfortably fit in a corner of your car then go for a smaller sub. Although there won’t be much difference in the output given by both the subs. Regardless of what size you buy, if installed properly both the subs will give a good result.
  2. Power: The power of a subwoofer is checked in RMS and peaks. The common mistake done by users while checking the power is they check the peak power and not the RMS power. So make sure you are checking the RMS power of the sub. This factor is important to be considered before buying a subwoofer as the power of the sub should be in tune with the power of your car’s audio system.
  3. Frequency: The frequency shows the capacity of the subwoofer to play low. So the concepts of power and frequency are alike and they both should be checked before buying a subwoofer for better results.
  4. Enclosures: As discussed earlier in the article, the enclosure is mounted on the subwoofer and has a lot of types. Every enclosure according to its designed gives results. Hence it is very important to know what kind of enclosure you need for your car. Though some people say that rounded and sealed boxes give you the best outputs.
  5. Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the subwoofer goes hand- in hand with the frequency and power. Subwoofers that are highly rated in sensitivity require less power to produce the same results as a subwoofer with low sensitivity.
  6. Impedance: The impedance of 4 ohms is the most common in subwoofers but with development in technology some subwoofers have 2 ohms and 10 ohms. The impedance should be chosen in such a way that suits the audio system of your car.

Best under seat subwoofer for car reviews

1. Cervin vega’s Subwoofer With A Built-In Amplifier

Best under seat subwoofer

Did you know the world’s first solid-state amplifier was invented my Cervin vega in the year 1957. The solid-state amplifier was rated at 125 RMS. The circuit of the amplifier was influenced by a 10,000-watt sonar amp.

Now the company has completed 65 years in the business and over the decades of working they have stuck with morals like a ‘value for money products’, durability, and high-efficiency drivers. According to the company website, Cervin Vega believes in achieving realism in the production of live performance at home. The company has been founded by some Excellent audio producers, Hi-Fi makers, and Mobile audio lovers that understand the importance of good music. The Cervin Vega also has the title of inventing the first-ever digital record. In the late 70s due to this invention Evolution of loudspeaker design parameters was seen. The technology was called the ‘D’ Technology and was used at homes as loudspeakers.

Years of year, the company kept growing contributing to the sound industry with its excellent inventions in sound engineering. All these products were able to give high-inputs, large dynamic range, and an excellent bass response that was ever seen in the business. This led Cervin Vega to garner some honest and loyal buyers incrementing the company’s profits

Hence, as a result of this, the brand has collaborated with names like The rolling stones, David bowie, boom tom rats, Peter Frampton, Emerson lake, and the palmer. Cervin Vega has also been awarded a lot of design and engineering awards for products like home audio and mobile audio. Since then their sound products were also used for a movie named Earthquake.

When Cervin Vega came up with under-seat subwoofers, it created a frenzy in the customers. So the products were highly recommended in the sound industry and the market. Their subwoofers are generally known to have efficient sound and can play much louder than any other speaker that has the same power as the Cervin Vega. Cervin Vega’s Subwoofer is the best under seat subwoofer.

So here is a list of things that will help you to understand why it is important to own a Cervin Vega

  • Like mentioned before, the subwoofer comes a lot of power handling capacity. The capacity to handle the power of this subwoofer is much more than any
  • The subwoofer is user-friendly as it tiny in shape so does not consume much trunk space. Along with compact size, the Cervin Vega subwoofer also has a built-in Amplifier blended with a cast aluminum simple plug.
  • The subwoofer is matt black which gives it a stylish and sleek look.
  • The Subwoofer is 10 inches and has the ultimate power of 200 W RMS. This power can go up to 450W which is maximum.
  • The subwoofer is made with aluminum. So when the subwoofer is overworking, heat arises and this aluminum then helps to dissipate the heat helping the speaker to cool down.
  • The MOSFET power supply has a terminal protection circuit which makes the speaker safer and user friendly.
  • Some other technical features like the bass boost that ranges from 0 to 12 dB, the low pass filter which has a range of 75 to 150hz are 180 degrees in phase, The subwoofer comes with a remote control that has an option of delayed turn-on, some good EQ setting. 

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Best under seat subwoofer with built-in amplifier

2. Dual Electrical’s Under Seat Subwoofer

Dual Electrical’s Under Seat Subwoofer-Best Under Seat Subwoofer

The company dual is well known for it’s a contribution to the industry of sound engineering. The Dual’s history goes way back to the early 90s. Founded in the year 1982 in Germany, the name dual was adopted as the products the company made had dual-mode power supplies. Over the years, Dual then introduced audio cassette players, VCRs, CD players, and other consumer electronics. As dual then used the wind-mechanism to manufacture a product, the company was able to bag the title of biggest manufacturers and a lot of employees working under the company name.

