HIFIMAN HE4XX Headphones Review – The Definitive Guide

Hey, music lovers! Is there anyone who finishes a day without listening to at least a single tune or song? That is impossible. Loud or pleasant, music is a part of the world, be it in any form. Quite often, people search for new devices to have the best sound experience. Brace yourself! Here we are taking you into the world of the spectacular planar magnetic headphones – Hifiman HE4XX Review.

Planar Magnetic Headphones:

Before we understand the Hifiman HE4XX review, what are the planar magnetic headphones? We all know that headphones use dynamic drivers, right? The dynamic drivers are cone-shaped in the regular headphones, and a magnet mounted at the speaker’s rear end drives the drivers with its power. The problem with this design is that there is much distortion in loud sounds or fast beats.

In planar magnetic headphones, the magnet or motor is spread around the driver’s surface instead of at the center. Due to this, the motor moves evenly and limit distortions to a greater extent. Here, the magnet distributes in a planar surface, giving it the name of planar magnetic headphones. But this alone isn’t the benefit of these.

Observations show that the moving speed of the drivers helps in reproducing sounds of higher frequencies. Also, as the speaker drivers effortlessly move airs with large frequencies, we can perceive an excellent bass. Note here that these headphones require more power than the ordinary ones to deliver the required output, and they are incredibly open-back.

Hifiman HE4XX Review

hifiman he4xx review

Though not the first, these planar magnetic headphones are one of the best among the available ones. With incredible features and top-notch performances, the Hifiman HE4XX review helps provide proper insight into the new favorite for many. Let’s not waste any time getting into the Hifiman HE4XX Headphone Review before getting to the Hifiman HE4XX specifications to understand the device better.

  1. Finishing and Fitting:

There is a strong feeling that planar magnetic headphones don’t come with a good finish. But these headphones from Hifiman are pretty comfortable to wear for a longer duration as well. The build quality is pretty good and makes the long listening sessions enjoyable.

Here are some essential details:

  • The Focus – A type of earpads are synthetic leather on the outside and soft valor on the inside. Another exciting aspect of these earpads is their shape.
  • With a wedge-type shape, i.e., narrow in the start and broad in the end, these headphones ensure better sound direction.
  • Suitable for gaming and listening purposes, these headphones are a great addition to our love for music.
  • The next thing that worries us is the connecting cable. A thick and durable rubbery cable accompanies these headphones. The cable is easily detachable, and if you wish to change it, you can replace it.

Another thing that requires a mention is that these headphones don’t give a heavy feeling when worn, making it easier to use them for hours.

  1. Sound Quality:

They aren’t the best available devices but manage to deliver pretty good performances. With precise separation, these headphones provide distinct and clean sounds for every instrument used. As these planar magnetic headphones, the low frequencies aren’t overpowering, i.e., there is no much distortion as in the case of dynamic drivers.

Here, the midrange sounds are accurate with precise instruments and vocals. The plane magnetic drivers effortlessly manage high frequencies. Due to the planar movements, this device produces rapid yet clean frequencies. These are an open-back type, i.e., we can hear the surrounding sounds as well.

Worried about gaming? These headphones are fair enough to deliver a quality gaming experience. While the low frequencies take care of blasts and engine rumbles, the imaging perfectly manages projected sound. Though there is a little treble, the Hifiman he4xx headphones are a great choice in their price range.

This is a brief of the Hifiman HE4XX Review. Now, have a look at the Hifiman HE4XX specifications:

  • Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • Focus – A type earpads with a wedge shape
  • Frequency response ranging between 20 Hz to 35 kHz
  • Adjustable Sliders
  • Soft matte finish with a synthetic leather headband
  • Steel Gimbals and a rubber connecting cord

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With the Hifiman HE4XX review, we can quickly decide if we wish to buy these beasts. Delivering an overall quality performance, they are worth the money we invest.

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