5 best parlor guitar available online

Where the new generation of guitars is taking the whole world into its storm, the parlor guitars are no way less than them. Their origin can be dated back to 1990. Their usage by several people in the music industry suddenly hyped their craze and soon, they became essential for every guitar player.

Earlier, they were basically used to entertain guests but now, the best parlor guitar can efficiently be used as a way of channelizing one’s skills in the form of music. So, if you are a guitar lover and wanna own your own parlor guitar from ages, then, this could be the perfect place for you. Here, we have done our best in listing out the best parlor guitar to satisfy both your needs and budget.

  1. Ibanez’s PN1NT Parlor Acoustic Guitar w/ Stand

Ibanez's PN1NT Parlor Acoustic Guitar w/ Stand

This product from the brand Ibanez is one of the most rated product. Weighing up to 27 pounds and measuring to a dimension of 6 × 20 × 45 inches, it really tops the list of the best parlor guitar available all across the world. With this, you can get highly professional features and great quality of sound, with the assurance of the brand Ibanez.

The product also comes with a guitar stand to enable its easy installation. Its top portion is manufactured from spruce whereas the back and the sides are made up from mahogany. Its wooden texture adds a vintage look. Its metallic strings are highly durable and rust-free. This guitar provides effortless tuning, so, those daily practice sessions can be made possible with no delay.


  • It comes with an attachment of guitar stand.
  • It has no cutaway.
  • Its top wood is spruce.
  • The back and sides are made from mahogany.
  • It is one of the cheapest and best parlor guitar.


  1. Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar

Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar -best parlor guitar

Being one of the smallest guitars of the company, this guitar is highly efficient in its tone, quality and versatility. The product features a Sitka spruce top and includes HPL i.e High Pressure Laminated mahogany back and sides. It includes an overall satin finish. This wooden textured guitar is perfect to blend your skills with the perfect intonation. It is a better version of the ordinary 6- string acoustic-electric guitars. The whole design of the product is kept simple and elegant. It is 100% ideal to be taken down during traveling, student practice or for just playing around the campfire during bonfire night.


  • It measures to a weight of 8.3 pounds.
  • It comes with a Sitka spruce top.
  • It comes in a natural colour.
  • It also comes with a warranty.


  1. Alvarez’s Artist AP70W Parlor 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Alvarez's Artist AP70W Parlor 6 String Acoustic Guitar

This product by Alvarez is one of it’s best selling products. This parlor guitar, unlike other guitars, offers more modern sound with a better degree of projection. They can easily fit into any style of playing. It is made up of high quality toned woods and the neck and body have been designed with details. The product houses a set of metallic durable strings which provides the best grip to set them in tune. Being manufactured from solid A+ quality of Sitka spruce wood, this product of Alvarez comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is built up of A+ grade of Sitka spruce wood.
  • The neck is made up of mahogany wood.
  • The back and sides are made up of Walnut wood.
  • It is one of the best version of acoustic parlor guitars.


  1. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top with Padded Gigpad by C.F Martin & Co.

Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL Top with Padded Gigpad - best parlor guitar

This product is great for travelling, beginners and children. This compact, small and modified version of guitar, features a wooden high-pressure laminated top. It incorporates “1 style” Sitka spruce bracing. With its micarta fretboard and bridge, scale measuring up to 23″, strata bond that has been modified to a low oval neck shape and the famous Martin’s patented neck mortise, this product is one of it’s kind. It includes gotoh nickel-plated tuners with its headstock adorned by the company’s scripted logo. This product also comes along with a padded gig bag. Being available in different range of colours, this product is the perfect one to go for.


  • It comes with Sitka “1 style” spruce bracing.
  • It includes a patented neck mortise.
  • It also adorns a beautiful script at its headstock.
  • It is smaller in size and can efficiently be used.


  1. Ibanez PNB14E Parlor Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez PNB14E Parlor Acoustic Guitar

This category of guitar produced by the company Ibanez is a modern approach to the ancient guitar traditions. This product naturally extends itself into their acoustic bass collection. This is an inspiring tool which excels in its tone, style and playability features. Weighing up to 42.3 pounds and measuring up to dimensions of 9 × 20 × 47 inches in total, this product is perfect for beginners and students. Being manufactured from African mahogany with its neck carved out from mahogany, the product boasts of perfect design of fretboard and bridges. It contains a number of 18 frets in total. They are especially designed to thrive in and come into the limelight in wide variety of musical situations.


  • Its parlor body is elegant.
  • It’s neck, top, back and sides are carved out from African mahogany.
  • It includes laurel fretboard and bridge.
  • It contains a total of 18 frets.



So, these are the details of the best parlor guitar that can be purchased online. They are popular among the masses, comes under a good budget and provides the best utility. They deliver the best in quality and durability, as they come with the motto of providing the best to its customers.

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