The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You

Yamaha YDP164B Arius Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP164B Arius Digital Piano

Great Quality Keys
Gives The Ultimate Acoustic Feel
Perfect for Concerts
Smart Pianist App
The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You 1
Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio CS-67 furniture stand
Casio SP-33 triple-pedal system
Austin Bazaar instructional DVD
Great Looks
The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You 2
LAGRIMA 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

LAGRIMA 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

88 weighted hammer keys
USB and MIDI terminal facilities
Two Headphone Jacks
Very Easy to Control
The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You 1
Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

Affordable Instrument for Smaller Living Spaces
Authentic Sound Quality
Online Piano Lessons
72 Different Rhythm
The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You 1
Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano

Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano

88 fully Weighted Keys
Adjustable Timbre
Great Connectivity
Stylish Looks
The Best Digital Piano Reviews of 2023: Find the Perfect Instrument for You 1

Pianos are probably the most beautiful musical instruments out there. Not only are they therapeutic to listen to, but they are also even therapeutic to play. According to many psychologists, playing a musical instrument greatly reduces any mental or physical stress. The best digital piano has its charm and is indeed one of the best musical instruments out there. However, the thing with pianos is that they are heavy-duty instruments, are usually very expensive, and take up a lot of space. Thanks to technology musicians have developed more modified versions of the traditional piano to make it easily available to everyone.

One of the most recently modified versions of a piano is the digital piano. The digital piano as the name suggests adds a touch of technology or digitalization to the traditional piano.

With regard to digital pianos, there are two schools of thought. One school of thought thinks that no modification can beat the acoustic piano in respect of authentic sound. The other school of thought thinks that due to digital pianos’ portability, compact size, and great sound quality, it is indeed a better option for beginners and novices. Another important factor that has people opting for digital pianos instead of traditional ones is that digital pianos are more affordable and are available in many customized forms. Both the schools of thought are correct in their places.

Now that we know about digital pianos, let us first know a few factors which you should consider before purchasing the best digital piano for yourself.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Digital Piano:

  1. Price Range: Thanks to the innovation of the creators of musical instruments, a diverse range of instruments spanning over a diverse price range are available these days. Gone are the days when you had to save up for a long time before you can purchase a digital piano for yourself. Due to the availability of affordable options and various financing options, things are easier these days. However, you do need to decide on a price range that is suitable for you. If you are a beginner, try and not over-indulge inexpensive digital pianos. Start with the more affordable versions and invest more when you’re sure of what you want.
  2. Brand: You must purchase your digital piano or any other musical instrument from a tried and trusted brand. The best brands will not only provide you with the best quality products but their products are also accompanied by long guarantee periods and the best after-purchase services. However, there are many brands out there that claim to be the best, and it may be a tiresome process to select the best brand for yourself. Make sure you assess all your options carefully.
  3. Specifications: There is a diverse range of digital pianos available in the market. Before you purchase the best digital piano for yourself, make sure you know the specifications you want. A high-grade digital piano has more features and is more on the expensive side of the price spectrum. A basic digital piano is perfect for beginners to start with and it is also affordable.


  1. Yamaha YDP164B Arius Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP164B Arius Digital Piano

We all have heard the name Yamaha. Whether it be vehicles or musical instruments, Yamaha guarantees superior quality and maximum customer satisfaction. The name Yamaha is in itself alone. One of the best brands to buy your digital piano from, here’s why this product may turn out to be the best digital piano for you.


  • Great Quality Keys: This digital piano has a wide-ranged 88-Key. It also comes with a strong and durable stand, bench, and a 3-Pedal. Since the piano comes with all these accessories you don’t have to purchase anything separately.
  • Gives The Ultimate Acoustic Feel: This digital piano has a special GHS weighted action that is lighter in high keys and heavier in low keys making it very similar to an acoustic piano. We all know how playing for long hours makes your hands sweaty as a result of which the keys become slippery, and your practice is affected. However, with this digital piano, this will never be a problem. Yamaha has specially designed this digital piano with high-quality matte black key tops which help absorb moisture and remain dry.
  • Perfect for Concerts: This digital piano from Yamaha is perfect for concerts. It has the best features like ease of use and is comparatively more portable than its competitors.
  • Smart Pianist App: A musical instrument that has a touch of technology doesn’t only make it easier for the musician to operate it but also provides him/her with many other avenues to express their creativity. This Yamaha digital piano has a Smart Pianist app that gives you full control over the functions of a piano. It also helps analyze your favorite tracks from your music library using the chord tracker technology. This will help you with access and is very useful for practice sessions.

