Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review: The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Your Home Audio Setup

Edifier is a Chinese company with its headquarters in Beijing. It was founded in the year 1996. It deals in the manufacture of audio equipment such as loudspeakers, headphones, and music systems. Recently in January 2020, it launched gaming headphones. Currently, worldwide 3,000 employees work, and it has set up branches in 70 countries. Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review truly justifies its exceptional quality. It won’t let you compromise the sound quality. It is a well-renowned brand recommended which manufactures top-notch electronic essentials for every music lover.

Design & Performance of Edifier R1700BT Speaker Review

Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review

The visually stunning Bluetooth speaker comes in smart box packaging. From the outside, it looks sturdy and compact. Inside the box, you can find a 4-pin interconnect cable, remote control, user manual &warranty card, RCA to RCA cable, and RCA to 3.5 mm cable along with the R1 700BT speaker. The soft buttons are marked with bold and black digits. The spectacular-looking speaker is completed with MDF wooden enclosure. This minimizes sound resonance. The beautiful combination of black and brown shades looks splendid. The texture painted on the wooden sidewalls of the speaker adds a plus point to this bookshelf speaker. Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review will not disappoint you.

The wireless speaker gives the advantage to get rid of the messy wired connection. Earlier, it became problematic to set up a separate connection for ordinary speakers. But now, you can easily connect your computer or mobile phone with this wireless technology. This makes it easy to listen to songs and transfer files. The class D amplifier system features Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This helps in reducing distortion and reverberation to get clear and crisp sound. The dual RCA input allows you to connect multiple types of equipment at one time besides Bluetooth connectivity.


Edifier R1 700BT Speaker ReviewThe driver which is the major component of a speaker is 4 inches in diameter. The driver directly affects sound quality. The magnet, voice coil, and diaphragm constitute the driver. After reading the Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review you will surely be satisfied with its work efficiency.  The driver reproduces deep and exotic sounds. A 19 mm tweeter eagle eye driver is present in the speaker. It plays a clear and sharp treble. The bass reflex port facing in front of the speaker focuses on low frequency.

On the right side of the speaker, three different controls- treble, bass, and volume are aligned from top to bottom. The dials are mushy and made of aluminum with a nice finishing touch. Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review with the latest features is optimized to play dynamic audio. Edifier r1 700bt’s best settings involve some remarkable design to make sure that the sound is directly aimed at the listener. One of the examples of such a clever design is that the speaker is built 10 degrees upwards in a slanting position.

Edifier R1 700BT Speaker ReviewThe overall sound quality is stupendous. Every part of this music system is punctiliously built with high precision. Edifier r1 700bt frequency response ranges from 60 hertz to 20,000 hertz. It plays a rich and vibrant sound with maximum noise reduction. Edifier r1 700bt frequency response is sharp with high-fidelity audio production. It is snug with easy setup and accessibility. This attention-grabbing portable bookshelf speaker is not only ergonomically designed from the outside but also works excellently. You can trust the Edifier R1 700BT Speaker Review as all the reviews aim to acknowledge the customers with the transparency of the product.

How do I connect my edifier r1700bt to my computer?

The Bluetooth 4.0 system provides a reception range of up to 30 feet.  All you need to do is turn on both the device’s Bluetooth settings and pair the device with each other. It limits the cluster and mess caused by a wired speaker.


Every time plugging in the earphone can be quite uncomfortable. Having a speaker in your house lets you freely enjoy the music. Even for social gatherings and small get-togethers, family parties small bookshelf speakers are the best companion. Ordinary speakers need a settled wired connection. Compared to the old-school speaker, the Bluetooth speaker works best. Edifier r1 700bt bookshelf speaker is a perfect choice. It is small, lightweight, and durable. With this mind-blowing speaker turn your home into a small theatre.  Still, if you are left with any doubts then read the edifier r1 700bt speaker review.



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