What is the Difference Between a Fiddle and a Violin?

Even if you are a trained instrumentalist and might know a lot about everything, consider what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin. might still haunt you till the end of your days. These two instruments happen to be the same, but the world figures them to be different. They are both the same instruments with a specification in the type of music and tones they produce.

Where violin is suitable for giving out a jazz and classical feel, the fiddle happens to be one of the instruments that take care of folk, country, or bluegrass music. A violin and fiddle happen to be the same instrument, and they don’t have a difference in the way they are built. Playing the violin is different from playing a fiddle, and because of that, different types of music are produced by it. If you get a violin and a fiddle and keep them together, you can’t spot a difference because there is none.

 what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin

Although the type of music which the violin and fiddle produce happen to be different, the build and design of the instrument is the same, it has four strings, and you play different tones using that. what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin? well, The instrument goes back to the sixteenth century and hails from northern Italy. These are played at weddings and other parties and tend to give out tunes of joy, sadness, calmness, and a lot more. Learning either of these instruments properly is essential, or else they can give out an unpleasant sound that won’t be appreciated.

Let us know about each of them to clarify what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin.


One of the most popular string instruments played worldwide, the violin happens to be an ancient 16th-century instrument with four strings on it. They have been tuned to produce notes of the 5ths, which are the G3, D4, A4, and E5. In the initial days, the violin had its strings made out of sheep gut, but it got changed progressively, and now we use metal strings to strum the instrument. You can choose to play the violin using a bow or your fingers. It is advised to use a horsehair bow or wooden back of projection for the best feel and not harm yourself.

  • If you are playing the violin in a choir, the soprano sound will be produced by it. It is made out of maple, the whole body is of maple, and the top is of spruce.
  • There is a fretless fingerboard as well to compress and adjust the pitch using your fingers. This is what gives the violin the perfect pitch and tune.


A fiddle is just a violin with a different type of music being strummed out of it. If the violin you own produces classical music or gets the famous bluegrass tunes from it, you can term it like a fiddle. A Bass fiddle is also a type of instrument with double bass in it, and you can refer to that as a fiddle. Any violin with country, folks, bluegrass, and classical music coming out of it is called a fiddle, not a violin.

  • violin happens to be a universal term for fiddling the music, it gained momentum, and that’s what we see today.

 What is the difference between a fiddle and a violin?

 what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin

For the world, violins and fiddles happen to be the same instrument with just different playing styles. But if you want to get into specifics and find out the significant differences, it can lie in the way it is constructed.

When do you consider what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin? A fiddle will have a flat bridge needed to bring the strings near each other and give space for the fingerboard. This helps in fiddling and producing a classical type of music. In fiddling music, you need to change the chords rapidly, and you have to go about cross-chording. For such reasons, a fiddle is designed this way.

There isn’t any difference between the two instruments, and the person or the instrumentalist playing it will have a different way of referring.


  1. When was the fiddle introduced?

    The fiddle was initially introduced before the violin in ancient Europe, and that is why it traces its ancestry back to classical Irish music.

  2. How violin creates sound?

    The sound produced by the violin is because of the strings attached to the wooden body, and when they are strummed, they vibrate and have beautiful sounds.

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