The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists – Buyer’s Guide 2023



Has 3 control knobs
Well recognized manufacturer in the market
Highly user friendly
Very durable
High-quality vintage
Great for providing vintage effects
Not multifeatured
Uses 9V battery
5-year warranty
Transforms triangular waveforms into square waveforms
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 1
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 2


Pocket friendly
JOYO is all about tremolo
Great for beginners
Has an aluminum body
LED control power status
Uses 9V battery
Power-saving modewith an adapter
Uses optical circuitry
Rate and intensity control knobs
LED tracking operation
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 1
BEHRINGER guitar pedal

BEHRINGER guitar pedal

Has Rate, Wave, and Intensity knobs
Vintage feels of the 50s and 60s
LED to track operation
Uses 9V battery
Uses 9V battery
Has top quality on/off switch
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 1
Voodoo Lab Tremolo

Voodoo Lab Tremolo

Has 4 knobs
Wide range of effects
Slope, speed, Speed, and Volume features
Soothing and smooth sounds
Optical circuitry
Durable and tough
Compact and friendly
Uses a 9V battery
Smoothsounds for vintage and gigantic sound variation
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 1
Walrus Audio MonumentV2 Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Walrus Audio MonumentV2 Harmonic Tap Tremolo

Has dedicated dials
It has an impressively wide range of sounds for its basic model
Has side jacks supporting external tempo
Uses a 9V battery
The Best Tremolo Pedal for Guitarists - Buyer's Guide 2023 1

The first kind of effect to be created for a guitar was the tremolo effect. It was the most used effect in earlier times. Tremolos used to be inbuilt into the amplifiers, but as new effects started to take birth, tremolos began losing their popularity.

But you can still enjoy the effects of sound effects created by a tremolo through pedals. Every guitarist will eventually need a pedal. The more you progress in your guitar learning, the more you will need pedals. Pedals are electronic devices that allow your guitar to alter various sounds from them. It creates sounds like a loop, overdrive, fuzz, eco, etc.

Professionals always have a wide range of pedals for various sounds. They have a variety of pedals on their pedalboard which they easily juggle through their foot.

The most commonly and popularly bought pedal is a tremolo pedal.

What is a Tremolo Pedal?

Technically speaking, the tremolo effect is the regular pulsation of signals causing an increase in a decrease in the volume of the signals at equal intervals.

Simply put, Tremolo is the rapid slight variation in volume. Tremolo is responsible for the change in the amplitude and the volume of your guitar. The tremolo effect pedal causes the volume of a signal to turn up and down repeatedly in a “shuddering effect”.Tremolos are modulation effects that change the volume of your signal rhythmically.  It regulates the pulsation of the inclination of sound. The “musical” sound that the musicians make are by channeling the volume and intensity of those wavelengths that come from tremolo.

If you are a music lover and would have heard great effects and underwater sounds, then that is an effect caused by tremolo.  Tremolo is also known as whammy bars. Tremolo is the earliest sound effect system introduced in the music industry.

Tremolos usually used to come with amplifiers but not many guitarists have such amps. Therefore, now you can create the same effects and even make better-quality sounds through tremolo pedals. These are the substitutes for the high-cost amps that not all guitarists or music enthusiasts can afford. These pedals are designed to change the volume over time. It is like a remote control for a guitar but with a few extra features than just sound control.

Tremolos has 2 basic controls.

Tremolos have a lot of features. Every new model of Tremolo is a new and advanced version of itself with better features. Be it more effective, more compatible, or more input-output levels. Apart from all these fancy features, a tremolo only needs 2 basic controls. These controls are what summarise the work of an amazing tremolo. Anything apart from these 2 things is an addition and an extra feature.

The basic and most essential controls in a tremolo pedal are:

  1. Rate
  2. Depth

There are a few modern and higher versions that also have a third feature “Wave” that allows you to practice some additional sound forming.


Rate controls the speed of the tremolo. It controls how fast or slow the wavelength oscillates. It allows you to play with the tempo of the music so that you can get the derived note.


Depth controls how intense your music should sound. That is why depth is also called the intensity in some best tremolo pedals. The higher you set your depth control, the more you will recognize the effect. Depending on the tremolo you choose, you can set the pitch of your music.

