The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers – Buy Now!

Vic Firth American Classic

Vic Firth American Classic

5a drumsticks
Woody tip
Classic sticks
Hickory made
Beginners and professionals
Intensive drumming
Versatile sound quality
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Cooper Groove Performance

Cooper Groove Performance

Good grip
Light weight
Woody tip
Hickory made
Sensory feedback
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Regal Tip 111NT Regal Hick Sticks

Regal Tip 111NT Regal Hick Sticks

Thinnest drumsticks
Smaller stick
Light weight
Non-slip finish
Nylon tips
Good sound quality
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Vater VH5AW Wood Tip

Vater VH5AW Wood Tip

5a drumsticks
Low budget
Superior quality
Good response on the drums
Light weight
Hickory made
Wooden tip
Available in different colours
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Pocket Stix Maple

Pocket Stix Maple

Shorter sticks
Best for kids and beginners
Extremely light weight
Best marching drumsticks
Maple wood made
Woody tips
Available in different colours
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Zildjian Maple Green Dip

Zildjian Maple Green Dip

Best for jazz, metal and rock
Suited for beginners and professionals
Good in grip and size
7a drumsticks
Light weight
Not so loud noise of the sticks
Double coating
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Promark Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak 747

Promark Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak 747

Endorsed by the world’s greatest drummer
Bit heavy in weight
Superior sound quality
Comfortable balance over the grip
Warm tone
Versatile use
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Colour Changing LED

Colour Changing LED

Best for kids
Flashy drumsticks
7 different colours
Poly-carbonated material
5b drumsticks
In built batteries
Motion activated
Good quality
Less intensity strikes
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Maple Wood

Maple Wood

Maple wood made
Lighter than hickory
5a drumsticks
Warm and soothing sound of the sticks
Wooden tips
Good grip
No slipping off
Rebound from the snare drum is better than others
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1
Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip

Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip

Hickory made
Nylon tip
Best drumsticks for mesh heads
Light weight
Non slippery
Perfect for jazz, rock and metal
Small and round tip
Produces good sound quality
The Best Drum Sticks for Professional Drummers - Buy Now! 1

Who does not get the vibe of drumming? We suppose that every one of us gets this at least once in our lifetime! Drumming is considered to be an art and the sound that drumming produces is indeed music to the ears! What is more important in drumming are the drumsticks. The major role in drumming is without a doubt played by the drum sticks!

In order to get hold of the best drum sticks, it is essential to get your knowledge updated about the different drumsticks that are available in the market. There are different drumsticks for a different set of drums. All you need to do is learn about your drum kit and then decide on your drumsticks because the selection of the drumsticks is one of the main tasks for a drummer!

Everything about drumming depends on the type of drumsticks that you are using and hence, in order to produce the best results and have a great life in the drumming career, you need to have the best drum sticks at your service!

The process might scare you, but we are at your service! This article will take you on a tour and guide you about the several drumsticks that are the ideal pair for you! When you shop after reading our article, it will indeed be a happy shopping!

Best Drum Stick – Buying Guide

Buying the best drum sticks is not the only thing. There are several other factors, which need to be considered. It may happen that a pair of drumsticks that fits everyone is not the one that fits you. Because of these, it is highly advisable to look for the detailed factors that may affect your purchase of the best drum sticks!

Factors to look for while buying the best drumsticks

To ease you out of difficulties and save you some time, the list below provides all the possible factors that you may have to consider while making your purchase:

