How to Paint a Guitar?

Many times, people lack money to buy the best guitar of high-quality color or a guitar that has a good color combination. These people usually spend more money by repainting it again in a different shop just because they don’t know how to paint a guitar.

How to Paint a Guitar

how to paint a guitar

Painting a guitar is quite easy, and one can do it at home with a screwdriver and paint the color of his/her choice. But due to the lack of knowledge on how to paint a guitar, people tend to get it done in other shops.

Therefore, if one reads this article thoroughly, they will not only understand that guitar can be painted at home.

The steps for how to paint a guitar

  • Dismantle it

how to paint a guitar

The first step to painting a guitar is to dismantle it. One cannot paint a guitar directly because half of the guitar’s body is under the strings and that needs to be painted too.

Therefore before one actually gets to painting, first dismantle it with the suitably sized screwdriver. Don’t be harsh, as the string can break while loosening the screws. Later unclip the string as well and by the end, make sure that every part of the guitar that is attachable is removed.

  • Prepare it for the removal of old paint

The next would be to prepare the guitar for the removal of paint. For painting the guitar, one has to remove the existing paint from it, and that too carefully. One can use a hairdryer or any electronic that can hear up the surface of the guitar.

It will loosen up the paint and help it to get removed quickly and safely.

  • Remove the old paint

how to paint a guitar

After one has heated up the surface of the guitar, it’s time to remove the old paint. One can use a putty knife slowly over the surface of the guitar and pull the paint off.

  • Prepare it for new paint

After one has safely removed the old paint from the guitar, it’s time to prepare it for the new paint. One can use sandpaper to rub on the surface of the guitar slowly to rub off the remaining color spots. One can also use a vacuum to clean off the surface and make it clear.

  • Apply the new paint

how to paint a guitar

The easiest part is to apply the new paint. Choose a favorite color take a brush, and apply the paint all over the surface of the guitar. Be sure to use the brush in one direction. And after the painting is finished, join the guitar back in its original shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can paint the guitar damage it?

    If one is careful enough and handles the dismantling well, no painting the guitar want to damage it.

Can painting the guitar affect its performance?

No, painting the guitar won’t affect the performance, but it is advisable to wait till the new paint is dried and then mantle back the guitar.

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