Are Tremolo Pedals Really Required?

You are your own guitarist. You and only you know the kinds of sounds you want to play. What you play on your guitar is what you like listening to. It is entirely a piece of music that you like and soothes your ears. The technical instruments you require to fulfill that thirst to create ‘your’ best music is only based on the techniques you choose.

Tremolos alter the sound of the music from high to low and vice-versa repeatedly. If you want to enhance your music by applying some impressive effects, then you should consider buying a tremolo pedal.

If you want to play guitar with whammy bar effects, then you should get a tremolo pedal. Tremolo pedals help in creating a very dramatic feel to your music. You can create a lush, slow, and old-school type of effect from a tremolo pedal on an EDM-type guitar.

Benefits of a tremolo pedal

Tremolo is the grandfather of effects. It was the first-ever effect given to a plain dull sound. With proper in-depth knowledge, there is no sound that you cannot create with a tremolo pedal. It just opens an imaginary door of creation for you.

  • You can give your music ample options using a tremolo pedal. Every variation you try, every action you take in the volume drop and rise you create a new tone. This gives you a wide option of effects to create. It opens a new door to unstoppable creativity.
  • Tremolo pedals provide the finest effects for musicians. The most widely used effect for practice and from the beginning stage of music is the tremolo. They are used to increase and decrease the density and the volume of any music. It is a canvas for your creativity.
  • It opens up a gate to making great, impressive, and catchy music. Using a tremolo effect is so beneficial for you to understand music creation that it has a great possibility that it might overwhelm you. You can do so many things by learning the optimum utilization of tremolo pedals.
  • Tremolo effects create various sound effects like wobbly sounds, shuddering sounds, purring sounds, and so on. It craftily changes the output of the volume which creates efficient tails in a note. It creates wavy sounds and is usually used as a backdrop for vintage or 60’ and 70’ music.
  • You can create all kinds of music from the vintage, old school, the 50s, and 60s to funky and ridiculous sound effects of today. The effects created by a tremolo pedal can be pleasing to any age group. They appeal to all sets of ears.

Tremolo vs Vibrato

Tremolos and vibratos are different types of pedals. Both vibratos and tremolos are the modulation effects of a guitar. This means they are both responsible for music creation. Many people get easily confused between the names and the functions of these pedals as they emit similar musical output. This makes it hard for people to tell which effect is which. They do emit similar kinds of effects, but their ways of functioning are very different. For a beginner guitarist or bassist, it may be very difficult to identify the difference. But it is not that hard to differentiate.

If you pay attention and look closely there is a lot of difference between Tremolo and Vibrato. But many musicians and instrument manufacturers themselves confuse both of them. The sounds of both effects are very easily distinguishable. Here is how.:

  • Vibratos are pitch-based modulation effects. This means the notes you play can be altered pitch-wise. This pitch alteration can modify the notes from very subtle to rock or pop depending on the player’s preference.
  • The true vibrato effect can be achieved mechanically as well as manually.
  • Tremolos are modulation effects that raise the volume of the notes up and down rapidly. Tremolos contribute to making wobbly, underwater, and vintage sounds.

If you’ve understood their characters this far, you must have understood that both these effects are complete opposites to each other. Differentiating between a Tremolo and a Vibrato effect shouldn’t be difficult for you.

What are the best tremolo amps?

There is a wide range of amps out there, and every amp has its own favorite modulation effect. Since tremolos are the oldest effects and the most commonly used effect globally, most amplifiers offer tremolo effects in them. In fact, when it comes to decision-making between amplifiers with tremolo or amplifiers with vibrato, tremolo vibrators win. Amplifiers with tremolo effects are sold more often than vibrato. Some of the amplifiers which provide tremolo in them are:

  • Carr Rambler
  • Vox AC30
  • Fender Princeton
  • Marshal super tremolo
  • Fender Deluxe

How Many Types of Tremolos Are There?

To create great music, one must have the perfect in-depth knowledge of that particular thing. In the case of music, it is even more necessary because, for a music creator, it is very important to know the in-depth branches of effects, their names, and their characteristics so that you can understand a tone or note when you hear it.