  • Size of the drumsticks- While it may occur to you that drumsticks are of the same size, but it really is not! Drumsticks are of various sizes and hence, you should go for the ones that fit your hand size properly. Too big drumsticks can cause trouble for you to play the drums, whereas too short sticks can also be an uncomfortable match for you. Choosing the correct sized drumsticks is the most feasible option!
  • Types of drumsticks- There are different types of drumsticks for different types of drums. There are the best drumsticks for electronic drums, best drumsticks for jazz, best drumsticks for beginners, best drumsticks for metals and so on the list continues! In order to find the ideal pair of drumsticks, you must know what type of drums you will be playing with it, so that there is no difficulty in your drumming sessions!
  • The material of the sticks- The best drumsticks are made up of good and hard material that will not break easily. It is a known fact that drumming includes beating and pounding. In order to ensure that your drumsticks do not break, the materials are one of the important factors that need to be considered before having your purchase. The durable sticks are the ones that will help a budding drummer grow into a professional one, without any difficulty.
  • Weight of the sticks- Are you one of the heavy drummers who have a tendency to hit the drums hard? This point is especially for you then! The weight of the drumsticks plays an important role in the life of a drummer.
  • A heavily weighted drumstick may cause the drummer difficulty in drumming. If you are a heavy drummer, a light weighted stick will not be durable to you. In that case, it is always advisable for you to select a heavily weighted drumstick. Know your type of drumming and accordingly go for the purchase of drumsticks.
  • The shape of the sticks- While this point will make little or no sense to you, it is indeed an important point to take into consideration. The shape of the drumsticks defines the sound. The bigger the surface that comes in contact with the drum while hitting it, the less will be the sound quality and vice versa. A round bead will produce a more defined sound than a sharp arrow pointed bead.
  • Size of the taper- The size of the taper ensures the amount and quality of rebound sound you will be getting after hitting the drums and cymbals. A longer taper will offer a faster rebound and a quicker response. A short taper will simultaneously offer less rebound with more power and increased durability. A medium-sized taper is the most ideal and balanced drumstick. Look carefully for the taper size of the stick and choose accordingly your choice of the stick.
  • Budget- Lastly, the one factor that comes down to everything is your affordability and budget. Setting your budget prior to the purchase is an immensely important task that all needs to do. Allocate your budget and check for the features that you want in your drumstick. The best drumsticks will be on a higher notch but if you are really determined in playing drums, then let us make you sure that it will be worth it!

Having the best pair of drumsticks is not the final thing in your drumming sessions. Along with sticks, you would also need the best bass pedals for completing your drum set! Purchasing the right pair of best drumsticks for the very first time is not possible. So, it is okay if you experiment a bit about the drumsticks and then settle for your best pick!

One stick that can be the best may not fit you for various reasons. Because of all these, it is advisable to try the basic ones first and then go for the one that can be ideal for you! Because always remember, experimenting with something you love doing cannot have a backfire effect on you!

Best Drum Stick Reviews

After going through all the factors for selecting the drumsticks, it is time that you choose the indeed ‘best’ drumsticks for your drumming sessions!

More than happy we are to provide you with a list comprising of the best drumsticks that you can get hold of! The list is eccentric, full of minute yet essential features and details that are without a fail going to help you find the best product for you!

  1. Vic Firth American Classic

Vic Firth American Classic

The American Classic by Vic Firth is one of the most precious and amazing drumsticks that in no way could be placed #2 on the list of the best drum sticks! Along with being the most precious one, it is also one of the most praised drumsticks in the music world!

As the name suggests, many of the drummers would consider this piece of drum stick as a classic one and been made in the USA, it is no wrong to think that it is indeed a classic piece! It is one of the best 5a drumsticks, which is currently ruling the market.

It has a woody tip and the whole stick is been made from hickory. The best thing about hickory products is that it is durable drumsticks and strong and hence, it does not break easily. It is the best-suited drumsticks for fast and consistent playing, which makes this pair of sticks a fitted one for all genres!

The special quality of this product is that it can be a great set of drumsticks for beginners as well as for professionals. Now you know why this pair of drumsticks have been listed in the top drumsticks! The sticks are light weighted, making them the best drum sticks for a practice pad.

This set of drumsticks is a great pair for doing intensive practice and without a second thought; it goes as if it is the best drumsticks for a rock band! If you are not very sure about choosing your ideal drumsticks, then this is the one and it will surely not disappoint you!

