How to Ground a Turntable?

In this article, let’s know how to ground a turntable. Generally, these are the main steps you must do.

  • Switch off the turntable power and amplifier. This can lessen the chance of electrical shock and avoid loud, damaging sounds in the speakers whenever you hook them up them.
  • Locate the grounding wire which carries you to your turntable. It generally links to the underside of the metal turntable chassis plus features an unattached copper spade connector. Grounding cables with turntables are generally green, however, you might require a distinct color.
  • Locate the grounded terminal on the receiver and the amplifier. It’s generally located on the backside of the device and it is clearly labeled as “ground.”
  • Make certain that the grounding cable is able to reach the grounding part of the amplifier. Reduced distance is necessary for the turntable and also an amplifier.
  • Simply slide the ground wire spade connection onto the ground terminal. To improve the connection, apply mild pressure. There is no need for over-tightening.
  • Switch on the amplifier as well as a turntable, then switch on the power. You’ve prepared your audio system.

How to ground a turntable without an amp?

how to ground a turntable

 In case your turntable does not possess a grounding terminal, you could still circumvent this particular issue. It is possible to easily connect the copper spade connector of the grounding cable to the amp’s metal box utilizing a gaffer tape. You have to be certain that it’s secured adequately so that it will not disconnect.

How to ground a Rega turntable?

 By using the shield of the left channel of the phono interconnect cable, Rega grounds the tonearm tubing within the phono preamp. It’s likely that the relation on the IC’s exterior shell interaction with the RCA jack on the phono preamp is exhausted and also doesn’t possess a great low resistance connection. You might wish to test unplugging both R and L channel ICs out of the phono preamp jacks and then reconnection them, doing the same a few times. That ought to clean the connectors.

How to ground a Crosley turntable?

how to ground a turntable

It’s possible that your record player will start to hum. This is frequently related to a phenomenon known as a “ground loop.”

Step 1:  Cut off the power.

Step 2: Locate the Ground Wire.

Step 3: Look for a Grounding Terminal.

Step 4: Double-check your measurements…

Step 5: Establish a Link…

Step 6: Take pleasure in the end result.


  1. How to ground the turntable without a mixer?

    They are permanently connected to the unit. The cable is red and white. Simply connect to your DJ MIXER’s PHONO INPUT and the thin ground wire to the mixer’s GROUND connector. That’s all there is to it.

  2. How to ground a u-turn turntable?

    Even if the phono preamp comes with a ground screw or terminal, there is no outside ground cable. Due to the fact that the Orbit is internally grounded through the shielding of the left RCA output, the Orbit is seated by the shielding of the RCA output.

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