But with world war 2 happening at that time, the influence of Japanese companies increased because they gave a lot of features with the latest tools, the downfall of dual was seen. The company was then bought by a lot of dealers but in the end, the company ended up being bought by a South Korean electrical company called Namsung.

The now dual is a successful manufacturer of audio and video products, products In marine and aviation. Home appliances are also their forte. The genre of products dual produces is huge but the company believes in the philosophy of providing its customers with the best of best goods and appliances. Hence Namsung sells all the products at cheaper prices but almost all the time, these products are well-reviewed and loved by the audience.

The same is the case with the subwoofer, the subwoofer has a lot of features contributing to be one of the reasons why the buyers love it so much. The subwoofer has all the qualities a best under seat subwoofer should have. Let’s get into the details of it.

  • The subwoofer gives you low sounding bass as it is aided with a specialized tuned port which has a computerized design. This design then helps the subwoofer to get an increased output ability. The subwoofer is efficient In usage because of the 2’’ voice coils.
  • Another specialty of this subwoofer is that it has a built-in amplifier. The subwoofer is superior to other subwoofers as it has a peak power of 160W. All these features ensure the user to give a very efficient output and power-packed sound system.
  • The subwoofer has an integrated ventilated control circuit which helps to maintain the subwoofer’s temperature. As the subwoofer works the circuit will make sure that the heat is ventilated and dissipated out of the system to avoid the danger of burning or damage both to the user and the system.
  • High-Level Inputs
    (Speaker), LowLevel Inputs (RCA), Variable Input Level Control, Variable Phase Control, Variable Low Pass
    Crossover, and Barrier Strip Power are some of the features of the subwoofer. These features make the subwoofer suitable for all types of users with a lot of musical needs.
  • The subwoofer is easy to use, install and the subwoofer is pretty looking as it has multi-colored installations. These installations are only possible because of the illumiNITE design and curved plexiglass viewing window give it a light blue color display.
  • Why the subwoofer is easy to use, as subwoofer does not react to the movement of the car and does not let it affect the streamlined sound system.
  • Best under seat subwoofer with built-in amplifier compact car subwoofer

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Best under seat subwoofer

3. JBL Under Seat Subwoofer SL Pro

JBL Under Seat Subwoofer SL Pro

Fun fact: The company JBL is owned by Harman enterprises which are a subsidiary of Samsung industries.

JBL is a world-renowned company for its products in sound and music. The products JBL manufactures are considered to be top-notch. Since JBL is under Samsung, the best output, the best quality sound system is assured. There are two independent divisions within the company which are The JBL for audio equipment for the consumer home market and The JBL for professional equipment for the studio, installed sound, tour sound, portable sound production and DJ, and cinema markets.

The JBL is loved both by the local masses and by professional musicians and technicians as mentioned before. The reason for this is that JBL understands the needs of the user and encapsulates that with high-quality products. Numerically JBL is consumed by more than 50 million people per year mostly for road journeys.

The history of JBL goes back To the 90s, it was founded by an American engineer who was determined to make a change in the music industry. So even decades later this remains the basic principle of the company. JBL believes in designing and delivering smart products and combining that process with passion.

The loyal JBL users swear by the subwoofer. Let us go through some of the features of the same

  • Designed especially for low distortion as the subwoofer has an 8″ (200mm) woofer, which ensures great bass performance combined with the infamous ABS enclosure.
  • The class D amplifier is used. This amplifier makes sure that the subwoofer does not heat and maintains the overall temperature according to the car’s electrical circuit. The amplifier is called BassPro S
  • Currently being on the sold-out section the subwoofer has an intelligent electronic device that provides optimum performance to the varying output stream. The system does not impact quality or clarity.
  • The variable adjustment from 50hz to 120hz allows the subwoofer to quickly adjust with the car’s audio.
  • The subwoofer is easy to use as it contains additional installation from line to high line inputs which allows connecting to the factory and aftermarket systems

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Best compact car subwoofer

4. Alpine Under Seat Subwoofer S8

Alpine Under Seat Subwoofer S8

The alpine industries founded in the year 1978, believes in providing competitively priced products that fulfill the needs of consumers and automakers. Alpine is renowned for manufacturing products for computers, communication, cars, and many more.

Through the 50 years of its career, alpine successfully created a niche for itself. The brand endorses the idea of being able to access music anywhere. So alpine makes products that are easy to use and install.