  • As far as the quality is concerned, it is considered to be the best quality drumsticks because of its woody tip and hickory built surface.
  • Because of its durability and special features, it is a good drumstick for beginners as well.
  • The company is reliable and has a separate fan base for its quality drumsticks fitted for intensive drumming.
  • The woody tip produces a great and versatile sound quality.

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  1. Cooper Groove Performance

Cooper Groove Performance

Moving down in the list of the best drumsticks in the world, there is simply no way anything can take the #2 place but Cooper Groove Performance! Being the best drumsticks for a drum set, it is a wonderful option for the beginners and young drummers out there!

If comfort while drumming is important to you, then there is no chance, you can ignore this pair of good drumsticks! The drumsticks provide you with an amazing grip that does not let your hands pain. Because of its lightweight and easy grip, there is no chance that the drumsticks would fall off your hands!

The drumsticks have a woody tip and the sticks are been made out of hickory, which ensures you it to be the most durable drumsticks. The special feature of this drumstick is that it does not let your hands get sweaty and wet. It keeps your palms dry that in turn helps you in having a good grip.

This pair of drumsticks is been specially designed for those who have joint pain or any type of pain in their hands, which does not let them do drumming. It is one of the lightest drumsticks, which is available in the market! Start using this once to get the comfort feeling and classy vibe- all in one drumstick!

  • With a woody tip and hickory material, the drumstick is all set to be one of the most durable drumsticks.
  • Because of its good grip, it is a good drumstick for beginners to begin their journey of drumming.
  • The innovative handle of the stick comes with sensory feedback, which allows you to know where your grip is.
  • You will not be needing gloves or tapes to increase your grip on the drumstick and for keeping your hands dry.

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  1. Regal Tip 111NT Regal Hick SticksRegal Tip 111NT Regal Hick Sticks

Moving down to spot #3 in the list, the Regal Tip 111NT Regal Hick Sticks is probably the best one to fill up this spot! It is one of the thinnest drumsticks commercially available, which serves its purpose just the right way!

If you want to try your hands on a smaller stick, then surely this is the one for you! Because of its lightweight and thin structure, it is the best drumsticks for electronic drums. The company uses a non-slip finish with a slightly sticky coating that helps your hands to have a good grip over the sticks and ensures that it does not slip off!

Because the material used in manufacturing this pair of drumsticks is hickory, you can be well assured about its durability and the performance of the drumsticks! The sticks provide a clearer sound than most of the sticks and so, because of its high and clear sound quality, it is the best drumsticks for a marching band!

It comes in the list of the top 10 drumsticks because of its all-in-one features of lightweight, thin structure and good sound quality! The tip of the sticks is of nylon, ensuring more durability of the product.

  • The Regal Tip brand already has a steady market capture, which is why it is also a reliable source of drumsticks.
  • The drumsticks are good looking with nylon tips and hickory body material.
  • It is resistant to cracks as the nylon tips protect the drums from getting scratches.
  • If you are new in the drumming sector, then these might be the best drumsticks to start your sessions with!

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  1. Vater VH5AW Wood Tip

Vater VH5AW Wood Tip

If you are searching for the best 5a drumsticks in the market, then it is time for you to stop your search right here, as we have got the best one in store for you! It is the ideal drumsticks for the ones who have a low budget but wants a supreme quality product!

Being a good alternative for the high priced drumsticks, this is the most durable drumsticks that you will get in your well-fitted budget! The drumsticks are been made out of hickory and have a wooden tip, ensuring it to be one of the lightest drumsticks in the whole collection of instruments! The most attractive thing about this pair of drumsticks is that it is very well balanced.

Their heaviness towards the tip of the sticks and the lightweight of the body helps the drumsticks in maintaining the perfect balance. The heaviness does not feel so heavy because of its texture and structure.

Vater usually explains the characteristics of the drumsticks as having a fast attack and good response on the drums! This feature of the drumsticks makes them the best drumsticks for beginners as well as professionals.