This knowledge is important so that you can create the music the music that sounds so perfect in your head. If you do not have complete knowledge, you will be searching for the wrong note or the wrong effect at either the wrong waveform or the wrong pedal or anything and since you won’t find the exact thing you have been looking for, you will either have to settle for less, or there might come a point where you will be so frustrated that you might even quit making that perfect song of yours.

So, to save all that trouble and confusion, here are a few major tremolo types. Let’s have a quick look at all three of them closely:

  1. Tube Bias Tremolo:

Tube Bias tremolo is the original tremolo effect. It comes from the bias tube of amp tubes.  Tube Bias Tremolo pushes the sine wave towards to vary the bias. This helps in the modulation of the volume which effectively creates a tremolo effect.

  1. Optical tremolo:

The classic Fender amps especially the amps of the 1960s used the photoelectronic tremolo effect. Since these effects create a pulsing effect that is used to give a more authentically organic effect, they can be messy and are a bit hard to function with.

But even after all the hassle is it still widely recommended and is the best choice for most guitarists as it creates a very pleasant and unmatched soothing, soothing sound which when mastered gives the musician the best feeling. All his hardships pay off, but in the end, they love this challenge.

There are a few products in the market today that use this technology and create a hybrid version including the old vintage optical effect and modern tunings.

  1. Stompbox:

This tremolo effect is a masterpiece of technology. It is capable of capturing sounds of tremolo in the foot pedal. Stompboxes are very flexible compared to other amplifiers. Yet many of them still engage in creating classical sounds with a slight remix or an additional twist,

What are the various tremolo wave patterns?

Most guitarists know the difference between all guitar waves. They understand the tone, pitch, and volume of the note and can easily name the wave type. For a guitarist or a song creator, it is ideal that they know the sounds and which waveform it would belong to as it will become easier for them to derive the sound they have in their minds into the music that satisfies them.

There are 4 wave patterns on the guitar. A few pedals and amplifiers have the in-built feature to transition easily between various wave patterns. Every waveform provides a different effect on the audio output.

  1. Sine Wave Tremolo:

Sine wave tremolos are smoother and comparatively subtle than others, but they aren’t very adequate. They modulate from power tubes. These types of tremolos were used in the early 1950s. If you have ever heard of a soft, pulsing musical note, it is the effect of the Sine tremolo. They create psychedelic effects that almost give you a good head rush but also make you want to sit down and listen to them.

If you want some drippy, subtle, or warm tones in your music then you should go for a sine wave tremolo pedal effect.

  1. Triangle Wave Tremolo:

Triangular wave tremolo pedals are the most commonly found and the most popularly tried tremolo effect. Triangular waves are also in-built into many amplifiers.

The reason it is loved so much is because of its firmness. It is exact, provides tight peaks and valleys, and has a linear flow that will move and sound exactly how you planned them in your mind.

The triangular wave effect is the best effect out of all the other effects. Such waves are found in the bigger Fender amplifiers that we love listening to. It has the firmness of a triangular wave and the slicing ability of a sine wave.

  1. Square Wave tremolo:

Square wave tremolos are the most unique tremolo that effects the rest. They are used to create extreme sound. Square wave tremolos were used back in the 1960s popularly

It is ideal for the chopping of notes.

Just as triangular waves could do the work of sine waves as well, square waves too are capable of doing the work of triangular waves. They can play linear waves like triangular waves but also create strong, powerful notes like helicopter sounds because they have great volume dips. They push your signals to the very limit creating an unpleasant sound that is used very creatively by some creators.

  1. Special Tremolo:

These are more specialized. It is worth looking at only if you want to create something out of the box. Special tremolo effects have tap tempo, ring effect, phase shift effect, and stereo effect.

These effects are called special effects because they are costlier than other tremolo wave pedals. If you are a guitarist or a bassist you should consider spending some money on these tremolo waves as they expand the creative horizon of the creator.

Best Tremolo Pedal – Buying Guide

If you have always wanted to buy a tremolo pedal but have been too confused to understand what to look for? You’re in the right place.

If you are a beginner, your decision of buying a tremolo pedal for your guitar might be very confusing for you. Choosing from so many best brands or the best product or deciding which product is apt for your taste or your level of expertise can get overbearing.

