Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review: An In-Depth Look at the Audio Quality

Music is a never-ending delight. Not a single day goes by without a touch of music in it. For some, it is a pleasure, and for others, it’s the world! Relaxation, stress-busting, medical treatments, and so on – there is a lot of music can do. Well, there are many music-generating instruments like Violin, Guitar, Piano, etc. Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review But one thing that has a forever mark in this soothing musical world is a Turntable.

One of the older yet widely loved instrument, the Turntable is still a bliss for many. Many platforms are offering suitable Turntables at considerable pricing and different models like audiophiles. One thing that troubles people is a proper cartridge that can match up the Turntable and give a top-notch musical ride. There is no doubt that however good a turntable is, its performance is entirely on the cartridge we choose.

Don’t worry; we are at the right place discussing the Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review.

Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review

Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review: An In-Depth Look at the Audio Quality 1

Nagaoka is a company known for its suitable products in terms of quality and quantity. Usually, we don’t find frequent upgrades from this company, explaining the manufacturers’ confidence in their products. The MP series of musical cartridges always hit the bars of expectation, and this Nagaoka MP – 200 with headshell is a successor to the previous MP – 150 with serious upgrades.


Nagaoka MP-200 Review

With the high-end features, its price range doesn’t really seem to be high. We’ll understand why after we get to know the Nagaoka MP – 200 reviews. Let’s not waste any time and dive into the details.

  1. Materials:

The Nagaoka MP – 200 with headshell comes with similar parameters as its predecessor, but there is a vital difference. The cartridge’s elliptical diamond-shaped cantilever is made out of Boron, usually used in top variant cartridges like MP – 300 and MP – 500. We require the needle holder of a turntable’s cartridge to be tough and robust. So, though Boron is a scarce element, the Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review needle uses it. 

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Also, there is a need for resonance suppression in the ultrasonic area of the Turntable. Aluminum needles that are usually found in turntables fail to do this effectively, leaving Boron’s choice. For those looking for a sound boost-up with the least disturbances, the Nagaoka MP – 200 stylus needles are appropriate replacement choices.

The plastic shoes are reinforced with carbon fibers, and for the shield casing, Nagaoka uses anti-magnetic permalloy. The Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review ranges between 1.5 and 2g. Its timbre isn’t exhaustive, and space doesn’t give the precision equal to a top model. Yet, this cartridge is a fantastic choice in its price range due to the remaining features.

  1. Performance:

When we compare the MP -150 and MP – 200 from Nagaoka, we find significant upgrades and excellent performances. When we talk about the Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge Review, the most crucial aspect is the sound quality. The resolutions are better, and the sound is more neutral. The boron cantilever ensures gentle, quiet, and stable performance with frequency coverage of 20 Hz to 23 kHz.

The mid-range and high frequencies are in perfect balance for most music types. We find the best of Nagaoka MP – 200 reviews in jazz and classical music. Both the vocal and instrumental sounds are in perfect sync and balance throughout the usage. We observe competitive and serious sound qualities Nagaoka MP – 200 cartridge review due to the space’s high-level drawing.

  1. Price:

A refreshing fact is that there aren’t any serious competitors for Nagaoka in the price range MP – 200 is available. It is an excellent upgrade for most turntables. With neutral, serious, and cultured sounds, the MP – 200 takes your Turntable’s sounds to serious heights that are beyond reachable for a CD player.

Nagaoka MP – 200 Specifications:

The Nagaoka MP – 200 cartridge review forces us to consider buying it to have blissful music from our Turntable. Here are the Nagaoka MP – 200 specifications to know this cartridge better:

  • Moving Magnet Cartridge
  • Boron Cantilever
  • Tracking Force between 1.5-2g
  • Boron Cantilever in an elliptical diamond shape
  • Frequencies – 20 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Break-in time – 30 hours

The Nagaoka MP – 200 specifications cover almost everything that we look for while buying a cartridge. With not many competitors, the MP – 200 model cartridge from Nagaoka is a suitable match for our turntables.

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