Though made of hickory, the material is of the best quality hickory. It has the right moisture content with a straight structure, which signifies that the drumsticks are good drumsticks!

  • The sticks are extremely well balanced with heavy tips and light weighted body.
  • The drumsticks are available in a variety of colors, so it becomes easier for you to decide your color selection!
  • The best 5a drumsticks that will fit your budget.
  • The hickory used in the manufacturing of these drumsticks is the best type of hickory that ensures the supreme quality of the product.

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  1. Pocket Stix Maple

Pocket Stix Maple

The reason why the name of the drumsticks is ‘Pocket’ is because they are slightly shorter than the regular ones! If you are searching for a pair of drumsticks suitable for your child that is among the top drumsticks, then it is good for you that you have landed up with this article!

Putting in #5 in the list is Pocket Stix Maple. If you are thinking that these drumsticks are only suitable for a child, then let us correct you with this! The specialty of the drumsticks is that it is a good choice for both kids and beginner adults. This pair of drumsticks are made out of maple wood with woody tips that make the product extremely light weighted.

One advantage of your kid using this drumstick is that they would not accidentally hurt themselves with this! It is a hard match to find something so good in 5a sticks along with all the needed requirements! Though it is made of maple wood, the sound and feel of this stick are better than most of the plastic sticks available.

Being kid-friendly the drumsticks are available in a rainbow of colors, giving the child the to make the optimum choice of his life! It is the best drumsticks for practice pad and for beginners who are ready to start their journey of drumming!

  • Because of its light-weighted structure and size, this pair of drumsticks are the best marching sticks that you can come across.
  • Being smaller in size than the rest of the drumsticks, it can easily fit into your pocket.
  • It falls in the category of the best cheap drumsticks.
  • It can be considered a good drumstick for beginners because of its various features.

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  1. Zildjian Maple Green Dip

Zildjian Maple Green Dip

Coming on to #6 in the list of top 10 drumsticks, you are wrong if you think that we are going to miss out on naming Zildjian Maple Green Dip in the list! Securing a special place in the hearts of the young and budding drummers as well as the rock drummers, this product is a real saver!

Considering it to be the best drumsticks for metal and one of the best drumsticks for jazz, you can only imagine the product to be the real best drumsticks! Being the best 7a drumsticks, it is good in grip and size. The green dip is a double coating provided by the company, which provides a great grip over the sticks and ensures that it would not just drop off while you are passionately drumming!

The drumsticks are made out of maple, which is the reason behind the lightweight it. Considering hickory products, they are a bit less expensive but we are making sure for you that there is no drop down in the quality of it! For beginners, it is the perfect pair because of mainly two reasons: its lightweight and the sound of the sticks are not so very loud like the rest of them!

Considering beginners in drumming, it is indeed a great choice of drumsticks. 7a drumsticks made from maple with woody tips is a rare combination yet we are presenting the best to you!

  • The double coating provides a good grip over the sticks, ensuring that it does not let you compromise on your comfort and technique of playing the drums.
  • The sticks do not make a loud noise, which is an advantage for many parents, as they do not encourage such noises at all times.
  • The lightweight of the sticks is an added bonus because of the good experience that it provides the drummers while drumming.
  • Flashy colored 7a drumsticks that are a fit for all sorts of drumming.

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  1. Promark Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak 747

Promark Japanese Shira Kashi White Oak 747

In the list of the best drumsticks, #7 is endorsed by Neil Peart, who has got a spot in the world’s greatest drummers! Though endorsed by him, the sticks have their own impressive features that have led them to be on this list!

Shira Kashi is a super tough and strong wood that has been used to manufacture this pair of drumsticks! Oak is considered to be a more dense product than hickory and that is why this product is a bit heavy in weight than the rest. It is the best drumsticks for mesh heads and one of the best sticks for electronic drums because of its superior sound quality.

The drumsticks have more power than any other type of stick, which is a plus point for the rock drummers. The medium taper provides a comfortable balance over the grip. Along with it, the oval tip provides a desirable warm tone and makes the drummer feel good about his drumming! Several videos of Neil Peart shows that this pair of drumsticks are the best drumsticks for a rock band.

