Check Out 5 Best Beginner Electric Guitar in 2020

“The guitar was my weapon, my shield, to hide behind.” – Brian May. To have a shield like a guitar to hide behind, an individual would have to know about the best beginner electric guitar which would help one to start his/her journey into the musical world.

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Know about everything related to the best electric guitar before purchasing one.

Best Beginner Electric Guitar

How much should one spend on electric guitars?

It is one of the most confusing aspects of a guitarist, especially who is a beginner. The prices vary massively depending on quality, brand, texture, etc. It seems that the more one spends,the better it gets. People broadly prefer best electric guitar under $500. However, for some people, $300 is more than enough to have an electric guitar,and for some, it can rise to $1000 or more.


Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

Body: Alder
FretBoard: Rosewood
Bridge System: tremolo
Pickup Configuration: humbucker

Epiphone Les Paul Special-II Electric Guitar

Body: Basswood
FretBoard: Rosewood
Bridge System: Tune-O-Matic
Pickup Configuration: humbucker

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Telecaster

Body: Basswood
FretBoard: Maple
Bridge System: String Through Body
Pickup Configuration: Combination

Squier by Fender Affinity Series

Body: Alder
FretBoard: Maple
Bridge System: Hardtail Bridge
Pickup Configuration: single-coil

Full-Size Hollow body Firefly Electric Guitar

Body: Basswood
Bridge System: Tune-o-matic stop tail bridge
Pickup Configuration: 2 Chrome humbucker

One can always opt for a cheap electric guitar as it is ideal for beginners. It helps one to understand the tone, texture, feel of the guitar, etc. as he/she learns to play this instrument.

Now let’s take a look at the 5 best beginner electric guitars

1. Fender Vintage Modified Telecaster Electric Guitar

Fender, the company name says it all. This is one of the most renowned companies in the world and in the business of making the best beginner electric guitar for decades.

  • Feel

This is a vintage guitar gives off a classic vibe for an unmistakable feeling. This guitar comes with a maple neck with classic styling. Fret board offers a presence of notes while assisting the player play it fast and feel comfortable doing so. Also, vintage tuner style aids in keeping the axe in proper tune even after several bends.

  • Look

It offers the exact vintage look by having a traditionally shaped body. Also, there is a Telecaster which is modified with hum bucking pickup near the neck. Apart from it, the neck is made of maple wood and body is basswood. In addition, strings are set through bridge which helps in increasing sustain.

  • Sound

Thus custom design comes with hum bucking pickup which offers a beefy big tone. Also, the expanded section for control offers a unique dial in tones. Moreover, each pickup has a set of its own tone controls and volume. Proper setting will let a player have lush sounds.

What makes it unique?

This guitar costs just $400 approx and still it offers perfect sound for jazz, rock, blues, country, and more. It is the best electric guitar under $500

best beginner electric guitar

2. Epiphone Les Paul Special-II Electric Guitar

This is one of the best selling models of Les Paul series and is ideal for beginners. It offers all aspects of Les Paul series. which can be best beginner electric guitar for you.

  • Feel

The smooth fretboard offer players to play anything from fast riffs or solos to slow and soulful notes. Hence, it is used by guitar players of every genre, making it quite a popular piece not only for novices but also for seasoned pros.

  • Look

The body and neck are made out of Okoume along with dot inlay fingerboard. The neck and bridge pickups are Epiphone 650R,and 700T, both of these are open coil humbucker pickups. Also, it has one volume and tone control buttons for setting it accordingly. Pickup selector is a 3-way toggle for easy usage.

  • Sound

What people love about this cheap electric guitar is that at such a low price it offers a great sound which aids in delivering long sustain as well as ideal tones which higher priced Les Paul offers.

What makes it awesome?

The thing that makes it amazing is that at such a low price it offers Les Paul true tones and its stopbar tailpipe and Tune-o-Matic lock tone bridge helps in changing strings easier and play long sustains.

best beginner electric guitar

3. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

It was launched in 1990,and people still use this model due to its superior quality and tone which is hard to come by.

  • Feel

It provides a great feel to guitarists as it makes guitar playing fun due to its low tension because of the strings. It also helps in grasping initial concept quite well. It is the best beginner electric guitar.