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  1. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

Casio is another well-known name in the music industry. According to many digital piano reviews, this is probably the most value-for-money purchase you can make for yourself. Here’s why:

  • Amazing Features: This digital piano is most preferred by novices and professionals alike. Here are the best features that indeed make it a catch:

Casio CS-67 furniture stand- A high-quality, durable stand that makes sure your digital piano remains stable while playing and prevents it from damage. A strong and sturdy stand is very important for the optimal functioning of the musical instrument and the longevity of your piano.

Casio SP-33 triple-pedal system – An easy-to-use and highly functioning pedal system that is convenient for long playing hours. Since it is sensitive, you do not have to put a lot of pressure, and that makes it easy on your feet.

Furniture bench– Along with a bench to place your piano on, this piano also comes with a chair that you can use for yourself. This makes it very travel-friendly and adds to its portability.

Austin Bazaar instructional DVD– Are you a newbie and no matter how many videos you’ve watched, you still end up getting a few notes wrong? Worry not. With this intricate Harper Bazar instructional DVD, you can learn the A to Z of digital piano easily.

Hal Leonard instructional book– Not only DVDs but this kit also comes with a hard copy book for people who’re more comfortable with hardcover books rather than DVDs and CDs or any other video content.

Austin Bazaar polishing cloth– We all know how important it is to keep your musical instruments clean. However, you need to pay attention as to HOW to clean your instrument and not be too harsh with it. With this soft cleaning cloth, not only will your piano be cleaner, but you will also be protecting it from potential damage.

  • Great Looks: This digital piano by Yamaha has an elegant look and comes with a high-quality speaker system.
  • Output: This digital piano has two headphone outputs on the front; 1/4″ left and right line outputs. Hence if you want to practice with stereo headphones or stereo speakers, you can easily do so.

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  1. LAGRIMA 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

LAGRIMA 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

You may not have heard a lot about this brand, but according to many digital piano reviews, this may be the best digital piano for you. Here are a few features which will indeed convince you that this is the best purchase you can make for yourself.

  • Great Sound: LAGRIMA digital piano is equipped with 88 weighted hammer keys. Many people believe that digital pianos modulate the sounds too much and fail to produce authentic sounds. This does not hold for this digital piano
  • Features– This digital piano is also equipped with a

 -3 Pedal System (Sustain/Soft/Sostenuto Pedal)

– 64 Polyphony

-960 Tones

-Built-in Stereo Speakers

-LCD Display Screen

-80 Demo Songs/ Dual

-200 Rhythms

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With these amazing qualities, it is only obvious why this may be the best digital piano for you.

  • Great Functionality– This piano is very easy to control and hence is perfect or beginners. It is equipped with record/ touch/metronome/ split/ transpose/volume control/ play etc. with so many diverse options you can not only learn efficiently but also become a pro faster!
  • USB/Midi Terminal –Thanks to its USB and midi terminal facilities, it provides great connectivity. Connect it to your favorite Android or Apple device to mix and match with your original tracks. Not only this, but you can also use speakers and headphones for practice.
  • Quiet Mode – This digital piano as mentioned before comes with two headphone jacks; these jacks are located at the bottom of the piano. It is to be remembered that the headphone isn’t included. The headphone jack is 3.5 mm.
  1. Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

Another famous brand among musicians is Roland. This company is known to make the most diverse range of musical instruments of the highest quality. According to various digital piano reviews, here’s why this may be the best digital piano for you.