Though the products are handy, they are combined with highly engineered features that secure a good output. The alpine came up with a test that checked some points like Vibration Testing, Visibility Testing, Durability, and Shock Testing, Acoustic Testing, Temperature and Humidity Testing, Radio Wave Testing, No destructive Testing, Drive Assist Evaluation Center

The alpine subwoofers too go through these basic tests, they also are made in such a way that they are easily connected. The technical gurus believe that this subwoofer is the best Under seat subwoofer. Below are some of the features of the new alpine subwoofer that prove the excellence of the company alpine.

  • The new Alpine subwoofer is compact so does not take up much space and performs exactly like sub-bass.
  • The reason why it is compact and can be used anywhere be it the trunk of a car, behind the seat is that the subwoofer is made up of rugged cast metal that is suitable and strong enough to take the knockouts and hits the changing car direction is going to give it.
  • The subwoofer comes with a built-in amplifier with a variable phase control of 180 degrees. The frequency response of the subwoofer is from 32hz to 150hz.
  • This subwoofer similar to the JBL subwoofer uses a class ‘D’ amplifier. The amplifier is rated at 120W RMS.
  • The alpine is specially made for compact spaces but has an 8’’ shallow mount. The device comes with a remote control that helps to manage the sound system from the car seat.

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Best under seat powered subwoofer

5. Kenwood Under Seat Subwoofer-KSC

Kenwood Under Seat Subwoofer-KSC

Kenwood is a Japanese company known for manufacturing, marketing, and developing products mainly like car audio, hi-fi home, and personal audio, amateur radios, and two-way radio communication systems.

Kenwood name is a combination of two words which are ken and wood. The term ken is more popular in Japan and wood being acceptable in northern America hence the name Kenwood. Kenwood. Kenwood is an expert in making products like offered lines of HF, VF, and PORTABLE amateur radio models, including some with built-in digital data modes, MODEMS needed to send and receive these protocols.

Today after working for decades, the company produces products from genres like home audio, car audio, and aftermarket and OEM, in-car entertainment, amateur radio professional two-day audio, and Dect wireless intercom sectors.

Below is a list of all the features of the new Kenwood subwoofer

  • Firstly, the most important feature a subwoofer should have is compactness, and the Kenwood subwoofer is exactly made for that. The sub is extremely compact and does not take much of a room. The sub would fit in anywhere in your car
  • The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier with 150W RMS.
  • The subwoofer has a rugged enclosure which acts as a protective shield for the 8” subwoofer
  • The remote control is used to control settings like selectable phase control which is 180 degrees, variable low-pass controller which is from the range of 50hz to 125hz, and of course the volume settings.
  • Some other technical features like the sensitivity are 81 DB and frequency is from the range of 35hz to 150hz.
  • The subwoofer also has features like speaker level inputs, power harness, and RCA.

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6. Memphis Under Seat Subwoofer with Nanobox

Memphis Under Seat Subwoofer with Nanobox

The company was established in the year 1965. The company is situated in Tennessee, USA and the name of the company is taken from a city in the states. The main motto behind establishing this company was the love the founders had towards music.

Memphis has now been working for 50 years, though the brand is not as huge as all the other brands mentioned in the article the company will make sure that all the needs of the customers are fulfilled.

As the Company only partners with premium audio experts, and mostly not with local masses, the products are used by top music artists and experts. But some products are available for people who like to jam on to music in their cars or homes. Mostly, this brand is for people who are working professionally in the music industry as this brand is made according to their needs and demands.

The Memphis subwoofer is perfect for all bass heads. “Slimline application that packs punch” is the review given by one of its users proving that the sub successfully caters to the needs of the user. Sure thing the sub falls under the category of the best compact sub but irrespective of its size the sub is the monster when it comes to blasting music. Below are some of the features of the sub. 

  • The height of the subwoofer is 3-1/2 inches, making it very compact and easy to install and use. The subwoofer fits everywhere in every car seat, every crowded trunk.
  • The subwoofer has an amount of 10’’ along with 200W RMS and common to a few subwoofers in the list, the amplifier used in this is also ‘D’.
  • The Memphis sub can stand still and work in almost any condition with its aluminum covering.
  • Some other technical features of the sub are the adjustable base control is from 0 to 180 degrees, the bass boost is from 0 to +12 Db and the frequency response ranges from 40hz to 150hz
  • The use of all the above technical stats is that from bass boost to adjustable base control they are used to make tuning with the car’s audio device uncomplicated. The sub also comes with a remote control which is used to control the volume and other settings of the sub.
  • The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier.

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7. Pioneer Subwoofers for Clear Music

Pioneer Subwoofers for Clear Music

Pioneer is a household name for everyone. The company has been ruling the electronic industry for some time now. The company which started in the year 1979 has been making inventions since it’s a debut. According to the company’s website, the core motto of the company is to “move the heart and touch the soul”.