  • Look

It comes with rosewood fretboard and body made of solid alder. It has a bolt-on maple neck along with block saddle vintage tremolo and diecast tuners. It has two single pickups and one humbucker. Also, it has volume and tone control which is pull-push coil split.

  • Sound

Due to different pickups in this model, sound depends on a guitarist. From a beefy rock sound to a crispy tone of country music, all can be played in this best beginner electric guitar. It can provide a versatile sound which is ideal for jam, practice, playing at small gigs, recording sessions, etc.

What sets it apart from others?

The smaller fret radius helps a player to play it easily. Hence, it is ideal for beginners as they can play it easily and also the different tones helps one to grow as a musician as it aids in creativity and learning.

best beginner electric guitar

4. Squier by Fender Affinity Series 

Another guitar from fender which is ideal for beginners. It comes under the best electric guitar under $300 category.

  • Feel

It is one of the best beginner electric guitar. It offers a great feel while playing as the fret board aids one to learn notes easily on it. It offers a classic vibe,and this guitar is said to be where Fender outdid themselves.

  • Look

This best beginner electric guitar offers an iconic style as it is adapted from Telecaster. However, it is fitted with updated technology. It comes with a C shaped maple neck profile. The fingerboard is either of rosewood or maple — three-way switching with Telecaster single coil pickups.

  • Sound

It has a crisp, bright sound when played through an adequate sound system. It has a natural tele sound which iconic telecaster guitars offer at a low price.

Its unique aspect

The easy playability which every beginner requires for getting better at playing is available. The fretboard and smooth neck offer players comfort when using it.

best beginner electric guitar

5. Full-Size Hollow body Firefly Electric Guitar

This is another one of the best electric guitar for the money. It is an ideal guitar for novices which weighs just 12.55 lbs.

  • Feel

This hollow body guitar offers guitarists to play amazing funk, soul, blues and rock music. Also, the bridge and fretboard offer great comfort to fingers of a guitarist when playing fast or slow notes.

  • Sound

It has a natural raw tone that resonates perfectly with through its body and amp helps in making a sustain rich. Hence, this type of hollow guitars is even used by professionals when they are jamming with a group or practicing alone.

  • Look

This is a semi-acoustic guitar which comes with a double ‘f’ cutaway that gives it a remarkable style. It has an adjustable bridge and chrome hardware and humbucker pickups.

What is unique?

It is ideal for all beginners who are looking to play soul, funk, blues or rock music. Also, it costs approx $300.

best beginner electric guitar

Buying guide for novice

When opting to buy a guitar, there are a few things which a person should know. Through this guide, one can get all the information he/she requires before buying the best beginner electric guitar for him/herself.

1. Body types

There are three types of body available for guitars; solid, hollow and semi-hollow. Under solid body, two names which are quite famous throughout the world are Fender and Gibson. If players want to purchase a Fender, then he/she should opt for the best electric guitar for beginners who are Super Strat, Stratocaster or Telecaster. If opting for Gibson, then should try Les Paul series.

Complete hollow body refers to acoustic guitars mainly. It is good to practice on such as it helps in developing the basics. Semi-hollow bodies are electric guitars which offer tones and resonance of hollow bodies but prevents feedback which allows it to be used with amps and speakers.

2. Neck types

Two types of guitar necks are available, thin and thick for best electric guitar. Thin ones are modern guitars mainly which is ideal for shredding such as guitars from ESP or Ibanez. These are U-shaped where edges are distinct.

Gibson D and Fender U are two of the thickest necks which electric guitar has come up it in the past. The common neck shapes are V, U, and C.


  1. What electric guitar strings should I buy?

For beginners lighter string gauge is ideal. However, advanced or professional players can also opt for heavier ones. Always genre one plays depends a lot when choosing strings.

  1. What are the best beginner electric guitar brands?

There are numerous electric guitar brands. However, some of the best beginner electric guitar brands are Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, etc. are good for beginners.

  1. Is the electric guitar easier to play than acoustic?

Playing music is not an easy task be it electric or acoustic guitars. However, electric guitar strings are soft which makes it easy for a player’s fingers.

  1. Can I learn the electric guitar before acoustic?

It depends on a person which one he/she would like to start with. Many prefer to start learning with acoustic one while some opts for learning electric guitar from the beginning.

  1. Do all electric guitars sound the same?

Not at all! All electric guitars don’t sound the same. All guitars have different properties which makes them and the sound they produce unique.