Yamaha DGX650 Reviews: An In-Depth Look at the Features and Performance

Yamaha dgx650

With the acoustic piano touch, DGX-650 is Yamaha’s newest digital piano ensemble features a wide array of features that makes learning, playing, and sharing of music extremely engaging and fun. The acoustic touch and the tone come first through the GHS action and Pure CF sampling also features the recordings of the Yamaha concert grand piano.

Yamaha dgx650

The Yamaha dgx650 reviews claim that it is a professional digital piano with a full keyboard with weighted hammer action. Featuring 128 tones to layer notes without a drop in a single note or compromising on a single note, this baby offers damper resonance helping in recreating the interaction of strings on acoustic piano, and the built-in amplifier and speakers provide for a clearer and crisper sound. The piano also possesses touch sensitivity of four levels.

Features of DGX-650

  1. LCD Display– The Yamaha dgx650 reviews are on a positive note for the full dot LCD display of this piano which makes the menu easier to browse through. The display is fully functional in showing the scores and the lyrics of the song being played so that the player may follow along.
  2. Touch sensitivity- With a touch sensitivity for four levels, the device is highly useful in creating and playing complex and intricate pieces and also in creating expression in how the player strikes each key.
  3. A smart chord with a style recommender- The smart chord with just a touch of a single tone is highly efficient and effective in creating entire chords from jazz styles to pop triads. While the style recommender is a boon in suggesting styles based on what is being played currently, appropriate to the style adopted.
  4. Sound sampling- The authentic piano sound with Pure CF sound sampling is highly meticulous with pre-recorded audio of Yamaha concert grand piano’s CFIIIS resulting in a multitude of dynamic levels that range from fortissimo to pianissimo and the varied sounds creation abilities similar to that of standard panels.
  5. The 128 polyphony is sufficient enough to provide power for dropout-free performances. Hence the digital piano response is according to the skill of the player.
  6. AUX line Input- All devices can be connected with an audio output to be heard on the built-in speakers of the DGX650 while any music can be imported through another keyboard to be hooked to it or jammed and mixed with family or friends. Hence as per the Yamaha dgx650 reviews, it makes a great speaker system to be used with any sound source.

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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions(W*D*H)- 55*17.5*5.75 inches
  • Weight- 49.6 lb or 22.5 kg
  • Keyboard- 88 tones
  • Polyphony- 128 notes
  • Weighted keys- graded hammer action
  • Touch sensitivity- 4 levels
  • Sound mechanism- Pure CF sound engine
  • Number of preset voices- 147+15 drum and sound effect kits
  • Number of preset songs- 100
  • Transpose- -12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • Pedals- Damper
  • Amplifiers- 6W to 6W
  • Speakers- 2*2”(5cm), 2*4.7”(12 cm)


  • It offers dual mode
  • It is metronome
  • It has a tempo range of 5 to 280
  • It offers a split mode
  • It also offers a layer mode
  • It has a pitch bend
  • Equipped with panel sustain


  1. Reverb (35 types)
  2. Chorus (44 types)
  3. Damper resonance
  4. Intelligent acoustic control

The best of it

With the famous sound sampling, it comes exceptionally realistic audio. With a high-quality weighted keyboard and multi-level touch sensitivity, it offers a good response. Also, its user-friendly approach is easy to adapt for players of all skill levels.

  1. The pure CF sound sampling of the DGX 650 as the Yamaha dgx650 reviews suggests a rich sound to provide for a real thing as far as the sound goes.
  2. The responsiveness of the piano’s keys is due to its touch sensitivity and hammer resonance.
  3. Excellent sound sampling, touch sensitivity, and weighted keys offered as a part of the multitude of features make the experience of using this musical instrument very close to that of an acoustic one.
  4. The ease and butter-smooth sound, feel, and a touch of the DGX 650 make it apt for professional performances making it a choice preference by the professionals.
  5. Even with a variety of functions and capabilities, this piano is fairly easy to use. It is known for its simple-to-control attribute.


The Yamaha dgx650 reviews suggest that this musical instrument offers as much to beginners as to experts and professionals. It’s easy-to-use and simple to coordinate functions making it a great option not only for beginners but also for professionals who live to experiment and explore their niche along with creating great pieces. Also not to be skipped is its affordability. The four-level touch sensitivity and weighted keyboard offer crisper sound with sound clarity producing exceptional piano sounds. So it is a safe bet to claim that this piano offers something for everyone.

Some FAQ’s

  1. How do you transpose on the YAMAHA DGX650?

Firstly you press the function button and then use the category [<<] and [>>] buttons to select transpose after which you select -12 and +12 dialing to set the transpose value.

  1. How do you reset a Yamaha dgx650?

To restore a Yamaha dgx650 to its factory setting all you need to do is push the power on while simultaneously holding the rightmost white key on the keyboard.

  1. Can the speakers be connected to my mobile phone’s music audio or any other music outlet?

Yes, the AUX line unit virtually connects to anything which is a music source. Hence, your mobile or any other audio source can be connected to the speakers who are one of the most popular selling points of this piano.

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