How to Play Mandolin?

Listening to music is one of the most common hobbies in the world. A lot of people love listening to music. Often listening to music, we have wondered to follow our idols and play musical instruments. Throughout the world, the most common musical instruments are the string instruments such as the guitar, violin, and mandolin. So let us see how to play mandolin. How To Play Mandolin?

How to play mandolin?

how to play mandolin

The first job is to position the mandolin and set it up properly. The mandolin has to be placed comfortably in our lap. One hand should be holding the upper end. The other hand should be holding the lower tail portion of the mandolin. We should be comfortable with the posture of holding. Once we are comfortable with the holding pattern of a mandolin, the next thing is to tune the mandolin correctly. The mandolin should be tuned from top to bottom in the sequence of EEAADDGG.

The next job is to adjust the strings in such a way that they give off a low action. It does not mean that high action is bad or improper. The high action is hard for the new players to handle to produce a decent sound. The knobs had to be fixed in such a way that the strings give a low action. It is easier for new players to produce a decent sound with low action. High action is difficult to begin. But once the grip is settled, it becomes easier to play in the high action as well. How To Play Mandolin?

After all the adjustments and fixations the final job is to play the mandolin. In the case of a mandolin, it is better to use a thick pick. Thin picks tend to bend easily and break easily. While the heavy picks last, for this reason, it is better to use a heavy music pick.

Now, when we start playing mandolin, we have to make sure to use the proper movements. Practice the different strings set-wise. One should practice different movements like upstroke and downstroke. After getting on comfortable with the strings try to play the mandolin while pressing down on the strings and then strum. After completing the previous step the last step is to practice playing mandolin while holding down the different frets of the mandolin using different fingers.

All the basic steps are completed in the previous step. The final step is to play and practice strumming the mandolin on different chords. All the different chords have to identify and practiced thoroughly. After mastering the different chords, players can use transitions between different chords. It will develop a hand in playing mandolin. Then the players can improve their skills by playing the mandolin with different songs.

Hope you learned all about how to play the mandolin.

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  1. Is learning to play the mandolin very hard?

    The most famous musical instruments are the string ones, such as the mandolin. The answer depends on the perspective of the player. Most musicians find it easy to learn the mandolin. It is not considered hard because of the different features the mandolin has. The mandolin is small in height and lightweight as well. It makes the mandolin easy to carry and easy to play anywhere. The sequence of the mandolin is also easier as the sequence of pitch is less as compared to some of the other instruments, such as the guitar. It makes the tablature of the mandolin easier to read and makes the mandolin easier to play.

  2. How much time does it take to learn the mandolin properly?

    The answer to this question varies for different people. Some people are quick learners, and some people take a bit of time to learn. If someone already knows to play some other string musical instrument. It becomes easier for them to learn to play the mandolin. For a beginner, it takes around 90 days to learn the mandolin. But this number varies according to the passion of the learner. Someone who is not dedicated to learning will need more than 90 days to learn to play the mandolin perfectly.

  3. Can we self-teach ourselves to play mandolin?

    In the early days, it was difficult to learn to play mandolin ourselves. But nowadays, it is possible. Because we can take the help of technology and teach ourselves. Learners can take the help of different websites where basic tutorials are available for beginners. Platforms such as youtube also provide a decent opportunity to learn to play mandolin by ourselves. Not only can we learn mandolin online, but also we can learn a lot of other stuff such as how to maintain and play the mandolin all by ourselves.

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