Before you buy any product, be it in technology, be it cosmetic,s or even clothing, being sure of what you want and having some actual information about a product is very important as it makes decision-making easier for you. You can choose better, you can compare better, and you can make a decision that you won’t regret later on.

Factors to look for while buying a tremolo pedal

For you to be 100% sure about which tremolo pen you would want to choose for your guitar and your pedalboard, here is a list of things to look for while buying the best tremolo pedal for you:

  • Size:

A tremolo pedal is a device that you will be operating with your leg. You will be stepping and kicking on it. It has to endure all your kicks, and if you have any other pedal it will also have to share the space on your pedalboard. Therefore, you will want to consider whether you want a standard pedal, a bigger pedal, or a nano pedal that can be fitted easily on the pedalboard and is also appropriate for your foot size.

  • Tap Tempo:

A tremolo allows you to oscillate the volume of the music at a certain tempo only. A Tap Tempo feature on the Tremolo pedal allows you to change the bpm tempo as well. With your foot or hands, you can tap a couple of beats here and there.

  • Perceived volume drop:

Some pedals tend to drop the volume when you switch them on. This is the Perceived Volume Drop.  Musicians don’t favor this as it affects the transitions adversely and spoils the flow of the music. It creates a very negative sound while playing causing a sudden drop in the music entirely. So, make sure you check this with your preferred tremolo pedal.

  • The number of waveforms:

If you are new to guitar learning or a beginner-level music creator you might be satisfied with a simple, basic pedal. But if you are a well-known, advanced-level guitar player, and have enough professional experience you might need a full-featured and more complex Tremolo Pedal.

Even though a basic tremolo pedal is capable of performing various effects the improved advanced versions will produce similar yet better and improved quality tones.

  • Quality and durability:

Tremolo pedals are the only products you will be paying a nice and hefty amount so smash them with your legs for the best results. Remember to make sure that your tremolo can take care of the kicking it is going to get. And also the size of the pedal so that it can be easy to set up on the pedalboard.

Whilst majorly all the products on the market are indeed somewhat alike each other, they also have their specialty and their key features that set them apart from each other. These features are so minute to the naked eye, yet it holds so much importance for a person who knows what he or she is looking for. Their features are ever so slightly disguisable that you will need proper knowledge before buying a tremolo pedal or you will be easily fooled into buying a tremolo pedal that either is too expensive for your pocket or rarely fulfills your requirements. If you have been planning on branching out on your pedal kit and have been looking for options and most importantly some clarity, then you are at the right place.

Best Tremolo Pedal Reviews

  1. BOSS TR-2best tremolo pedal

This notorious product runs in the durability contest with other products triple its price. It is highly durable and worthy of adding to your pedalboard. Its only focus is on the tremolo effect with no other distractions. It’s a classic product. It isn’t multi-featured. It is just a pure tremolo effect. If you are a guitarist or a bassist, let your pocket lose this one time for this tremolo.

It has Rate, Wave, and Depth features. The rate control knob allows high-speed adjustment control. The wave control knob modifies the LFO waveform from triangle to square, and the Depth control knob manages the strength of the signal.

  • It has Rate, Wave, and Density control knobs.
  • It is singularly tremolo affect focused.
  • It is highly user-friendly.
  • Boss TR-2 is very durable.
  • It allows precise effect tailoring with effects such as wave, rate, and depth.
  • It is a high-quality vintage tremolo with a focus on depth, rate, and wave knob.
  • It alters the LFO waveform from triangle to square.
  • It provides a 5-year warranty.

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  1. JOYO JF-09

best tremolo pedal

This guitar effect pedal has 2 effect controllers that are more than sufficient for many guitarists and bassists. It belongs to the classic applier category. Joyo JF-09 tremolo pedal uses the same photoelectric tube circuitry used by classic tube appliers.

It has Rate and Intensity knob controllers. The rate control knob allows high-speed adjustment control, and the Intensity control knob manages the strength of the signal.

