What is a Turntable Slipmat?

The turntable slipmat is very helpful for turntable lovers. It might be an essential item for the safety of a turntable. Let us get some insights about what are a turntable slipmat and its usage.

What is a Turntable Slipmat? 1
What is a turntable slipmat?

Slipmats are small disc-shaped items that users of turntables lay on the platters while placing the disc on the top and spinning it. They’re nearly the same size and shape as a platter. They are made from a wide variety of materials, each with its own set of pros and limitations. People buy slipmats for maintaining designs and looks. These mats also offer protection of the discs and thus prevent any harm.

What does a turntable slipmat do?

what is a turntable slipmat
As we know what is a turntable slipmat, now it is worth knowing the purpose of having a slipmat. A slipmat is used to absorb resonant frequencies and reduce other disturbances created by the turntable’s disc, surfaces, and other components. A slipmat is designed to deliver the user the best possible listening experience.
While switching from record to record, the primary purpose of a turntable slipmat is to enable the disc to rotate smoothly so a DJ has ease in playing, stopping, and switching the music. You can get a variety of slipmats in the market, each made from a variety of materials and capable of producing distinct audio quality. Whichever option you choose, it will have its own set of characteristics. Slipmats are mainly used by DJs or people who use turntables more often. A traditional mat, such as rubber or cork, provides a tight hold on the vinyl. The disc adheres to the platters as you apply pressure. The platter remains rotating, and the record remains in place using a slipmat.

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