5 best cheap midi keyboard available online

If playing a keyboard has always fascinated you or you have always dreamt about performing in live shows, then buddy, you need to make that dream turn into a reality. Midi keyboards are perfect for traveling musicians and desktop producers. They let you compose, record and perform with your own virtual sets of instruments. They not only expand the musical ideas of the musician but also diversify the tunes by harmonically coordinating your composed sounds with every other instrument.

They are ideal for playing bass lines, chords, melodies, etc. If you are in need of your own midi keyboard but couldn’t find a perfect one to match your needs and within your budget, then this could be the perfect place for you. Here, after doing rigorous research, we have listed down a couple of best cheap midi keyboard which can be purchased as and when required.

Check out the best cheap midi keyboard

  1. Akai Professional MPK Mini MK11 25 MIDI Keyboard

Akai Professional MPK Mini MK11 25 MIDI Keyboard - best cheap midi keyboards

With its tagline as “Go mobile, without losing control” this company’s midi keyboard is an ultra-compact commodity. It incorporates a designed controller for the nomadic musicians and desktop producers. The commodity also includes a series of new features which makes easy recording, composing and plug-ins possible. Fueled with AIR music technology, this high definition synthesizer covers the best features of an analog system benefitted with futuristic capabilities of digital manipulation. It also incorporates all the MPC essentials and has an extended version of VIP 3.1. With this product, it is easy to take control and “plugin and play” can be done effortlessly at any time and at any place.


  • It incorporates 25 velocity-sensitive synth actual keys.
  • It includes an innovative 4-way thumbstick.
  • It is 100% robust, compact and USB powered.
  • It comes with 8 q link knobs for the perfect blend of mixing and tweaking plug-ins.
  • It is regarded as one of the best cheap midi keyboard available online.


  1. Midiplus’ 32 key midi controller 32 key (AKM320)

Midiplus' 32 key midi controller 32 key (AKM320)

This midi keyboard masters a keyboard controller which includes pitch and modulation wheels, octave buttons, transpose buttons, and volume sliders. It efficiently sustains the pedal input. Being powered with USB cables, it is easy to use and to work with. Its interface is user-friendly with velocity-sensitive keys to understand it’s mode of operation precisely. Moreover, the interface’s design is made simple and clear. It is made compact with a light and thin body. This makes it easier to be carried out for performances or creations. It’s plug and play where you can enjoy playing your music everywhere and at any time you want.


  • It comes with 32 note velocity-sensitive mid-size keys.
  • It comes with sets of modulation wheels and octave buttons.
  • It can efficiently be connected to a power supply via it’s USB port.
  • It gives an extra attachment of USB cable.


  1. Worlde Panda’s MINI Portable 25 keys USB keyboard MIDI Keyboard

Worlde Panda's MINI Portable 25 keys USB keyboard MIDI Keyboard

This product by Worlde is the perfect example of research, develop and produce. This trustworthy product is highly cost-effective and is 100% suitable for beginners. It’s eight fully assignable colorful pads are highly efficient in triggering samples. Being equipped with 8 RGB backlit pads, USB interface, this product is drive free and hot-plug supported. It incorporates a number of knobs which makes easy mixing and composing of music possible. This versatile and easy to use Panda keyboard can be a great companion to accompany you on your live performances.


  • It consists of 8 RGB backlit pads.
  • It comes in 7 different colors.
  • It consists of 25 velocity assigned keys.
  • It is highly compatible with Win XP/Vista and Mac OSX.
  • It is also one of the best cheap midi keyboards across the world.


  1. Korg 25 Key Midi Controller (NANOKEY2BK)Korg 25 Key Midi Controller (NANOKEY2BK) - best cheap midi keyboard

This commodity by Korg is highly convenient to use, bears a compact control surface and can be easily set up for immediate use. It provides eight channels for the easy control of music software. The product also features a dedicated section of transport and intuitive control. It makes easy provision of knob, fadera, and three switches via which panning, recording, etc can be done with great ease. The whole setup is really convenient for recording automation for multiple channels. It’s a matte black color with bright colored keys, provides the perfect look to match your daily style.


  • It incorporates a USB setup for a sustainable setup.
  • It can control your DAW completely.
  • It comes with an inbuilt Korg Kontrol Editor Software.


  1. Alesis’ V49 49 key USB Midi Keyboard

Alesis' V49 49 key USB Midi Keyboard

The Alesis V49 is one of the amazing product in the category of midi keyboards. It’s powerful and intuitive MUDI controller lets you give the accurate command to your computer’s music software. This saves up your capacity for dynamic performances. Playing of bass lines, chords and melodies can be efficiently done on it with the complete utilization of 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys. It also comes with octave buttons which allows you to expand the keyboard according to your desired melodic range. If you are still in doubt about purchasing your own midi keyboard, then this product can be a total relief. With multiple customer’s reviews and best ratings, this is totally a genuine and reliable product to go for.


  • It comes with 49 full sized keys and 8 pads.
  • It can easily be adjusted according to your style.
  • It also includes a premium software suite.


These best cheap midi keyboards are perfect for your budget and are highly efficient in bringing out the best sounds and tunes. Their inbuilt features provide the best intonation, best music software support and help in uplifting your confidence so that from next time, you can rock your every live performance with style.

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