The company has products in niches like sound and vision. They know and believe that words can change a person’s perspective and these words can be consumed with sounds and visions. With this strong motto, they have made a few inventions like consumer laser disc, car CD player, GPS car navigation, a high definition plasma display, and OEL. They have mastered in fields like sound, vision, and soul.

Thanks to this reputation, when Pioneer came out with subwoofers the subwoofers were widely accepted by the public. The subwoofers are made in such a way that they enhance any kind of music be it jazz, pop, rock, electronic, and classical also. These subwoofers are known to give deep bass tones and definition to the music. The following are the features of the Pioneer bass. 

  • The sub has a built-in D class amplifier with a capacity of 160W.
  • The subwoofer has a feature called digital bass control. The digital bass control is a technology developed by the pioneer for the users. With this technology, the user can select a bass mode precisely deep or dynamic. The frequency can also tamper with this technology. The technology helps give a quality output.
  • The sub is black, extremely tiny, and made up of aluminum. The aluminum not only gives the sub a polished look but also makes it durable to hits and knockouts. It is also surrounded by urethane.
  • The remote control that comes with the sub is used to control three functions like gains, low pass filter, and phase control.
  • Some other technical features like the bass frequency for deep 20hz to 200hz. The frequency for dynamic is 40hz to 160hz.
  • The pioneer has a height of a total of 2-3/4. This height not only ensures the compactness of the sub but also makes it easy to install and use. This size can fit anywhere in a car.

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8. Infinity Under Seat Subwoofer

Infinity Under Seat Subwoofer

Infinity along with JBL is owned by Harman corporates. Harman corporate is a subsidiary of Samsung industries. The Grammy award winner brand has collaborated with artists all around the world. With it’s highly effective and consumer loving products scheme Harman has not only manufactured products in sound but also gives services to the internet of things.

After working for quite some time, Harman has been able to garner a customer range of more than 50 million. These 50 million people use the audio and visual products for their cars. More than 30,000 employees work under Harman in the continents of Europe, America, and Asia. Harman also builds software that is used by billions of people globally.

A lot of people trust the brand infinity as it is partnered with JBL. The subwoofers made by these brands can give the user the experience of deep and powerful bass. The company makes sure that the clarity of the bass remains constant. The subwoofers by infinity are on the top list of all tech-gurus as they cater to the demands of the customer. Some of the features of the subwoofer are mentioned below. 

  • The Infinity sub has a built-in amplifier. The amplifier is of class ‘D’. The amplifier is efficient enough to not produce too much heat and maintain the temperature of the sub. The amplifier power is 125W RMS.
  • Another good feature about the sub is the ABS enclosure system which does not disturb the bass streamline all through the car ride.
  • The 8’’ sub has a high-pass filter that helps deliver deep and powerful bass.
  • The cross-over control range is from 50hz-120hz and it lets the user control the upper bass and lower bass of the system.
  • A feature called level control is used in this woofer. This feature helps the woofer to adjust the volume to all the other speakers in the nearby area.
  • Both high- and high- level inputs are present in the subwoofer for easy adjustments. The woofer is only suitable for the RBC remote control.

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 9. Rockville Subwoofer For Clear Bass

Rockville Subwoofer For Clear Bass

This company is a rookie. The company over the years came up with a lot of products. The company is surely not as old as all the other companies but has some products which are highly rated in the market. The Rockville brand mostly produces gears for audio devices, home theatre, marine audio, and car audio.

The main motives of the company are Quality, Innovation, and value. The products manufactured by Rockville go through a series of quality tests. These tests are mostly conducted to ensure the safe and efficient usage of the products. Rockville claims that in all the companies, Rockville Is the only company that conducts a test for months or weeks. After quality checks, quality controls take place by the best engineers.

Because of all this hard work this rookie company has achieved a lot in a small period. The subwoofers produced by this company are in high demand and are rated highly. 

Below are some of the features of the subwoofer.

  • The size of the subwoofer is 2.7’’ only. So the subwoofer is tiny in size and can fit in anywhere.
  • The radio-like subwoofer has an inbuilt amplifier. This amplifier then makes installations easy.
  • A lot of attention is paid to make the installation easy, features like high-level input and smart circuit are added. This circuit then can turn on the radio as it can sense that the audio is working and likewise when the system stops the circuit will sense that too turning the audio off.
  • Some technical features like 800W peak and 200W RMS, bass boost is of the frequency of 0 to 18db. The low-level RCA and MOSFET power supply are some other features.
  • The circuits are made to protect the overall system

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10. Boss Subwoofer Compact In Size

The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer for Maximum Bass - 2023 Review 6

The boss company which is now working for more than 30 years has been able to create its legacy with all the products it has manufactured. While working for years the company was able to extend its business by producing audio and sound systems for over 500 car, marine, and power sports projects in over 130 countries.