  • It has rate and intensity control knobs.
  • It uses optical electric circuitry similar to old amps.
  • The best thing about JOYO JF-09 is that it automatically goes into power-saving mode when it is used with an adapter.
  • It does not have any frills. It is simply all about tremolo. It is a good pedal for starters.
  • It has an aluminum body with a varnish finish giving it a funky look.
  • It has an LED to track power status.
  • Runs on a 9V battery.

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  1. BEHRINGER guitar pedal

best tremolo pedal

This tremolo has been very thoughtfully modeled to provide the vintage 50s and the 60s warm, mind-bending sound feel all know and love. It is one of the cheapest and most popular tremolo pedals. It has one of the best tremolo effects.

It pays homage to the legendary sounds and updates them for modern sound enthusiasts.

  • It has Rate, Wave, and Intensity knobs.
  • Provides mind-blowing vintage feels of the 50s and the 60s.
  • Runs on a 9V battery.
  • It has an LED to track power status.
  • Very easy to use
  • It is the most economic tremolo option.
  • It has been designed to compete with leading products head-to-head on the market.
  • It is a very compact size.
  • Top-quality on/off switch that maintains its excellent signal integrity whilst bypassing.

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  1. Voodoo Lab Tremolo

best tremolo pedal

This is an awesome tremolo pedal that uses photoelectric and authentic lamp circuits. It is simple yet very effective that produces a lopsided sway. It has great slope control that allows it to create very smooth, buttery sounds to vintage stutter sounds and give a gigantic variation of effects. It has Slope, Intensity, Speed, and Volume features that set it apart from other tremolo pedals on the market.

 The slope control knob controls the waveform tweaking, Speed, and Intensity control knobs provide a ginormous range of signal settings.

This product can go from a traditional sound with balanced ups and downs with Slope to stutter when maximized intensity knob is. The slope knob lets you adjust the sound very lightly allowing you to create vast textures in your music. Along with speed and intensity, it has a volume knob to cut or boost output levels.

  • It has 4 knobs providing a ginormous ultra-wide range of signal settings.
  • It can create smooth and soothing sounds to gun-machine-like sounds with proper intensity and speed control.
  • It has the most authentic optical circuitry.
  • It has a compact and friendly pedalboard size.
  • It has top quality on/off switch that sustains its excellent signal integrity whilst bypassing.
  • Uses a 9V battery.

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  1. Walrus Audio MonumentV2 Harmonic Tap Tremolo

best tremolo pedal

This tremolo model has a special feature. It can switch its voice from Harmonic to Standard mode. It is a two-faceted tremolo. It has the regular tremolo features of a Volume knob, Rate knob, and Depth knob. But with that, it is also Packed with a shape knob and a Dive knob.

  • It has Rate, Volume, Depth, Shape, and a Div knob for greater results.
  • This tremolo pedal also has side jacks that support external tempo
  • It functions as expression control over Shape, Rate, Depth, and tap multiplayer.
  • It has been converted into a smaller compound.
  • It has improved tremolo response overall rates.
  • Unlike other tremolos that shift their wavelength from triangular to square, this tremolo can change wave shapes from Ramp, Square, Lump, Sine, and Monument Mode or random mode.
  • It runs on 9V battery
  • The division knob multiplies the tempo set by the tap switch.
  • The rate knob increases the speed in a clockwise motion.
  • The shape knob allows the wave shape to be from Ramp, Square, Lump, Sine, and Monument Mode or random mode.
  • The unique Harmonic/Standard swap switch lets you enjoy the effects of a normal tremolo in standard mode. The Harmonic feature enables “Fender Brown Face” allowing the FLO to modulate each signal.
  • The Division knob can be regulated to quarter, triplet, eighth, and sixteenth settings.
  • It has a top-mounted jack.

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  1. Fender Tri-Verb Tremolo/Reverb Pedal

best tremolo pedal

This is a great product. It pairs a tremolo and a reverb inside amplifiers for a long time. It has three functions of each tremolo and the reverb pedal in one unit. It has the Rate, Volume, and Depth features of Tremolo and Tone, Dwell, and Blende features of Reverb.

  • It has independent Tremolo and Reverb effects
  • User friendly and very easy to use.
  • It also has the 3 best classical tremolo sounds. Harmonic, Optical, and biased help you choose the right track for your music.
  • Every Fender effect knob has a LED control knob that makes it user-friendly.
  • This pedal is sonically flexible as it has a full set of tone-shaping controls, including a tap tempo for tremolo effects.
  • Runs on a 9V battery.