Being capable of meeting the needs of all drummers, this pair of eccentric drumsticks is the ideal choice for any professional drummer who is ready to go deep into this music sector!

  • A high-quality product that produces an amazingly soothing sound and the sticks does not require loud beating to produce the sounds.
  • The drumsticks can have a versatile use for playing.
  • The sticks have a balanced response to pounding and hitting the drums, producing a warm and good tone.
  • The medium taper helps in the balanced response and rebound effect of the drumming.

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  1. Colour Changing LED

Colour Changing LED

Presenting to you something very different and unique- a color-changing LED drumsticks! Grabbing the #8 position in the list of best drumsticks in the world, this product is surely not going to disappoint in any way!

A drumstick flashing bright colors each time when it is hitting the drums! How cool does it sound? It is exactly as cool as you are imagining it to be! Having seven different colors, this pair of drumsticks come with batteries in them. They are made up of poly-carbonated material and comes in the size of 5b.

If you find it difficult for your kids to practice drumming, these flashy color-changing sticks can definitely be the way to it! The special color-changing feature attracts the kids and hence, it is one of the best sticks for electronic drums. It is a light weighted pair of sticks that can fit your purpose just the right way!

The motion-activated feature of the drumsticks is what makes it stand out from the rest of them. If you are looking for some fun time while drumming, then there is no other better way to do it rather than drumming with a pair of flashy LED drumsticks!

  • The poly-carbonated material is of good quality that makes the sticks durable.
  • Along with being suitable for kids, the pair of drumsticks is also a great pick for adult beginners as well as professionals. The flashy lights vibe extra with the mood!
  • Coming in the 5b size, the batteries are of high quality that can easily be replaced.
  • The strikes are of less intensity and hence, it can be a well-fit pair of drumsticks for electronic drums.

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  1. Maple Wood

Maple Wood

Getting back to the basics again, the good drumsticks are back again on the list for you! Maple wood is one of the best drumsticks in the world and lets us have the honor of providing you with the details about it!

If you are a versatile drummer, then there cannot be a better choice than this pair of drumsticks for you! They are been beautifully designed in the 5a size. As the name suggests, it is been built out of maple wood, which in fact is lighter than hickory and definitely easy to play with! The wooden tip helps to put a wide range of sounds in the music.

The sound coming out of the drums by using this drumstick is warm and soothing. It does not require heavy hits, as they are beautiful in their own way! Being a fit in all the genres, this drumstick is the most common pick of all the professional rock drummers, which makes this product the best drumsticks for jazz and the best drumsticks for rock as well.

The maple wood drumsticks provide a good grip and as a result, there is no chance of slipping away. It also has a comfortable and smooth texture that does not let your palms get sweaty.

  • The drumsticks have a smooth texture that allows the drummer to play the drums as fast as they want to.
  • The drumsticks are widely used because of their feature to support all types of drumming.
  • The sound quality produced by the drumsticks is amazing and soothing. The rebound from the snare drum is better than most of the drumsticks available in the market.
  • The oval wooden tip has created a full and warmer tone with light strokes with the drumsticks.

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  1. Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip

Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip

If you are not so confident about the wooden tips of the drumsticks because you are scared of it breaking, then we have got the best solution for you! The Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip is here for your rescue!

Nylon tips are generally more durable than wooden tips and so, this product is much more durable than ones with wooden tips. The stick is been built out of hickory and the size of the sticks is between 5a and 5b. The nylon tips are durable and the best drumsticks for mesh heads, making them the ideal drumsticks for cymbals, rock, pop, and jazz!

The tips being small and round gives the cymbal the best sound effect with the utmost level of clarity. Being suitable for all modern genres, this pair of drumsticks have a special place in the heart of all the drummers!

The light-weighted structure of the sticks makes it easier for the drummer to carry them. This also ensures that the sticks do not slip away from the hands of the drummer!

