How To Put On A Guitar Strap?

The guitar is one of the best and most popular instruments that are there in the world. Undoubtedly many people are learning to play this instrument.

But having to carry this instrument everywhere can be quite a hassle and therefore learning how to put on a guitar strap is a must for all guitar enthusiasts.

How to put on a guitar strap?

Having a guitar strap is beneficial in many ways. First of all, it can help with easing the weight of the guitar on your hands. And also for all the guitar enthusiasts out there want to carry this super cool instrument with them everywhere, the strap also makes carrying and traveling with a guitar more convenient and easier.

how to put on a guitar strap

Also, with a guitar strap on, the risk of your guitar being damaged or broken by falling is greatly and efficiently reduced. Almost all guitars whether electric or acoustic have strap buttons attached to them for the guitar strap.

Some great brands provide a detached guitar strap with their guitars to attach it according to the customers’ preferences. But if you are the unfortunate one to have not received one with yours, you can always buy from a music store, to match your taste.

Given below are some full-proof, tested and extremely efficient, and helpful methods for how to put on a guitar strap:

How to attach a guitar strap with the help of buttons?

When you are on the search for a strap always look for the one that sits comfortably on your shoulder and does not become a hurdle while you are playing the guitar, even while on your feet. A padded strap is always a smart and clever option to consider when thinking about comfort. After all, comfort is and should always be the priority amongst everything else.

Once you have successfully found the perfect strap, you will need to look for the strap buttons on your guitar. They are similar to metal studs and are located at the base of your guitar.

The remainder of the buttons is located at the neck or the body of the guitar depending on the brand and the type of your guitar. Now that you have spotted the buttons, you are ready to install the guitar straps.

The next step is to get your strap and fit its buttonholes over the guitar button according to the positions. You will have to put in a little energy to fit the straps as they should be perfectly attached to handle the weight.

Once you have fitted your strap on the upper and lower buttons accordingly, test your strap to ensure it is sturdy and secure.

Sling the guitar strap over your shoulder and try tugging the straps firmly to ensure they are not loose at any end and sit comfortably on your shoulder. Also try playing in different positions like while standing, seating, kneeling, etc.

The best part is that you can also adjust the strap length to your comfort.

In some cases, it is also possible that your guitar might not have any strap buttons. But there is no need to fret about it. You can install those on your guitar by yourself at any point in time without much struggle, or you can always get it done with help from a professional.

How to put on a guitar strap for an acoustic guitar?

Even though the process of putting a strap on an acoustic guitar is very much similar to that of an electric guitar, there can be a few differences that can occur during the process of putting on the strap depending on guitar to guitar.

Acoustic guitars can come with either one strap pin or two strap pins. First, let’s talk about one-strap pin guitars. In the case of such guitars, the strap button is usually at the end of the guitar. Put the strap in the button below and tie the other with the help of either a shoelace, a string, or a leather strap, whichever suits you better.

how to put on a guitar strap

Now tie the other end of your strap to the headstock of the guitar, but be extremely careful that you do not cause any harm to the strings in the process, as they are delicate.

When it comes to two-strap pin guitars, the process is quite uncomplicated than one-strap pin guitars. Just take the straps of your choice and attach the two ends to the two pins given on the guitar. The only thing you need to look after is that you do not place the strap upside down. Once the strap is safely secured in its place adjust it to your comfort.


  1. Can we attach guitar straps at home?

    Attaching a guitar strap is a pretty simple thing that you can also do by following simple steps. So, yes, a guitar strap can be easily attached at home.

    Is it very difficult to attach guitar straps?

    Guitar strap buttonholes are made on the guitar to make strapping easier and more convenient for anyone to do. With the right tools and guidance, you can attach guitar straps with ease.

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