How To Clean Turntable Needle?

If you own a turntable, then it becomes necessary to learn how to clean turntable needle. A clean turntable needle helps you to generate amazingly fantastic music. If your turntable needle is dirty and dusty, you can experience a distorted sound compared to the original sound. To learn how to clean turntable needle, you need to read this article properly. After cleaning your turntable needle, you will experience a comparatively improved sound quality when compared to the previous one.

Two techniques on how to clean turntable needle

how to clean turntable needle

If you want to clean your turntable needle, you can follow the two primarily used techniques. One technique involves the use of a brush, and the other uses a magic eraser. Both cleaning techniques are effective, and you can adopt any of them to clean your turntable needle.

Cleaning the turntable needle with the help of a brush

For cleaning your turntable needle, you require a turntable needle cleaning brush. You can buy this brush from the market or the needle seller. The size of this brush is small and is used for cleaning the needle of a turntable. You have to hold the brush perpendicular to the needlepoint. Now move the cleaning brush slightly over the turntable needle in the direction of the record player. Do not brush in other directions, as it can damage your turntable needle. Repeat the brushing two to three times. This technique will clean your turntable without any difficulty.

Cleaning the turntable needle with the help of a magic eraser

how to clean turntable needle

Magic eraser is a foam-like structure available at any supermarket. You can easily get a Mr clean magic eraser at Walmart or other superstores. Make sure that you buy a white-colored magic eraser because the blue-colored magic eraser has some amount of detergents in it. These detergent particles can damage your turntable needle.

You have to cut a piece of this magic eraser whose height is greater than the turntable needle. Put the small piece of the magic eraser on the turntable platter and hover the turntable needle above it. Now slowly press the turntable needle onto it and slowly lift it. By pressing the needle on the magic eraser, it has absorbed all the particulate dust and debris from the turntable needle. You have to repeat this step two to three times to clean the turntable needle properly. Once you are completed with cleaning, you can use your turntable. It is the most effective method that you can apply to clean the turntable needle.


  1. Can I use a wet foam piece to clean the turntable needle?

No, It is suggested not to use wet foam to clean your turntable needle as it can damage your needle.

  1. Why is cleaning the turntable needle necessary?

If your turntable needle is dirty and dusty, it will not be able to generate a quality sound. By cleaning the turntable needle you can improve the quality of sound generated by the turntable.


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