  • The company guarantees the nylon tips not falling off due to the everyday use of drumming.
  • The nylon tips are immensely light weighted.
  • Though coming in between two sizes, this is the ideal selection for any professional drummer.
  • The round and small nylon tips of the drumsticks are durable and produce clear sound from the cymbals.

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Everyone wants to experience drumming once in his or her lifetime- whether it is a kid or an adult! The best drumming experience comes from using the best drumsticks and the best drum sets. As already mentioned above in the list, drumsticks can be of varied sizes and types.

All you need to do is, decide your type of drumsticks and start practicing! Agreeable enough, it is impossible to select the perfect and the most suited drumsticks in the initial stages of drumming. For that, you have to use the different types of drumsticks and then choose the best one for yourself!

Always remember, while choosing the drumsticks, you need to take proper notice of the details and reviews of the products because there is no way we would want your drumming experience to go bad after all!


  1. Which drumsticks are best for beginners?

    Considering beginners, the best option for drumsticks is go with the 5a sticks. Their size and the oval shape of the tip makes any drumming style look and feel easy. Generally, the 5a sticks are lighter in weight than the rest of the drumsticks, so it is comparatively a better option for budding drummers to start their career in drumming.
    Since beginners require more practice, thinner and lighter drumsticks are preferable. Along with these, 5a sticks have a good sound quality that makes the drummer feel good about their sessions.

  2. What is the difference between 5a and 5b drumsticks?

    The numbers on the drumsticks denote the weight and diameter of the sticks. The higher the number, the thinner and lighter will be the drumsticks. 5a drumsticks are oval-shaped tip with a lightweight and thin structure. 5b drumsticks are much thinner than the 5a sticks and tend to be more professional for the drummers.
    The diameter of the drumsticks is the main thing that makes each drumstick different from the other. Your selection of the drumstick will entirely depend on the size and weight of the drumstick that you can handle. As a beginner, it is best for you to start your drumming sessions with a 5a stick, as it is lighter. Moving ahead in the drumming sector, one can slowly shift to 5b and 7a sticks that are much lighter and thinner in size and structure.

  3. What drumsticks last the longest?

    The main work of the drumsticks is pounding and beating the drums! Drumsticks tend to wear out faster because of their use. Among all, Promark Japanese Shira Kashi Oak and Vic Firth American Classic are the most durable of all the drumsticks. While buying drumsticks, the main focus should be on the weight and size of the sticks and also, its durability. Since a drumstick faces constant use of it, it is highly advisable to buy sticks, which are durable in nature. Very often replacements of the drumsticks are not advised.

  4. How do you choose the drumsticks?

    As a beginner, while buying drumsticks, you should always consider the guide for buying the ideal drumsticks. There are certain factors that one needs to take care of while selecting the sticks. If you are a professional, you can proceed with the lighter sticks, namely 7a and 5b, because of their texture, structure, and way of handling.
    The lighter the sticks, the easier it is for the drummer to play their drums. Considering all the factors, one should take the decision of choosing their drumsticks. It is not possible to select the best-suited drumstick at the very first time, so experiment with all the others to find the best suited for you.

  5. What drumsticks do professionals use?

    Professionals usually use drumsticks that are thinner and lighter in weight so that their drumming can be flawless and smooth. Among all others, the best pick for professionals is Vic Firth American Classic, Maple Wood, and Promark Japanese Shira Kashi Oak.
    They are the premium quality drumsticks that are durable and hard, ensuring that it will not break easily. There is not much difference between a beginner’s stick and a professional’s stick. All that matters is the size and weight of the stick that the drummer can handle.

  6. What do drummers call their drumsticks?

    There is a separate library for all the ‘drumming’ words! According to the terminology of the drumming language, “brushes” generally means the drumsticks.
    Just like this, there are different names for the different drumming instruments that are unknown to the general public. Hop on to the terminology library of drumming and understand what the different parts of the drums are called!

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