How To Restring A Mandolin?

Mandolin is one of the most famous string instruments played in various events throughout the world. The fame of the mandolin is not limited to its original place in Italy. Throughout the world, a lot of musicians play the mandolin. But with the fun of playing an instrument comes the responsibility of maintaining the musical instrument. We must keep the musical instrument clean and clear.

But the most crucial task is to take care of the strings. So let us how to restring a mandolin.

What is the perfect way to restring a mandolin?

how to restring a mandolin

The perfect way of restringing a mandolin comes in different steps. The first step is setting up the equipment, such as purchasing new strings and other tools that are required to restring the mandolin. A mandolin consists of 8 separate strings. So if we aim to restring the mandolin completely, we have to get eight new strings.

The second step is to lay the mandolin in a suitable and comfortable position for restringing. The best way is to lay the mandolin face up. Now after the mandolin is in a suitable position we can go for removing the old strings. While changing the strings the first step is to lose the old cord by rotating the tuner knob of the mandolin. It has to be done to all the strings separately.

After the strings are detached from the top end the next step is to detach the string from the lower end. To remove the lower end of the strings we have to detach the cords from the tailpiece of the mandolin. Some of us have tailpiece covers on our tailpieces, so we have to remove these tailpiece covers. Then we have to remove each of the strings one by one for the eight cords.

Then the last step is to remove the strings from the tuner knob at the top end. Since the strings are attached in a twisted manner this step is dealt with in the last step.

After removing all the old strings, we can start to attach the new cords. Now, we have to start from the tailpiece. Start hooking the strings from the tailpiece and pull them up to the peghead of the mandolin. There the strings have to be attached correctly in the peghead. Then after attaching all the strings in their position we have to tighten the strings by spinning the tuner knob.

Now since all the strings are attached correctly only one step remains. In the last step, we have to clip and cut off the extra strings. But this step has to be performed carefully. Only the extra strings are to be removed. Do not cut off any other cords in this process. How to restring a mandolin.

How often should we change the strings of the mandolin?

how to restring a mandolin

The answer to this question depends on the amount of time we use the mandolin. The shine of the strings gets dull with time as we keep on using the cords. Over time dust collected between the different strings of the mandolin. The proper time to change the strings is when the strings get dull and are not able to deliver a suitable tune. For some players it lasts one week; for some others, it lasts a few weeks. So when the strings are out of tune, then we should change the strings of our mandolin.

Hope you understand how to restring a mandolin


  1. Is changing the strings of the mandolin very hard?

    It may seem that changing the strings of a mandolin is very tough. But in reality, it is not that tough. The task is just a bit time taking and might need to be dealt with precision. Mandolin is a fragile instrument and consists of eight strings. Since the musical instrument is small in size, it gets to get a bit tricky. But it is not that hard. We need the proper tools with a bit of patience, and we can get the job done in no time. How to restring a mandolin.

  2. Which strings are best for the mandolin?

    Strings affect the efficiency of the mandolin. So, the strings have to be selected carefully. There are lighter strings and heavier strings. So one should choose the strings according to their likeness and the sound they like to hear. The difference between the lighter and the heavier strings is not much. But it affects the comfort of the player. So one should choose the strings carefully. The cost of strings for mandolin is not that high. So one can easily purchase different strings and experiment on them until they find a suitable string. Apart from that, one should be careful regarding the tightness of the string.

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