How To Rehair Violin Bow?

Are you a violinist? Are you trying to rehair your violin bow? If yes, then this article is for you. The article has answered a few frequently asked questions and also has some generalized information on violin and how to rehair violin.

What is a violin bow?

A violin bow is a bow used for playing the violin. This tensioned rod or stick is usually prepared from horse’s tail hair. This hair is first processed and then dipped in rosin. Rosin is a chemical that facilitates friction. This friction is required for making the bow. The rosin sprayed on the violin it can cause vibration. When the vibration is caused, the instrument delivers a sound.  The violin bow has a stick-like shape. This bow has a material stretched on its ends which forms a ribbon-like structure. This structure is stroked or rubbed by the string to create the sound a violin creates. 

how to rehair violin

The hank of the horse hair is most of the time used for making a violin bow. Manufacturing violin bows is a demanding skill and therefore, good quality violins and violin bows are sold at a high price in the market. The maker of the bow should be able to choose a good quality material for making the violin stick. Along with that, carbon fiber and fiberglass are also used for making the violin bow. Recently, carbon fiber bows have been the ones that customers prefer. 

How to rehair violin bow?

Reharing the violin bow can be tough, and sometimes musicians consider getting it done by a professional. But it is also possible to do it at home. One of the tips for doing so is to have professional equipment ready. One of the challenges the musician faces while rehairing the bow at home is not having the equipment.  Another tip is to inspect the bow first and consider if it really needs maintenance.

If yes, then the user can start by trimming out the end in such a way that 4 inches are left from both sides. After doing that, the user has to clean the metal of the frog and also the windings. Keeping the violin clean and dust free is one of the easiest ways of increasing the life of the instrument. While removing the slide, the user has to lubricate it so that when he removes it the next time it is easier.

The user has to burn the edges of the hair to remove them, and he also has to cut the violin blocks. After doing everything, the user has to keep the violin away for a few hours and then spray rosin on it.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is another name for a violin brow?

    A violin brow is also called a fiddlestick. This name is given to it because of its shape and size of it.

  2. How much horse hair is required for making a brow?

    For making a brow, 160 to 200 hair is required.

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