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Making great music is not enough. Musicians are also required to promote it. Once they drop a new album, they start with their promotional strategies. But they often overlook the potential of news media as musicians or bands are not very accustomed to putting out press releases. As a music press release distribution service, we want to change that.

We are one of the many agencies that focus on press release distribution for musicians.

A professionally written and distributed piece of paper can have a huge impact on a musician’s career. Artists, bands, and record labels that utilize press release for music video often find it easier to promote their latest album or song. It helps them create the right buzz in the music industry.

As an experienced music press release distribution service, we have had the opportunity to work with many musicians, bands, and record labels. Our writers have more than 10 years of experience in writing and editing. We offer music press release sample to clients to give them an idea of what we do and how we do.

In the past, we have worked with many big record labels and artists. We write and submit music press release for our clients. We also focus on distributing music press releases onto different press release publishing sites, including Google and other social media sites. Besides that, we also submit the press releases to various media houses.

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We help you promote yourself and your music.

How do we work?

Whether it is a new album launch press release or a music festival press release, our experienced writers will curate a professional writer to give you a personalized experience. After gathering basic information about your music or upcoming event or project, they will put together a brief. Once they collect the required information, our writers will connect with you to confirm the details they have collected. They will start creating your press release once they get a green signal from your end.

We give utmost importance to every press release. It takes our team around a week to get your press release ready. Once you give us the responsibility to write a press release for your music event or band, you are rest assured that it will be delivered on time.

As a music press released Distribution Company, we understand the number of effort artists put into their work. While they work hard to create good music, we work on promoting their music with professionally written press releases. We want to show musicians and artists what a single press release can do for their music.

Press releases for musicians are one of the best ways to promote their music and upcoming projects. If you want to create the right buzz about your music or stir the excitement in people related to your music, we might help you achieve your goals. With our expertise and team of efficient writers, we create and distribute music press releases for our clients.

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