The employees from all fields like engineering, design, acoustic, mechanical, and electronics engineers work in Boss. The company was started by a car enthusiast in the year 1987 with the motive to develop world-class mobile audio products that will be available at an affordable price to all people. After working for only two years the company was able to hit the $1 million milestones, and now decades later boss is a global brand.

Boss subwoofers are almost always up to the mark. So with the new boss subwoofer, there are a few features that place it on the top position of the recommendation list. Let’s see the list of reasons why Boss’s subwoofer is the best under seat subwoofer

  • The subwoofer is easy to use as the amplifier has RCA, High, and Low-Level Inputs. These input levels make it easier as it allows you to access to any aftermarket source unit.
  • The 8” subwoofer has a built-in amplifier with 800W
  • The subwoofer has a built-in thermal protector, when the amplifier gets hot from working too much the protector automatically turns the amplifier off and allows it to cool down a bit. This feature also by performing this task makes sure the sub is away from catching fire
  • Another feature is the variable bass boost which allows you to adjust low bass settings.
  • One of the interesting features the boss subwoofer has is the phase controller. The phase controller is used to ensure whether every audio signal is working in sync. Whenever you find the bass notes to be irregular or not in tune, just use the phase controller.
  • Some of the other features this subwoofer has are Subsonic Filter, Subwoofer Level Control, Single Voice Coil.
  • A few technical stats are the bass boost is from the range of 0db to 6db and the RCA selector being 0.2v to 6v

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Hopefully, this article will let you find the best Under seat subwoofer for your car and the article be helpful enough to provide you information as everything from the basics to the installation of the subwoofer is mentioned.

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Frequently answered questions

  1. What is the best under seat subwoofer?

The answer to this question is quite subjective. Every subwoofer has it’s own pros and cons and Every subwoofer has some unique features and traits which are suitable for different cars. Cervin vega’s subwoofer is the Best Under Seat subwoofer. The subwoofer has all the qualities an amazing working sub should have. From a built-in amplifier to a rugged enclosure made to shield the sub from anything. This sub is not only compact but also plays extremely clear bass. Overall If you want to go for a sub that is small in size but plays well then Cervin vega is for you.

  1. Are under seat subs any good?

Yes, the under-seat subs are good. Below is a short list of things that will prove that under seat subs are extremely important in the time that we live.

Ps: The Cervin Vega’s subwoofer Is the best under seat subwoofer.

Size: All the 10 products that are mentioned in the article have one thing in common which is the size. All the products mentioned are compact, they all are from various companies but they are tiny. The compactness serves the purpose of buying a sub so it would not take much of space In your car.

Easy to use: Having a compact size makes the subwoofers extremely easy to use as well as to install. And the subwoofers nowadays are made In such a way that you would not need technical assistance for installing them.

Quality outcome: Yes they are smaller in size, but that does not come in the way of giving you the desired outcome. The under-seat subwoofers are known for playing low bass so when they are tuned with the car’s audio system the combination of both of them can you amazing outcome.

  1. What’s the best placement for a subwoofer?

The best placement for an under-seat subwoofer would be in the trunk or the drivers and the passenger’s seat. The back shelf would also be best. The passengers or the driver’s seat should be ideal if you want to hide the sub.

  1. How do you fix a subwoofer under a seat?

Below the steps on how to fix a subwoofer under a seat are mentioned.

  1. Remove the car seat you want to fix your subwoofer to.
  2. The power battery should be connected to the wire.
  • The third step would be getting the power wire inside the car.
  1. Place the sub on wooden cardboard.
  2. The RCA wires should be connected.
  3. Turn on the wires from the audio heads after connecting them to RCA wires.
  • The bare metal of the car should then be connected to the negative wire.
  • Cross-check the power connection once.
  1. Before placing the car seat, zip ties the wire and adjust the bass.
  1. Can you put subs under seats?

Yes, absolutely subwoofers can be placed under car seats. The sole purpose of the subwoofer is that. If you want the detailed answer then go check question 4, steps on how to fix a sub under the car seat are mentioned.

  1. How can I hide the subwoofers in my car?

There are a lot of solutions to this problem but the best way to hide a subwoofer is to just place it in the trunk. Although the subwoofer would take up a little bit space this is just the easiest option to hide a subwoofer.

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