How to Tell If Turntable Needle is Bad?

Can your record player or maybe turntable not sound the right sound or does the quality of sound not look right? It might be your vinyl records are providing you an awful great deal of distortion.

Not every sound of distortion suggests it is time to exchange your turntable stylus, though it is the appropriate time to do it to avert any harm to your recordings.

Searching for Signs of Damage Using a Turntable Needle

how to tell if turntable needle is bad

Examine the needle and cartridge on your turntable in case you do see not any debris. Is everything aligned correctly and can there be nothing bent? To be able to observe effectively on a vinyl record, the needle must have clear suggestions that create a sharp look.

When the suggestion is simply too flat, the stylus can rub against the walls of the groove, causing the sound strong & sharp. Be certain that the cartridge is attached correctly.

Damage to the Cartridge or Needle – Visible Damage

Deficiency of stylus/needle in the head of the record.

Look at the stylus, or maybe turntable needle, for damage before proceeding. When you are looking at older vinyl records, particularly the grooves, a stylus is able to collect dust and dirt very easily.

It might be that your music may be distorted or muffled due to this. Whenever the dust coagulates all over the stylus, it ought to be fairly apparent.

 Needle and Record Cleaning

You will not need to be worried about changing the stylus in case the stylus is clean of soil and dust. To clean up this, you merely make use of a needle brush to lightly push your stylus forth and back (up and down) a few times. This ought to be sufficient to eliminate any unwanted debris.

You could utilize an old toothbrush or maybe a steady hand in case you do not possess a needle brush. Make sure to clean the toothbrush before using it.

 Treble Was Lacking in Playback Of Records

how to tell if turntable needle is bad

Once my stylus begins to go, the very first thing I find out is the fact that my treble begins to drop. I have studied countless songs, and I understand what the top end ought to sound like. I know in case the treble will go out when I play my reference recordings.

Whenever it occurs, I realize that it is time for me to purchase a brand-new needle.

 Scruffy Sound Syndrome: Scratchy Scruffy

This’s clear and incredibly difficult to miss. In the event the audio of your respective recording is ruby and additionally the sound of kneading sandpaper on it, it implies it must be changed or maybe the needle has to be repositioned.


How can you tell if a turntable needle is bad?

As soon as the needle begins to “skip forward or bounce,” you might be ready to exchange it. Make certain that the Cantilever features a good grip and isn’t loose. A stylus that is too often used and not maintained properly could appear as white residue on the needle.

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