5 best volume pedal available online


Ernie Ball’s 500K Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal

Controls Volume and Panning
Stereo inputs and outputs
Dual potentiometer
TRS type stereo plugs
Long lasting Kevlar cable

Yamaha’s FC7 Volume Expression Pedals for keyboards

Volume controller
Adjustable pedal angle
With fortissimo function
Spring point adjustment
Durable Volume Control Tool

Boss’ FV 500L Low impedance Volume Expression Pedal

Low impedance
Stereo Output
Ultra smooth pedal movement
Road-tough build

Blucoil’s Ernie Ball VP 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Black Volume Pedal

Produces 2 swell rates
PVC coated braided Kevlar cord
Machined-aluminum compact body
Provides convenient signal routing

MXR’s Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal

Low Friction Band-Drive
Controls volume and FX parameters
Includes MXR Right Angle Patch Cables
Lightweight aluminum chassis

Do you want to own your own staple piece of gear for your guitar? Or isn’t it fascinating how volume adjustments can be made possible at one go, without halting in the midst of a performance? Best Volume pedals are perfect for these. They can efficiently make sound adjustments on the fly. They can also provide the right channel for your stereo signals and ensure effortless operation. They are perfect to provide you with the clean and ambient variant of sound.

So, check out the most famous volume pedals. They have grabbed the most reviews from their customers and have been a hit since ages. Below, we have mentioned a list of best volume pedal which can be browsed anytime, whenever you are in utmost need to exemplify your guitar’s performance and rock your upcoming live show in style.

Here are the 5 best volume pedal

1) Ernie Ball’s 500K Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal

Ernie Ball's 500K Stereo Volume Pan Pedal - best volume pedal

This dual potentiometer bears a 500ohm resistance which paves the perfect audio path of both passive and active instruments. It provides two operating modes to the user which has been carefully attached to the footplate. The product uses TRS type stereo plugs for the purpose of stereo cable installation. This product is resultant of the teamwork of the finest guitarists and craftsmen. It’s aluminum body casts greater strength, depicts uniformity and has smoother surfaces. It’s overall body and shafts have been designed in such a way to provide the player with an indefinite amount of its service life.


  • It is highly efficient in controlling volume.
  • It can also be used for panning purpose.
  • It is of Stereo / Pan style.
  • It is sturdy and robust.


2) Yamaha’s FC7 Volume Expression Pedals for keyboards

Yamaha's FC7 Volume Expression Pedals for keyboards

This heavy-duty volume controller enables the user to heighten and ascent the important parts of their performances. It comes with great adjustability with perfect pedal angle. It’s spring point adjustment and metal connection plate adds a unique touch to it, thereby tailoring the pedal to assist in various playing styles. This product ensures 100% compatibility. It is compatible with a wide range of instruments and provides the perfect foot controller connection. Weighing to 1.5 pounds, this product comes with the warranty and support of Yamaha.


  • It includes a 5′ cable.
  • It incorporates a 1/4″ phone plugin mechanism.
  • It comes with an adjustable pedal angle.
  • It also facilitates spring point adjustment.
  • It includes a connection plate to provide multiple pedal ganging.


3) Boss’ FV 500L Low impedance Volume Expression Pedal

Boss' FV 500L Low impedance Volume Expression Pedal

This brand is popular in manufacturing industry-standard volume pedals. These tough die-cast pedals are minutely designed to satisfy the expectations of the users and fulfill their demands. They offer a new style with a robust look. They can easily survive the rugged conditions and are efficiently assembled on a sturdy design. They are highly comfortable and provides smooth action. They are also inbuilt with expression outputs which can be later used with expression compatible amplifiers and synthesizers for the perfect aura of effects.


  • It is highly suitable for stereos.
  • It offers relatively low impedance.
  • It includes a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast body.
  • It includes an ultra-smooth pedal for efficient operation.
  • It’s pedal rubber offers nonslip action and facilitates comfortable playing.
  • It is one of the most rated product.
  • It is regarded as the best volume pedal.


4) Blucoil’s Ernie Ball VP 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Black Volume Pedal

Blucoil's Ernie Ball VP 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Black Volume Pedal

 This product by Blucoil is a limited edition offer. With only a few stocks left, this product has been a hit among the masses. This provides an upgraded version of the famous Ernie ball branded volume pedals. The product uses PVC coated braided Kevlar cord for providing the perfect durability.

Consistent tensions can easily be obtained from this Kevlar cord, which ensures smooth performance all around the year. It has been engineered minutely with both active and passive category of audio signals. Moreover, two switch rates are also made available with the provision of switchable taper. It also provides an efficient routing of the signals. So, hurry and join the anniversary of Blucoil to get yourself a perfect volume pedal.


  • It can efficiently produce two swell rates.
  • It offers an upgraded version of internal components.
  • It is easy to use at any time and anywhere.
  • It also provides a desirable channel for the purpose of signal routing.


5) MXR’s Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal

MXR's Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal

This product makes the control of your instrument’s volume and it’s FX parameters with ease. It saves space without overcrowding the pedalboard. This product does not skimp on its durability or functionality. Being made up of aluminum chassis, this product is solidly built with aggressive non-slip tread.

The company’s patented low friction band drive accounts for a smooth range of motion and ensures consistency. It is 100% reliable in its performance. Its rocker tension is also fully adjustable. The product’s AUX output can efficiently be toggled with switches in the pedal. It comes with multiple adjustments to provide you with the best volume controlling experience. Being priced at a nominal price, it also comes under the category of best volume pedal.


  • It’s lightweight and half the size of a DVP3
  • It has a low friction band drive
  • You can control volume levels and FX parameters



These volume pedals are perfect for tuning your instruments to the correct tune. So, forget about those tiring days, when you used to struggle with volume modification. Make it easier with these volume pedals and set your performances on fire.

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