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  1. Rowin trelicopter Effects

best tremolo pedal

This is a micro-pedal that has everything in its small framework. It has a very unique feature which is the “Bias” knob. It allows you to dial and readjust your coloration instead of the same basic ones.

  • Rowin helicopter Effects have Speed, Depth, and Bias adjusting knobs.
  • Some may pull back from buying this product owing to its nano size, but unlike most assumptions, this pedal is fully feature loaded.
  • It has LED indicators showing its working status.
  • Its size helps in saving a lot of space on the pedalboard.
  • This pedal uses photoelectric tube circuitry used by classic tube amplifiers.
  • It has a great bypass design that minimizes tone loss.
  • If you have been wishing for a tremolo but are concerned about the price, this is your go-to model.
  • It is highly durable and is made up of zinc and alloy.
  • It uses a 9V battery.

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  1. EarthQuaker Device Hummingbird V4

best tremolo pedal

Earthquaker is a pedal manufacturing brand and is one of the most reputed manufacturers. Its products have great credibility in the market. And the Hummingbird does equal justice to the name. It is capable of creating old 50s-style music with a synth.

  • It has three knobs: Depth, Level, and Rate.
  • Its mode feature helps you make a wide variety of amplitude modulations.
  • It has a massive range of tremolo tones like classic warble, glimmering, and high-rate chop. It is capable of creating sounds from subtle to ridiculous. This vintage tremolo has a bag full of effects that soothes everyone’s state and liking.
  • Unlike other products, this tremolo pedal has been handmade in Akron, Ohio.
  • It has a level knob to control the output
  • It has a rate knob to adjust the speed of the wavelength oscillation.
  • It has 3 modes: 1 is slow, 2 is mid-tempo, and 3 is fast to control the tempo.
  • This product can also be considered a simple JFET booster.
  • The depth is set to 0 and has to be circulated clockwise to increase the depth.
  • Runs on a 9V battery.

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  1. Mooer Trelicopter Tremolo Pedal

best tremolo pedal

It is a pocket-sized tremolo pedal with all great features. It has a bias knob that brings out various colors of the tremolo effect.

  • It is small, compact, and saves a lot of space on the pedalboard.
  • It has an immensely large range of depths and speeds.
  • It has a highly durable full metal framework.
  • It has no volume drops.
  • It is a vintage style-tube tremolo.
  • Top-quality on/off switch that allows perfect bypass.

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  1. Donner Golden Tremolo Pedal

best tremolo pedal

It has classic tremolo sounds. It has a depth, bias, and speed knob. It is a classic tremolo effect only pedal best for beginners.

  • It has a body of aluminum alloy.
  • It is highly durable and strong and can withhold your kicks.
  • It runs on a 9V battery
  • Donner Golden Tremolo Pedal has dedicated knobs for Depth; Bias and Speed.
  • It has a depth knob to control the effect of depth
  • Speed knob to control the speed of the tremolo effect.
  • Every effect knob has a LED control knob that makes it user-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best tremolo pedal under 50?

The Tremolo pedal is such a product that is worth the hefty amount, especially if you are a guitarist or a bassist. “The more features a product has, the costlier it gets”; this concept is disappearing these days. Most bestselling products are very economical yet amenities packed.

The best tremolo pedal under 50 is the Joyo JF-09. This is the best pocket-friendly and worthy product. It has great features. Though it does not provide any superficially enhanced feature it is still one of the best tremolo pedals because only a few tremolo pedals actually fully focus on the delivery of the tremolo effect. And this product is one of them. It is a very simple and pure tremolo effect pedal. It is not designed to provide any other effect other than the tremolo effect.

Joyo JF-09 tremolo pedal uses the same photoelectric tube circuitry used by the classic tube amplifiers making it stand out in the market.

  1. Which is the best tremolo pedal with tap tempo?

Tap tempo allows you to set the time for effects on a tremolo manually. You can activate and change the tempo with a footswitch present on the tremolo pedal.

