How To Set Up Turntable?

A turntable is a device that helps to play sound recordings. It is basically the circular platform of the phonograph that you may have already seen. If you want to know how to set up  turntable, you have come to the perfect place. In this article, you will know everything about a turntable and how to operate it. So, let’s begin!

Ways to set up a turntable

If you are someone who does not know how to set up  turntable, there is nothing you need to worry about. You may think that it is a very complicated process. But in reality, it isn’t. Rather, the process is pretty simple and easy to understand. However, a few things are there you should know before you purchase a setup. This guide will try to explain to you the various setup configurations, the key components, and also the FAQs related to it. 

Phono Preamp

how to set up turntable

A turntable produces an output Phono signal. This signal is to be converted into an Aux signal to make it work with audio equipment which includes computers, stereo systems, and powered speakers. A Phono preamp helps convert Phono to Aux (Line level) signal. 

Amplifier and common turntable setup

For this particular setup, you will first need a turntable, of course, then a Preamp (external or built-in), cartridge, stereo system, or amplifier. This one is the most commonly used turntable setup. Try adding a turntable to your existing stereo system of yours. Make sure if you need the preamp or not.

Turntable setup with active or powered speakers

Here you will need the same three components as mentioned under the previous point, except the last one. Instead, you will need active or powered speakers. This is a streamlined setup. Connect your Preamp or turntable directly to your active or powered speaker. If you have an active speaker, it has to be self-powered and will not need a stereo system or additional amplifier. The speaker will always contain one power cord.

Turntable setup for a computer

Here again, the first three components are the same except for the last one. For the fourth option you will, of course, need a computer. If there is a USB output to your turntable, connect the turntable directly to the computer device. If there is no USB output, an adaptor will be needed for inputting it into the audio input section of the computer. Usually, it is a headphone-style input.

Turntables – direct drive versus belt drive

how to set up turntable

In the belt drive turntable, there is an independent motor that drives the platter through a rubber belt. On the other hand, direct-drive turntables feature a platter that is fully integrated into that motor. Direct-drive turntables seem perfectly suitable for DJing. But the belt drive ones are not suitable.

Turntables, which do not consist of a pre-existing preamp, need grounding. These ones feature a cable that should be attached to the Preamp (Be it a mixer, an external preamp, an amplifier, etc.)


  1. Do Turntables need a receiver?

    You should definitely want a receiver for better sound quality. You can’t go without it and expect the quality of sound to be the best.

  2. Should turntables be leveled perfectly?

    If you use an equipment rack, you may need to level your whole setup. If your turntable is positioned on a shelf & it isn’t leveled, fix it properly, and if you can’t, accept the limitations &take help from someone who can do it properly.

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