Guitar amplifiers: Features and importance

Learning a new instrument is almost on everyone’s to-do list these days and that is for all the right reasons. Developing a new skill be it learning a new instrument, a foreign language, music or dance or anything that fascinates you is never a bad idea. It helps you in not only developing your skill set but gives you an upper edge in your career and broadens your opportunities. It can help an individual in boosting their own confidence providing room for personal growth and development by empowering them. Skills associated with networking and communications; aid your overall personality development.

When it comes to learning an instrument, choosing the one that fits perfectly with you is not the only hard choice you have to make, but choosing and gaining information about all the right supporting devices that can help you with enhancing your music, is also an essential step. Here in the article, you will get to know about guitar amplifiers that can help you step up with your music. But before that, let’s read more about guitar amplifiers and how to choose the one that fits best with your preferences.

What is a guitar amplifier?

Guitar amplifiers are electronic devices or systems that help in strengthening the weak electrical signals generated by an electric guitar, acoustic guitar for a bass guitar, so that clear sound through one or more loudspeakers can be produced with minimum difficulty. A quality guitar amplifier can help you in modifying the guitar’s tone by putting more emphasis or de-emphasis on certain frequencies of your choice by the help of equalizer controls. Especially for electric guitar players, the settings they use for their guitar amplifier plays a key role in building there signature sound or tone. The best guitar amp for home use is the one that is designed for great tones at a lower volume.

Types of guitar amplifiers:

Deciding a guitar amp based on your requirements and fit for your budget can be an exhausting process. To avoid confusion and indecisiveness, gathering information about all the types of guitar amp can be really helpful. You can either choose a standalone amp, that has the power amplifier circuits and requires the use of separate speaker cabinets or you can go for a combo amp that has the power amplifier and one or more speaker in a given single cabinet. Some popular choice of a guitar amp, famous through different phases of the music industry is:

  1. Vacuum tube: Until the 1970’s, these amps popularly called valves were the most active and dominant electronic component in most of the instrument amplifiers. The tubes used were fragile and needed to be maintained and replaced periodically. Even after tube circuit being outdated, many musicians’ prefer these amps as they believe it produces a warmer tone.
  2. Solid state: These are the most inexpensive, mid priced guitar amplifiers that are made up of semiconductors or transistors that make it much more reliable and lighter than the tube amp. These high-end solid state amplifiers are less common because of enthusiasts favoring the vacuum tube amp.
  3. Hybrid: A hybrid combination of both the tube as well as the solid state amplifier.
  4. Acoustic
  5. Modelling

Factors to look for:

Selecting which guitar amp to buy can be a tedious process for amateur as well as professionals. Some of the factors that you should consider before buying a guitar amp are:

  • Size of the speakers: it has a pretty significant effect on the tone of your amp and hence choosing a speaker of the right size is important. Smaller the speaker, higher the frequency produced as compared to larger speakers and vice versa.
  • What fits your purpose best? A combo or standalone amp head and speakers cabinet.
  • Open back or closed back amplifier speakers.

Given below are a list of products that constitute the best guitar amp for home use list.

1. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

best guitar amp for home use

It is a cutting edge, innovative 3 W mini guitar amp suitable for indoor practices. It combines two channels and creates the perfect compact and portable guitar amp.The small pack designs provide it with a punch of big tones even at the lowest volume. Some of its features are listed below.

  • 3 W light weighted guitar amp, which makes it super convenient to carry around.
  • DC or battery powered
  • 3” speakers produce high frequency tone.
  • Provided with two channels: overdrive and clean
  • Line in feature for listening to music or jamming along
  • Line out feature for practicing in silence.

2. Asmuse 3W Mini Guitar AMP Digital Bass Amplifier Combo

best guitar amp for home use

It gives you the ultra compact convenience of powerful music at a moment’s notice. This 5-pound portable guitar amp can help you deliver great tone and features for an electric guitar as well as a mic. It is best suited for small performances or rehearsals inside your own home. Some of its unbeatable features are:

  • 10 watts power for an electric guitar, as well as the input, includes a standard ¼” jack for an instrument.
  • Functions provided are Volume, drive switch, input, bass, treble, headphones output.
  • Small 6.5” speakers for higher frequency and sound quality.
  • Light weighted and easy to carry around.
  • Convenient headphones output for practicing silently.
  • Cabinet material- lightweight plywood, with high-quality leather coating.

3. SUNYIN 10 Watt Portable Amp for Guitar

best guitar amp for home use

This portable guitar amp meets the need of every electric guitar beginner. The volume, tone and gain adjustable features, phase and energy-saving switch, makes it among’st the top choice guitar amplifier available in the market these days. Some of its features are:

  • Speakers of 10 W that provide quality sound and true tones.
  • 3 kg in weight, it is easy to carry around with a built in strap for convenience.
  • To connect headphones or cell phones, 3.5 mm stereo output jack and Aux-in jack is provided.
  • Most of the noise and buzz is cancelled by the use of modern techniques of programming.
  • 6 aa batteries power supply.
  • Best suited for beginners.

4. Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

best guitar amp for home use

With the trust of Fender, this electric guitar amp suits all your big jamming shows as well as indoor practices. It provides amp modelling and the on board effects that help you to convey a versatile range of tone and textures.

  • The EQ section helps you shape your sound.
  • Auxiliary input for plugging in your MP3 player and jamming to your favorite tracks.
  • 5 years of warranty.
  • Can choose clean to mean tones from 17 various amp models.

5. Fender 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

best guitar amp for home use

Another quality product by fender is its acoustic guitar amp that is amongst the best guitar amp for home use. It is an ultra compact convenience that helps you create versatile tones and sound with an acoustic guitar and mic. It is best suited for gigs and indoor setups. Few of its best features are:

  • 15 W power and 120 voltage, that gives it a powerful backup.
  • 6” speakers with the feature of enhanced high frequency tone.
  • Chorus effects on instrumental channel.
  • Headphone output for silent practices.
  • Portable and light weighted, which makes it easy to carry around.

6. New Donner 25W Bass Guitar Amplifier DBA-2

best guitar amp for home use

It is a compact amp featuring high watts power and medium speakers making it a top choice amplifier for small indoor venues and practice sessions. It is user friendly and a certified reliable product that can help you create high quality tone and texture. Some it the features that make it the top choice are:

  • Suitable for electric bass guitar practice and performance on the streets.
  • 5” speakers designed to produce quality sound.
  • ¼” instrumental input and auxiliary input that helps you to jam along with media player.
  • Unique hybrid cone speakers for top-quality tone.
  • 3 band and volume, bass the treble control switch is provided.

7. ammoon Portable Guitar Amplifier

best guitar amp for home use

This specifically designed guitar amplifier is highly portable and convenient in carrying around. Its small size speakers produce high-frequency tones.  A perfect choice for indoor practices, small venue karaoke nights and street performers. Some of its features that make it a top choice amongst the enthusiasts are:

  • 3” speakers that produce true tones and helps you in generating powerful performance.
  • The gain control helps you how hard you want to drive your amp with your guitar.
  • 9 V DC power adapter
  • Very light weighted and hence easily portable.
  • To help you create your own guitar tones, it has 3 DSP effects which are Tremolo, chorus and reverb.

8. Danelectro Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

best guitar amp for home use

Offering the best-over driven sound or great clean, this product definitely makes it on top of the list of best guitar amp for home use. The small size makes it easily portable and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Some of the amazing features it has to offer are:

  • Its 9 V battery gives it a powerful backup.
  • Light-weighted and a real leather belt to carry around makes it look cool as well as super convenient and portable.
  • Headphone jack provided for jamming in peace.
  • Tone, overdrive, volume control switches make it much more easy to use and adjustable.
  • Speakers that provide great high-frequency tones.

It is important to buy a top-quality amplifier not only for a guitar but any instrument you use it for. It helps you in cancelling the unwanted noise that is picked up by the circuit and helps you in generating high-quality music. The ability to cancel all the unnecessary noise is called common mode rejection ratio(CMRR). Any top-quality instrument amplifier has very high CMRR that helps it in better noise cancellation and much effective sound quality. This is the top feature to look for while considering to buy any amplifier.

Before choosing a guitar amplifier that fits your budget and preferences, it is advised to research all the potential products and gather all the necessary information about it. It is important to develop a better understanding of the product and find answers to all the never-ending questions regarding what features to look for and whatnot. To find yourself the best guitar amp for home use online market is the most suitable as you can get a product that fits your description at a much affordable price and certified warranty.

With the growing music industry, demands for these supporting devices have also reached its all-time high, with large profit margins for the companies. More and more businesses are opting for online platforms due to the increase in accessibility of the internet and convenient shopping, the product sale online has become much more than product sales at shops.


Q1. Where to find the best guitar amplifier?

Answer. While you can always search for any required products online on top shopping websites, you can find yourself a suitable guitar amplifier fit for your preferences at an electronics store as well.

Q2. What power supply is best for guitar amplifier for home use?

Answer. 10 W to 15 W power supply is more than enough for amplifiers used for small venues. But nowadays amplifiers with high power also support the feature of headphone jack so that you can practice indoors without the extra noise.

Q3. Which is the best brand for guitar amplifier?

Answer. There are various companies with top-class products. The best of all amplifiers depends largely on the requirement of the buyer. Some of the top brands to search for are Fender, New Donner and Blackstar.

Q4. How to choose the best guitar amp for home use?

Answer. Searching the market and doing proper online research can help you understand your requirements better and put an end to your confusion.

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