The best tremolo pedal with tap tempo is the Walrus Audio Monument V2 Harmonic Tap Tremolo. This tremolo pedal has been converted into a smaller compound. It has improved tremolo response overall rates. The division knob multiplies the tempo set by the tap switch. A single tap restarts the LFO to the beat of the song. Unlike other tremolos that shift their wavelength from triangular to square, this tremolo can change wave shapes from Ramp, Square, Lump, Sine, and Monument Mode or random mode.

It is capable of changing its frequencies into all kinds of waveforms. This feature helps it beat any competing tremolo pedal.

  1. Which is the best tremolo pedal under 100?

However, getting a product might be, we are somehow always skeptical before buying it because of how costly it is. Price happens to be that one variable that cannot be comprised in. But luckily you do not need to worry about that big dent in your pocket that shall be caused for buying a tremolo. You can buy the best tremolo pedal for under $100 as well.

BOSS TR-2 is the best tremolo pedal for under 100. This notorious product competes in the durability contest with similar other products triple its price. It is highly durable and is worthy of spending your money on. It is a must-have tremolo pedal in your pedalboard if you are a beginner. This product only focuses on the tremolo effect with no other distractions. It’s a classic purchase.

Boss is one of the most well-known brands for any electronic buying. It has a great overall performance and an impressive customer review. Boss has been well-accepted and appreciated by people all around the globe.

This makes this product even more trustworthy and reliable. Boss products produce high-quality audio and are very crisp and create to hear. That is why this tremolo pedal is one of the best tremolos pedals under 100.

  1. Which is the best tremolo pedal for surf?

Surf music is a subgenre of rock music. The best tremolo pedal for surf sound creation today is the BEHRINGER guitar pedal. This best tremolo pedal has been very thoughtfully designed to provide the vintage 50s and the 60s warm, surf sound and mind-bending feel all know and love. It pays homage to legendary tunes, and the tremolo effects available allow it to be catchy for modern sound enthusiasts as well. It has Rate, Wave, and Depth features. The rate control knob allows high-speed adjustment control. The wave control knob modifies the LFO waveform from triangle to square, and the Depth control knob manages the strength of the signal.

  1. Do I need a tremolo pedal?

If you are a music creator or a bassist, then you will want to have the best tremolo pedal. The Tremolo pedal opens up a wide range of options to experiment with various tunes and sounds.

If you want to create underwater, wobbly, stuttering, throbbing waves, intense tunes, purrs, chops, and linear rises then you should consider buying yourself a tremolo pedal. The Tremolo pedal is capable of creating frightful, shuddering sounds to wavy, soothing, and vintage 50s and 60s tunes effectively. It broadens your creative field and lets you create amazing music.

Tremolos change the volume, depth, and waveform of the music you listen to. Therefore, to separate It from a plain tune and to make it interesting a tremolo is necessary.

If you have ever carefully listened to the music being played and wondered about how amazing the effects are to hear, it is probably the work of the best tremolo pedal.

  1. Where should a tremolo pedal go?

A tremolo pedal should be placed where ever you are comfortable. It should be placed with the rest of your pedalboard. All you need to keep in mind is that the tremolo pedal will be at the receiving end of all your energy. So, wherever you place it should be easily functional. Most guitarists prefer keeping a tremolo pedal at the end of their amp. This placement is used so that maximum volume is applied to every modulation you have.

Another reason why tremolo pedals should be placed with your amp and other pedals is so that you can control it with your foot while your hands are busy playing the strings.

If you want your best tremolo pedal to sound subtle, you can also place your tremolo pedal before “delay” but after “chorus”. This setting is used when you want to slice but also want repeat extensions.

  1. What does a tremolo pedal sound like?

Tremolos are used to change the modulation effect of your signal. It plays with the oscillation of your volume and makes the sound signal come out wobbly. This function allows it to give a wide variety of sounds. A slight change in just a few notes can give an absolutely new direction to your existing music entirely. It allows you to experiment and create various new tunes.

The best tremolo pedal is mostly used to create sounds like shuddering. It adds a dramatic effect with just simply changing the volume settings. Tremolos are used to create chirpings, purrs, and a dissertation of sound. It also helps in creating vintage and the 50s, and 60s sounds.

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William Larson

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