How to Play Yesterday on Guitar?

The Beatles is a British rock ensemble that started in Liverpool in the year 1960. This boy troupe stars John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. If you are from the ’60s, it is very predictable that you would want to know how to play yesterday on guitar.

Their music is an innovative blend of British classical music and traditional pop style. It was mixed tastefully, and the contemporary 60’s audience liked it extensively. The band became a popular choice among the youth.

Later in their career, they experimented with other genres of music, including ballads, psychedelia, Indian music, and many more. They were successful in incorporating the variations of their genres into the lives of their followers and gained the pinnacle of success.

how to play yesterday on guitar

Their music reached people across the globe and was widely accepted as the standard of Rock and roll at the time. Their music is greatly appreciated by audience across the world. They held the record for most number-one hits on the billboards for a very long time. That record only got broken by the recent surge in the attraction of Korean pop bands and their releases.

It is safe to say that the Beatles revolutionized the rock and roll genre and followed the path of their predecessors. They united the people of the world through a shared interest in music at a time when discrimination and hatred were common. Life was made livable for many by the Beatles and their astonishing talent for creating music. Their diversified genre of music has also received wide acceptance and appreciation across the globe.

how to play yesterday on guitar

Now let’s focus on the question for the article here, how to play yesterday on the guitar

  • In this exercise we will require you, the learner to use your thumb, index, and middle fingers.
  • The First would be to play eight counts of “G”. This will be the introduction to the song.
  • The next chord would be G major. An optional chord here is F#m7. This is optional if you think you can handle something a little more detailed.
  • Next is an E minor chord. This will require you to one finger to press on the second fret of the fourth string. The top four cords play a major part in this song.
  • E major is played twice next. The second is a decreasing bass from E note to C… that is to say, e, d, c we get a C major chord then, which is the subsequent chord. The first time this chord is a bass.
  • Next, there is another chord of D7.
  • Next, the G chord is played again, with first a bass 3 strum and then in a descending chord, such as F#.
  • Next is 3 strums of bass, with A7. You could choose to play the 2nd string on the 2nd fret. That would not change much.
  • The last few chords are C and G chords. You can strum these in a 4-count time.


  1. Is Yesterday the tougher of the songs of The Beatles to play on the guitar? how to play yesterday on guitar?

    There is no telling which one of the Beatles’ songs is the tougher of the bunch. Depending on your skill set, you could find all the songs fairly difficult to play on the guitar. After all, they were a world-class British boy band.
    If you are a beginner, you might find almost all of the Beatles’ Songs pretty challenging. As for, how to play yesterday on guitar, this article should help you out.
    Also, check out our post on How To Strum A Guitar to know more.

  2. What scale is ideal for Yesterday?

    The initial song was performed on the F scale. But it depends on o each person since the voice of the singer involved might not be comfortable with the original scale. That might require you to upscale or downscale the song. Another crucial factor is that you will be taught on the standard G scale when you are learning it for the first time.
    You can easily tune your guitar to the scale you want to, apply the same notes, and have the song play out just as smoothly. The scale depends on the comfort and range of the singer.

  3. Did Himesh Patel sing in the movie yesterday?

    Yesterday, the movie was centered around The Beatles and was a musical film itself. In this movie, Himesh Patel does play a struggling songwriter and singer. The plot can be vaguely described as him being the struggling star and somehow being the only person that remembers The Beatles. Everybody around him seems to have lost all memory of The Beatles existing.

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