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Have you been looking for a good, full-sized keyboard piano for quite a long time? Or even if you did get a good piano, it was very expensive on your budget. Well, we understand your problem. Searching for a keyboard piano in online stores can be pretty hectic. You have to read every single description of the products, scrutinize the features, go through their reviews, and check their price.

All these things are pretty tiring. Therefore, based on customer reviews and ratings, we have done our research on the best keyboard piano of all time. The m audio 88 keys keyboard controller is the product of our choice. Though it comes loaded with several features, its price is quite affordable. Therefore, we recommend you go through the rest of the article to gain more knowledge about this product.

M-Audio Hammer 88 MIDI Keyboard

M-Audio Hammer 88 MIDI Keyboard

Looking for a cool keyboard controller? Well, the m-audio 88 keys will cheer you up. It is one of those premium versions of the keyboard controller which has been built with utmost perfection. It is ideal for students, semi-pro players as well as professionals who are in the line of achieving ultimate piano playing experience. This version of the keyboard controller gives one those sensational goosebumps which are similar to playing a real grand piano in front of a huge crowd.

While using it with other sound modules and virtual instruments, its sounds get beautifully coordinated. One thing that makes this musical instrument different from the others is the presence of its 88 beautiful velocity-sensitive keys. These keys are fully-weighted variants of hammer-action keys perfect for capturing every subtle moment of your performance. One can expect the most unmatched response from them. The keyboard controller is filled with amazing features giving it the classical feel of a traditional grand piano.

Also, it perfectly blends the outstanding performances of both the producers and the performers which brings out their beautiful creations as musical artists. Not only this, but it also tells about their musical journey leaving behind imprints of happiness on everybody’s face.

Check Price

3 months Skoove Subscription

The keyboard controller comes with a 3-month subscription to Skoove. Therefore, if you have dreamt of improving your playing skills on the piano, then wait. You are in the right place. The musical instrument features a 3-month subscription to Skoove which will help you to develop your piano playing skills via its piano lessons. These lessons are interactive and are in the form of high-quality online sessions.

One can find hundreds of these sessions on Skoove. Any player can take these lessons whether he is a beginner, an intermediate, or have profound knowledge in the art of playing the piano. Skoove comes with an awesome feature of providing instant real-time feedback. Therefore, whenever you play you will get the reviews instantly.

This way of learning improves one learning skills faster and also corrects mistakes immediately so that the player can once again start overplaying the same song. Skoove’s lessons cover everything that is needed to become a good piano player. The accessories that one needs during the sessions are a keyboard or piano along with a computer, iPhone, or Pad with an internet connection.

Touch Loops

By using this variant of the keyboard controller, one can also access the on-demand content from the touch loops. Via Touch loops, you can add a spark to your initial idea or even add finishing touches to the final composition. Touch Loops comes with an awesome 2GB sample of a library that features everything that one may need to complete his masterpiece.

The m audio 88 keys give you access to Touch Loops. Its 500+ varieties of sounds are perfect to re-energize your beats and comprise every must-haves hit along with deep-driving bass melodic sounds and loops. These kinds of content boost your musical minds with creativity.

Pre Installed Software

Not only this, but the m audio 88 keys also come with pre-installed software. These are ProTools, Eleven Lite, Ableton Live Lite, Velvet, and Eighty-eight Ensemble. The ProTools provide the players with amazing audio production tools that can be used for creating music. The software named Eleven Lite provides the players with the ultimate plugin. This is quite popular for cab modeling and guitar amp. The Ableton Live Lite helps the players to produce, perform, and create.

It allows them to edit their musical ideas in a complete MIDI or audio environment. Velvet allows the players to combine sounds from different legendary pianos from the era of the 60s and the 70s thereby building a wholesome, versatile environment. The software eighty-eight ensemble helps to add awesome recreations to the existing piano. Every software comes with a different purpose and helps to transform the m-audio 88 keys keyboard controller into a real-life grand piano.


  • It comes with 88 full-weighted variants of velocity-sensitive hammer action keys.
  • It comes with a driverless class complaint.
  • It also comes with USB-powered specifications.
  • Its pitch bend is conveniently located.
  • It also comes with octave, volume, and modulation controls.
  • It also includes a variety of expanded control options such as inputs for expression and sustains. Soft pedals are even included.
  • The musical instrument also comes with a free 3-month subscription to Skoove.
  • It also comprises a software package for your PC and MAC.
  • Its dual keyboard zones are perfect for layering and splits.
  • With a single press, one can even access its four chords.
  • It also enables clean and professional editing with the help of its Hammer 88 Controller Editor.


Therefore, if you are looking for a fully-featured keyboard controller, then the m audio 88 keys will be the best choice for you. It comes loaded with a bunch of advanced features. Not only this, but it also comes inbuilt with a whole software package along with a 3-month subscription to Skoove.

These inbuilt features of this musical instrument make it one of the most unique yet affordable variants of a keyboard controller. Everybody can use this gadget and brush up their existing playing skills. The product also provides the players with every facility required for adding finishing touches to the final masterpiece.

FAQ Section:

i) How can one clean the m audio 88 keys?

One may use a mild detergent or soap for cleaning. Just mix these ingredients in water and use a soft, clean cloth for cleaning off the dirt from the keys.

ii) Is m-audio 88 keys a full-sized keyboard piano?

Yes, it is. Any keyboard piano that comes with a set of 88 keys is known to be full-sized.

iii) From where can one buy the m-audio 88 keys keyboard controller?

It can be purchased from offline stores. If you want to purchase it at a discounted price, then do check the online stores for it. From there, you can get the same version at a considerably discounted rate.

iv) How much software is included in the software package of the m audio 88 keys keyboard controller?

In total, there are five software included in the package. They are:

  • ProTools
  • Eighty-Eight Ensemble
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Velvet
  • Eleven Lite.
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