Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Review: An In-Depth Look at This High-End Tube Preamp

Does quality sound fascinate you the most? Are you having a hard time figuring out how to extract the best possible sound from your vinyl? We have got you covered.

In the past times, preamps already came installed in your vinyl. We don’t know why it was so, but yes you didn’t have to scratch your head to worry about a preamp at all. But as technology has advanced, everything has become more specific with Pro-ject Tube Box S2 Review.

From audio device types to an audio source itself. Getting your hands-on tranquil music is easy if you have knowledge about audio devices. But, all of us aren’t really audiophiles. And even if you are, we surely believe that our Pro-ject tube box s2 review will influence your preamp purchase decision a bit.

If you already own a turntable, then you need to check if it has a pre-installed preamp. Don’t have a turntable? Check out the best turntable under $500 list and get a suitable one for yourself.

But first, let us get a basic overview about why prefer a tube preamp before progressing to the in-depth Pro-ject tube box s2 review.

Why investing in a tube preamp will make a sound decision?

For most people out there, choosing a preamp is highly dependent on their pocket. They look for quality features but also at an affordable price, no matter what product or purchase they wish to make. And the case isn’t any different here.

We understand that you want quality more, which is why you would have second thoughts about purchasing a tube preamp even while reading our review when you would probably get a decent solid-state preamp under $200. Totally cool!

But if achieving an enhanced and soothing sound is a priority for you, then investing in an introductory tube preamp would not really make an unwise decision. And the Pro-ject tube box s2 preamp is highly recommended as an entry-level and quality tube preamp in the vinyl community as well.

You won’t get such outstanding quality and competent preamp in the market.

So, get set to say goodbye to distortion, and get eager for a harmonic and balanced sound that surely seems to leave an impact on even the most obsessive audiophile.

Pro-ject Tube Box S2 Review

Before framing this Pro-ject tube box s2 review, we did a lot of essential and non-essential research apart from trying out the preamp ourselves. And we found out that it is one of the best entry-level vacuum tube preamps currently available market and also in practical use. What a performer!

Pro-ject Tube Box S2 Review

So, let’s start digging deeper:

  1. Powerful Circuit Design:

Looking for a totally discrete circuit design? The Pro-ject tube box s2 is at your service. In layman’s terms, this means you do not need to spend on an operational amplifier. As the tube amplifier is sturdy enough to maintain steady functioning. This also suggests you can presume an amplified output without any jitters.

2. Cartridge Suitability:

Besides an impressive circuit system, the pro-ject tube box s2 also offers an MM and MC cartridge compatibility.

If you didn’t know, MM refers to Moving Magnet while MC refers to Moving Coil cartridge. MC has less output as compared to an MM type preamp. And MC preamp needs more boost for this reason.

However, the pro-ject tube box s2 preamp works with both MM and MC type phono stage pretty efficiently.

We tried it with our Rega Planar 2 Turntable, and the results were mind-blowing. You can try with any turntable or phono stage and you will see the difference for yourself.

Check out the top-selling and best audiophile turntables under $1000 if you are looking for one.

3. Classic Appearance with Great Built Quality:

We did not find the appearance of this vacuum tube pretty appealing. It apparently feels like the makers put more thinking into the tube preamps functionality rather than its design and appearance.

The built quality of the pro-ject tube box s2 phono stage is quite exceptional though. The preamp feels heavy and rich in terms of performance.

4. Easy to Set Up:

The set-up process did not seem paradoxical. All you have to do is set the two most basic settings. These are

  • Input Impedance:

Check out the specifications and find out the input impedance recommended for your cartridge. Also, check out the pro-ject tube box preamp’s user manual, and set its recommended input impedance. And voila!

  • Gain:

Play your cards right to achieve the perfect setting. The kind of setting will be highly subjective to the kind of cartridge available. If the turntable has an MM cartridge then you have to go for a lower gain setting. But if your turntable has an MC cartridge then you obviously need to go for a higher gain setting. Use volume as an indicator to achieve the perfect setting.

5. Sound Quality:

Nothing beats the great sound quality that the pro-ject tube box s2 more than successfully delivers it. It soothes even the most obsessive audiophile’s soul with its super smooth and impactful performance.

You get to enjoy music that is not only appealing to the ears but also sounds more affluent. And of course, jitter-free.

Final Verdict:

If all you need in your life is sound that has a precious charm and character to it, then go for this marvelous creation without any second thoughts.

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And we hope our pro-ject tube box s2 review will be an eye-opener for you.

So, get yours soon!

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