Yamaha MX49 Review – An In-Depth Look at the Popular Synthesizer

If you have been looking for a good synthesizer set but have no time to go through each product’s specifications and features, worry not, we have got you covered. In this article, based on customers’ Yamaha mx49 review, we have mentioned down the features of the best synthesizer of all times.

Be its price, features, or specifications, we assure you that this product comes pre-equipped with every feature that one might require in his playing career. Therefore, go through the article and be ready to amaze yourself with some of its top-notch features.

Yamaha Mx49 Review

Yamaha mx49 music production synthesizer

yamaha mx49 reviews

The brand Yamaha has introduced a new series of synthesizers which is officially known as “The New MX Series”. Based on the Yamaha mx49 review, the series features more than 1000 voices which have been exclusively inherited from the legendary Motif series. Not only this, but each synthesizer also comes pre-equipped with brilliant iOS and computing integration techniques along with being lightweight and compact. The powerful sonic palate of the synthesizer comes pre-packed in sleek packages. This is perfect to fit one’s on-the-go lifestyle.

The series also aims to bridge the traditional gap between software and hardware. The synthesizers of this series, facilitate extensive quality of audio by enabling MIDI USB connectivity. Its VST controller, an advanced version of DAW and software comprising of the most powerful tools for music production demonstrates how this series of synthesizers can integrate controller flexibility along with hardware reliability. The mixing of the worlds of hardware and software is 100% benefitting ensuring people get the best features at affordable prices.

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Well, this product Yamaha mx49 review comprises of all the features that one could have wished for in his synthesizer. To name a few, it comes equipped with more than 1000 MOTIF voices. All realistic acoustic sounds such as the complex 8-element synth sounds, drums, strings, electric piano, piano, etc can e found inbuilt in this synthesizer. One can even store and edit his own sounds as well. The synthesizer easily provides the facility to plug and play. This is done via its class-compliant version of plug and play USB MIDI/audio with PC, Mac, and iOS.

One just requires plugging in his synthesizer and enabling the MIDI interface to convert the whole room to a music studio. Its FM essential synth application is also quite useful. The application can be downloaded on both iPad and iPhone to facilitate real-time synth editing and performance. One can get those high-quality voices by connecting his iOs device to his Yamaha mx49 synthesizer.

In addition to it, the synthesizer also showcases a brilliant split/layer performance. This feature allows the instrument to combine two voices easily. It comes with a complete dedicated set of layers and split buttons for its every intelligent arpeggiator. Not only this, but it also comprises a dedicated part for its drum track which assures to provide evocative performances whenever you plug-in the synthesizer. The product also houses some of the best controls for DAWs and VST. The controls mainly include durable buttons and solid knobs. Its overall user interface is kept simple to promote easy set-up of any new VSTs that one buys.

According to the Yamaha mx49 review, the synthesizer also comes pre-equipped with Cubase AI and Cubasis LE making it one of the first synthesizers in its price range to house a complete package of software tools for enabling music production. Its Steinberg version of Cubase AI features 64 MIDI tracks along with 48 audio tracks. It also comes with several notations, inbuilt VST effects to enable complete productions. Also, the Cubase AI is 100% compatible with the Cubase LE which is nothing but a DAW app for all the iOS users.

The synthesizer even supports both Digital and Analog connectivity. Along with its USB audio/MIDI port, it also comes pre-equipped with a USB to Device port. This allows the users to store the external data into a USB flash drive. One can even playback WAV data directly from the flash drive. It also comes with the ease of adding an MP3 player or a tablet to the whole system which can be done by connecting the system to the AUX input via a mini stereo cable.

Last but not the least, the VCM effects of the synthesizer are quite awesome. VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects help to simulate every vintage effector at the circuitry level. One can enjoy those cool, vintage-styled retro sounds from the early ’70s. The synthesizer brings back life to them by simulating vintage sounds from those of phaser, flanger, equalizer, and wah effects. This Yamaha mx49 product is one of a kind in the world of synthesizers.


  • It comes with an awesome class-compliant USB audio/MIDI.
  • It’s MIDI connectivity ensures plug and play option.
  • Its Motif Sound Engine includes randomize, cycle, switch, zone, and layer.
  • Its Motif Sound Engine can even control a total of 8 voices.
  • Virtual Circuit Modeling can re-create the behavior and sound effects of most signal processors and vintage effects.
  • It comprises of a total number of 128 polyphonies.
  • Every polyphony ensures a dropout-free performance.
  • It also comes pre-equipped with 16 different track sequences.
  • One can playback and record stereo audio.
  • Its 16 channels of MIDI data can be accessed by the help of a single USB cable.

Our Opinion:

The product Yamaha mx49 is one of the greatest hits among the users. Not only this, but it has also succeeded to grab the most Yamaha mx49 review and ratings. It comes laden with several features and adjustments at just an affordable price. Also, its building materials are premium in quality and are 100% durable, genuine, and reliable. Therefore, if you have been looking for the perfect set of a synthesizer for brushing up your playing skills, then the Yamaha mx49 variant can be the perfect choice for you.

FAQ s:

  1. Can Yamaha mx49 be connected to the computer?

The synthesizer can be used to play on your computer using its USB audio/MIDI.

2.  Does Yamaha mx49 come with inbuilt speakers?

No, the product doesn’t come with built-in speakers. But, one can connect it to external speakers using its external output port.

3.  How can one set up Yamaha MX49?

This can be done by launching the Cubase. Then, set up its MIDI port, then choose the Remote Devices folder in the device setup window.

4.  Does the synthesizer Yamaha mx49 review support vintage-styled sounds?

Yes, certainly. One can simulate the vintage-styled sounds with the help of its phaser, flanger, equalizer, and wah effects.

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