  • Affordability: This digital piano by Roland isn’t only stylish and classy to look at but it is also an affordable instrument for smaller living spaces. Hence, if you love playing the piano and have limited space in your home, this product may be perfect for you.
  • Authentic Sound Quality: This digital piano delivers the rich, authentic sounds that are very similar to that of a traditional, acoustic piano.
  • Online Piano Lessons: Are you a novice and don’t know where to start? Roland has your back. For the convenience of its valued customers, Roland has partnered with Skoove to offer three months of free online piano lessons, with unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. This would help you to become a pro in no time.
  • Diverse Functionality: The more diverse functionality a digital piano has, the better. This digital piano has 72 different rhythm styles and includes 6 pianist styles. This provides you with a lot of flexibility and hence makes it easier for you to learn.
  • Mix and Match: Bring out the professional musician in you by experimenting with 305 additional tones which include synthesizers, strings, electric pianos, guitars, organs, brass, etc.
  • Headphones for Practice: We all know how long hours of practice are not only difficult for the one who’s practicing but also everyone around them. With the headphones provided, you can easily practice away without disturbing anyone. You can also connect your favorite device with this digital piano for increased functionality.

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  1. Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano

Donner DDP-100 Digital Piano

Here’s why this digital piano may be the best choice for you.

  • Fully Weighted Keys: This digital piano has 88 fully weighted keys that are sensitive to the movement of your fingers and precisely match with strength changes. This helps the musician to produce very crisp and precise melodies.
  • Adjustable Timbre: This digit piano allows you to test and adjust the details of timbre repeatedly and hence provides a lot of flexibility.
  • Great Connectivity: This digital piano has great connectivity thanks to having ample terminals for the use of headphones or for using any other accessories like amplifiers. You can also connect your android or apple device to the piano.
  • Stylish Looks: This digital piano doesn’t only have the best features, but it also has beautiful, sleek looks. This is perfect for piano lovers who would love to add a classy touch to their living space.

Looking at the above list, we may say that this list is only an inclusive one and many other options may turn out to be the best digital piano for you. However, this list has been carefully prepared after considering all factors like affordability, quality, and availability. Make sure you go through our recommended products to be able to purchase the best digital piano for yourself. Use this article as a tool for your research. If you are still unable to decide make sure you take the help of a professional or a friend who knows their way around digital pianos.

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The best digital piano is an amalgamation of acoustic pianos and electronic keyboards. Digital pianos allow for greater diversification in sounds because they allow for sound alteration. They are larger than a keyboard and are usually the same length (88 keys) as an acoustic piano.

The sound quality of digital pianos is often better than keyboards because they have quality built-in speakers, but due to this, it weighs more, and that reduces the portability. In comparison to the keyboard, a digital piano is less portable. Digital pianos also have “weighted keys” that give a feeling of playing an acoustic piano. If you are someone who would love to get the feel of playing a traditional piano while wanting your piano to be more portable than the traditional one, a digital piano is the best option for you.

Electronic keyboards are usually smaller than the traditional acoustic pianos and have 61 keys with around 4 or 5 octaves. Keyboards are travel friendly and perfect for the busy musician who needs to travel a lot. Not only this, but electronic keyboards are also able to provide a wider range of sounds and are compatible with computers via MIDI or USB connections. This caters to the musician’s need for getting more creative with their music.

The acoustic piano is the original piano that has been around since the 1700s. This piano has approximately 88 keys and 6 octaves.


Digital pianos can be broadly classified into three groups namely:

  • Upright digital pianos
  • Stage digital pianos
  • Grand digital pianos

An upright piano more or less looks like an original piano. These best digital piano are designed to sit up against a wall. These best digital piano looks very aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for practicing at home. Due to their aesthetic looks, they also act as beautiful showpieces in your living room.

Stage pianos are more portable than upright digital pianos and are designed especially for musician who travels a lot for shows and concerts. This type of piano doesn’t resemble the traditional piano in any way. It looks more like an electric synthesizer. However, don’t be fooled by its looks. It is capable of producing very authentic piano sounds and is also considered by most professional musicians.

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