How to Intonate a Guitar?

The famous Pythagorean theory explains that the note played on the string is inversely proportional to the length of the string. Halving the length of the string gives the note of the string equal to an open string. But it is not always easy to intonate the guitar. There is no guarantee that you will have perfect notes and chords after tuning the guitar. Tuning depends on the thickness of the string and the tension created on it. It is necessary to learn how to intonate a guitar.

Systems for Tuning The Guitar

1. Buzz Feiten System

2. True Temperament Frets

3. The Earvana Nut

  • These systems work in precision. But usually, the goal of tuning a guitar has to do with

    2 things-

1)Get depressed in tune

2)Get harmonic in tune

Getting Started

how to intonate a guitar

Intonation is different for different types of guitars and basses. Sometimes it is adjustable at the bridge. To start the process of intonation, locate the screw that will help you change the saddle position, leading to a change in the length of the string.

Basic tools for intonation

1. Screwdriver

2. Cross-head/ Flat-head

3. Allen’s key

4. Guitar tuner ( Strobe tuner is preferred)

How to Check Intonation?

how to intonate a guitar

1. Tune harmonic note at the 12th fret with each string

2. Depress the string at the 12th fret to compare it with the 12th fret harmonic. Adjust the saddle backward or forward if the fretted note is different.

3. Do this with each string to get the best outcome.

This was a complete guide to how to intonate a guitar. After little practice, you will get a proper understanding.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What affects intonation?

    Worn frets, Old strings, Changing string gauge, Dropping or mishandling the guitar, and overly high action can affect the intonation of the guitar.

  2. How to adjust intonation?

    Intonation is adjusted by changing the length of the string by adjusting the saddles.

  3. How to adjust sharp intonation?

    The short string produces sharp intonation. You can fix this by6 adjusting the saddle down.

  4. How to adjust flat intonation?

    The long string produces flat intonation. You can fix this by moving the saddle towards the headstock. This will increase the pitch.

  5. Does the intonation of a guitar differ from its model?

    Different models of a guitar need a specific setup to get the perfect outcome. Therefore, you must always retune before making any changes. This will guide you on whether these changes are effective.

  6. What are the different styles of Intonation?

    There are the following styles involved in guitar intonation-
    Fender style: It has a bridge as well as a saddle arrangement.
    Stratocaster: It is the easiest bridge used for intonation.
    Telecaster: It is usually for those who prefer vintage sound.
    Gibson Style: Tune-o-Matic bridge is famous in this style.
    Paul Reed Smith Adjustable Stoptail: Wraparound bridge for the guitars.
    Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose style: Set it and forget it bridges are the best ones for those who are lazy to set the guitar every time they start.
    Acoustic Guitars: A set saddle will always lessen your work and improve the guitar playing experience.

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