Yamaha YDP 162 Digital Piano Review: A Comprehensive Look

The piano is something quite great to go for. It offers great sound and is easy to learn. When it comes to comparing it with other instruments, you may find a piano much better. But coming to the price, an acoustic piano can be quite costly and is not portable either. So if you want to learn the piano and also get rid of these disadvantages, you can go for a digital piano.

Yamaha YDP 162 review

We have provided a Yamaha YDP 162 review in this article which is a great digital piano. You can go for this one without any second thoughts. You will find this one amazing and we ensure you won’t regret your decision. To know all about it, do make sure to read till the end.

Product Description

This product is offered by Yamaha which is a trustworthy brand in itself. It has many other products available online which never fail to satisfy the needs of its customers. You will find this piano worth all your money and it completely matches the standard of other Yamaha products. You can find all you need to know in this Yamaha YDP 162 review. We ensure that it is worth all the money you’ll be spending on this one.

Yamaha YDP 162 review


  • This one comes with two in-built speakers that offer great sound quality.
  • It is an 88-key digital piano with synthetic ivory keys.
  • It comes with 10 different voices which you can switch between easily.
  • It comes with an automatic turn-off mode

Product Information

  • It weighs 146.8 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are 4 x 9.1 x 7.3 inches.


  • It has an amazing sound quality that closely resembles an acoustic piano.
  • The keys are hammered and offer a great feel.
  • It is perfect for players of all levels.

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With this Yamaha YDP 162 review, you’ll know that this digital piano surely has all that you are looking for. It is suitable for all level players regardless of the experience. It is also suitable for stage performances because of it’s great quality. This model is 33 inches and offers great quality. It is an 88-key digital piano which means you can practice to the best. Also, it’s sound quality is so good that it is quite close to an actual acoustic piano. You will surely enjoy this one a lot. To save you some extra batteries, this one comes with an automatic turn-off mode. It will turn off after a specific time of inactivity.

The keyboard is a great one with synthetic ivory keytops which is considered the best material for keys. The keys are weighted and hammered which match the keys of a grand piano. Also, these will offer you a great grip while playing. Also, it has great sound quality because of its speakers. They offer loud volume and quite a rich sound. It also has an in-built amplifier to ensure you get just the best with this purchase. This piano has a polished ebony finish which gives it an amazing look. You can keep it in your house and it will surely impress some of your guests.

It also comes with a two-track sound recorder using which you can record all the songs that you play. Also, with this Yamaha PD 162 review, you can know all about this one. You can listen to them later to know all your progress. It also comes with various modes in which you can switch between whenever you need to. If you wish to practice privately, need not worry as your wish is fulfilled with this one. You can plug in two headphones at a time which ensures you can practice privately.

With it’s 10 preset songs, you can practice all you want to. You can learn those songs easily using the notes which will come handy. Also, this one is quite easy to use. But still, if you are in doubt, you can simply open the instruction manual to get all your answers. All in all, this is one of the finest pianos you’ll find and if you wish to become a professional pianist, this one will surely help you in reaching your aim.


We hope you found this Yamaha YDP 162 review helpful and have made a decision to buy this one. We ensure that you will be satisfied with all that offered by this digital piano. You can practice for long hours on this one without any problem. So get ready to perform with this in your hand. You will get an unmatched experience with this one. No matter if you are a beginner or already know how to play, this one is perfect for both the cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1 – What all does the set include?

Ans. – This one comes with an amazing set that ensures you won’t have to buy anything else. It comes with a bench that is adjustable too. It is a padded one that ensures you have great comfort while playing.

Ques. 2 – Does this one come with speakers?

Ans. – Yes, this digital piano includes two in-built speakers that offer premium sound. You can play this in front of an audience too because it’s loud enough. If you want to practice in private, you can also connect headphones to this one. But you can also connect additional speakers if you want to.

Ques. 3 – Is the quality of keys good?

Ans. – This keyboard comes with Graded Hammer keys which are considered quite good. Also, the material used to build these is quite great. You can get a great feel while playing and will also manage to get a good grip on this one.

Ques. 4 – Is this piano worth the purchase?

Ans. –Undoubtedly, the answer to this one is yes. Although it may cost you a few extra bucks it is worth it against all the features this one includes. You will surely have a great time with this one. So do go for it without any second thoughts.

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