Denon AH-D5200 Headphone Review: The Ultimate Guide to Quality Audio

A Japanese electronic company, Denon was established in 1910. The company manufactures top-notch audio equipment. Initially, it was named Nippon Senki Onkyo Kabushikigaisha which was renamed Denon. It started with few products, but now it specializes in the manufacture of various audio equipment including tuners, headphones, music systems, and A/V receivers.

The high-quality audio equipment produces high-fidelity sound. Denon ah-d5200 headphone review includes the most number of positive feedback because of its unique features. Denon ah-d5200 headphone review truly justifies its exceptional quality. It won’t let you compromise on the sound quality within an affordable price range.

Design & Performance of Denon ah-d5200 headphone review

Denon ah-d5200 headphone review

  • Earcups- These define the quality of headphones. Denon ah-d5200 headphone review is sharp. It plays a rich and vibrant sound with maximum noise reduction. The Zebrawood earcups parts are made for long-lasting, efficient use. The earpads are made of soft protein leather which provides exceptional comfort and better grip. Polished steel braces are fitted inside the headband. It is an overhead earphone that not only is comfortable for long-lasting use but also reduces background noise. The background noise creates a disturbance.
  • Driver- A driver acts as a transducer which converts the electrical signal to sound energy. Drivers directly affect sound quality. The bigger the driver, the more it will sound bass. The magnet, voice coil, and diaphragm construct the driver. Denon’s 50mm ‘free-edge’ driver produces a clear, low-resonance sound that does not reverberate, and background distortion is mitigated. The free edge design reduces tonal coloration or what we say as timbre. Tone color is that property of sound where listeners can distinguish various instruments used.
  • Denon ah-d5200 headphone reviewComfort- Well, this is the most important factor which everyone looks at first. The zebrawood over-ear headphone is super comforting. No matter how good sound quality it produces, if your headphone is not good for long wear then customers will not buy them. Many headphones after 3 to 4 hours of use start causing head pain. Denon ah-d5200 headphone review classifies it as snug and extra comfy headphones. It is made of soft-engineered leather with electric foam earpads. You can easily adjust the size. It will not slip off from the head. The durable metal die-cast hanger is made of copper and includes a ¼” adapter.
  • Sound quality- After comfort, the next important factor which matters is the sound quality. Denon ah-d5200 frequency response ranges from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz with deep bass. For long-term use, frequency and comfort should always be checked. These audiophile headphones are optimized to produce naturally engaging sound. It has been built with excellent craftsmanship. Even for storage, it comes in a compact and sturdy case which ensures no external damage.

Denon ah-d5200 headphone review

You can easily extend the headphones on either side to have a comfy fit. Markings range from 1 to 6 for easy adjustment. You don’t have to adjust it every time. It is a fully metallic headphone. Denon-AH-D5200 is suitable for long hours of listening due to its smooth and non-fatiguing treble. Its dynamic sound quality is combined with deep bass power. The active noise cancellation feature cancels the external sound. This feature is great while recording vocals to avoid any distraction.

The sensitivity of this headphone is 117.24 db/V SPL. This refers to loudness. The higher the number, the louder will be the headphone. The sensitivity by power value is 101.37 dB/

WMV. This refers to the efficiency of the headphones. High sensitivity means the headphone needs less energy. If the source is powerful, there is a chance of getting distracted by background noise.

The impedance or resistance value of this headphone is 25.87 ohm. Impedance affects the current that the amplifier passes on to the headphone. If the ample amount of current will not pass then the sound quality will deteriorate. The average impedance value is desirable for connecting with the mobile phone for high-fidelity sound.

The closed-end pairs’ latest features truly justify the Denon ah-d5200 headphone review. This attention-grabbing headphone is ergonomically designed from the outside but also works excellently to hear a dynamic sound. You can also check out other headphones like Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro for which we even have a detailed review for this headphone.


Headphones play an important part in the life of every music lover. They cannot stay a single day without their headphones. For them, plugging in their headphone while in public drives them into their world where they find peace and happiness. For the most accurate hearing and sound recording, Denon ah-d5200 is manufactured to let you dive into the world of music.

After having gained detailed knowledge on why you should buy Denon-ah-d5200, you will be satisfied with its efficiency. Even these pairs have some small setbacks, but minor errors won’t hamper the sound quality or force you to adjust to the comfort.

Still, if you are left with some doubts, without making further delay read the Denon ah-d5200 headphone review and visit the online store to shop for this first-rated headphone.

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