A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Between a Digital Keyboard and Synthesizer

The Digital Keyboard vs. Synthesizer has been an ongoing debate that has stretched over the last few years. In the world of music, every split-second decision matters, even the choice between a synthesizer and a keyboard is an important one. Both support different aspects of your musical journey, so which one is the best fit for you?

The devil is in the details- and the below analyses of both instruments will help you find out what features comprise the distinction between these instruments.

Digital Keyboard vs. Synthesizer


The digital keyboard is one of the most popular instruments out there- the highlight being, it’s an actual instrument! (Unlike the synth, which only acts like one).Digital Keyboard vs. Synthesizer


  • Your usual digital keyboard is assorted with an array of black and white keys that you can press to produce sound. People go through many pains to master this instrument- enslave it and perform on it. Keyboards are famously used for the satisfaction that comes with playing music- a song, a classical piece- on it.
  • These are ideal performance-based instruments. Their light builds help you survive concert and tour days when you have to lug the instrument around until performing. Moreover, they’re fun and easy to play and are typically recommended for beginners in music. A digital keyboard helps you absorb musical knowledge and theory with relative ease while playing music at the same time. A keyboard is a starter’s best friend. Besides, keyboards are decent and fair priced, which makes them all the more worth the investment.
  • Sounds- This is where a keyboard gets interesting. A keyboard can reproduce the sounds of many, many other instruments. These can range from the organ to the guitar. Rhythms and styles can also be used to support you as you play, making it a fun experience overall.
  • Keyboards are also priced for their ease of use technology. There are no complex patterns or functionalities to execute. You simply press and play!

The keyboard is a remarkable instrument- so who can use it? Well, this instrument is usually used by people who perfect the art of playing it. Professional keyboard players who rejoice in performing use it at their concerts and shows. On the other hand, the keyboard can also become an accompaniment to singers and songwriters while they perform.

The keyboard is more of a manual instrument- it is domesticated for use, and is a revolutionary method of teaching music.


So, if the keyboard has it all, why synthesizers?

As mentioned, the synth isn’t an actual instrument but is used as an extension of the keyboard- with completely different features. It is much more complicated to operate. Anyone opting to play a synth would be better off with some basic musical knowledge.

Digital Keyboard vs. Synthesizer

Synths do what keyboards can’t.

  • Synthesizers emulate various instruments and produce a unique range of sounds that you can’t find on a keyboard. These sounds, then, are used to create music. So while the keyboard is used to perform, a synth is often used to compose or produce.
  • Synthesizers can collect sounds that you create, or allow you to choose from a range of never before seen sounds that are already included in it.
  • It doesn’t end there! You can personalize and adjust these sounds as you wish- add filters, precision- it’s your call! Moreover, sound quality in synths can rock your world. These are completely professional, sleek, and clean sounds that give the stylish finish to pop music.

Apart from composing, you can also drag your synthesizers onto the stage and deliver a mind-blowing performance.


You need to figure out what use you want to get out of the product you buy. Are you simply interested in learning music, and you don’t need lavish features? If so, you should consider a keyboard.

But if you’re already a professional, and you’re looking to spice up your studio system with a worthy investment, synths are your go-to. You can use them for a long and produce great tracks!

Thus, the basic difference underlying the Digital Keyboard vs. Synthesizer, is that- the former is used to play and learn music. You can apply various sounds as you play and deliver performances worth bragging about. However, if creating and producing is your calling, you can’t do better than a synthesizer!

William Larson
William Larson

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