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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar: Something You Don’t See Everyday

The moment you let your hands strum the best acoustic guitar, there’s only one thing you can hear: Peace. Generally, you immediately see what it’s being made out. This is especially the case when you’re checking out the construction. If you are looking for best acoustic guitar under 500 then here is the answer.

Of course, we want the best acoustic guitar to be made with nothing but the best materials the price can offer. This gives you an edge on creating beautiful sounds as well as putting aesthetics into play.

Acoustic Guitar

However, when the wood is of poor quality. You’ll automatically notice it from the start. This gives you a clue as the guitar isn’t being made well. You can expect to have a lackluster sound.

Now, let’s talk about the soundboard. This is basically what you see at the top. Now, this can either be one of two things – spruce or cedar.

Going to the first one, guitars which are spruce-topped offers a wider variation of timbres. Basically, it delivers brighter sounds.

On the contrary, with cedar guitars, they come in with a warmer yet darker sound. You’ll these to be both smooth and rich. If you’re going to check its exterior, it’s commonly built with the use of rosewood.

This is to ensure that it gives you a brighter and responsive instruments. At the other side of the spectrum, it can utilize mahogany as well. This gives the guitar an edge at dark sounds.

It’s important to know that the interior braces has some impact at the overall sound. For your information as well, if you have an awesome builder, this gives you the power to tune to your desire.

In addition, it delivers millimeter adjustments as well. This is for the bracing. So from we can conclude, small detail or not, it already plays a significant role. When choosing a guitar, be careful.

To help you out, here’s my acoustic guitar review!

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Jasmine, as lovely as the name is, offers us a beautiful looking guitar. Let’s see what we have here. We’re being put up with a dreadnought guitar.

It reproduces big bold sound as well. The features that it gives to the users are at an exceptional rate, you’re going to love it from head to toe.

Acoustic Guitar


This is ideal for someone who’s looking for a guitar which doesn’t create any hassle. This is a well-built acoustic guitar which is geared for an easy time of playing.

It carries specific features as well. This offers a spruce top along with its “X” bracing. It has been crafted with the best of Jasmine technology to fit your needs. This includes its back and sides, too. 

The neck is pretty slim. As a matter of fact, it has caught the attention of many. Due to how it’s being designed, its 25 1/2″ scale length is made to provide nothing but the best of comfort.

Wrapping It Up!

It delivers an exceptional playability. The little things matter, and its smooth satin finish is one of them. This isn’t just for design. It’s also for an increased sound quality. Overall, you’ll love it!

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