How to Tune a Mandolin With a Guitar Tuner?

Musicians who play one kind of string instrument know to play other string instruments as well. But having a lot of musical instruments brings the responsibility to maintain those instruments. If we try to maintain all the instruments separately it becomes very tough and expensive as well. A lot of musicians who play guitar own a mandolin as well. So if we own a tuner for all the separate equipment it becomes expensive. So let’s see how to tune a mandolin with a guitar tuner without any hassle.

How to use a guitar tuner to tune a mandolin?

how to tune a mandolin with a guitar tuner

The electric tuners used nowadays offer multiple functions for their easy usage them. Users can use them for various different purposes. An electric guitar tune can tune a mandolin as well correctly. The user will have to do this in a few steps. The first step is to set the tuner to auto mode from manual mode. Then the notes G, D, A, and E are to be read except for B. The G of a mandolin is of a similar pitch as that of the guitar. So it is better to start with this. How To Tune A Mandolin With A Guitar Tuner.

The other notes of the mandolin are usually 1-2 octaves higher than the same notes of the guitar. So using this information and an electric auto tuner, one can easily tune a mandolin using a guitar tuner.

What is the standard tuning sequence for a mandolin?

The standard tuning sequence of a mandolin is the same as that of the violin. The sequence is G-D-A-E. So someone with a violin can tune a mandolin as the sequence of the order is the same. The sequence GDAE is from low to high. But there is a difference between tuning a mandolin and a violin. In a violin, although the sequence is the same the no. Of strings are different. How To Tune A Mandolin With A Guitar Tuner.

In a violin, there are only four strings. But in a mandolin, there are eight strings. The pitch remains the same, but in a mandolin, the sequence is followed for a pair of strings. So the sequence in this manner will be GGDDAAEE. This is the standard pitching sequence for a mandolin.

Can we use a guitar tuner to tune a mandolin?

how to tune a mandolin with a guitar tuner

The answer is yes, we can use a guitar tuner to tune a mandolin. But the process has to be handled carefully. One should know the configurations of both guitar and mandolin for this purpose. Actually, in a guitar and a mandolin, the G pitch is similar, and all the other pitches are 1-2 octaves higher. So if we tend to use a guitar tuner for this purpose we will have to use the G pitch as the reference pitch. Then tune the mandolin using the tuner.

Hope you understand all about how to tune a mandolin with a guitar tuner


Is it hard to tune a mandolin?

The answer is yes and no. If we play an instrument we have a moral obligation towards to maintain the instrument. The mandolin is not a very different instrument, it is very similar to that of a violin or a guitar. The main difference between a mandolin and other instruments such as the violin is that the violin has four strings, and a mandolin consists of four pairs of strings. It makes the mandolin require twice the time to tune as well as the hardness. So if someone knows how to tune a guitar or a violin it is not that tough to tune a mandolin. How To Tune A Mandolin With A Guitar Tuner

Why do mandolins consist of double strings?

It is a common question that anyone would ask if they have played other string instruments and are new to playing the mandolin. The sequence of the pitch is GDAE still the number of strings is double that of the sequence. The main reason behind this is to produce a louder and amplified sound. Mandolin is small compared to the violin. So double strings help in producing a louder sound that spreads over a wider area and the vibration generated from the strings is also more because the number of strings is more in number.

Are mandolins tuned like guitars?

Mandolins are much shorter and smaller in size than guitars. So to counter this and produce a decent sound the strings of the mandolin are designed to make a higher-pitched sound. In a mandolin, each of the four pairs is tuned to a separate different note. Whereas in the case of a guitar, all six strings are tuned to different notes. Mandolins follow the pitch sequence of a violin that is GDAE from low to high. So the answer is no, except for the G pitch, all the other notes are different in a guitar.

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