What is a Direct Drive Turntable?

Direct-drive turntables tend to be the ones that do not have a belt between them and the record player because the platter is directly linked to the engine. A belt drive is yet another choice for a direct drive.

Because of the reasons why we will be talking about here, belt drive turntables would be the most widely used. However, DJs favor direct-drive designs.

Just how will Direct Drive Turntables function?

Much like the belt drive, these turntables feature much of the same mechanism. A motor rotates at a particular speed. It’s glued with the platter and makes it rotate at the very same speed. The recording rests in addition to the disc.

what is a direct drive turntable

Inside an immediate drive record player, the engine is attached directly to the platter. A belt is attached from the engine to the platter when using a belt drive type. The ultimate result is the exact same: The platter is rotating.

Apart from that, the 2 types will be the exact same with regard to the tonearm, cartridge, and also the other components. Apart from the way in which the platter rotates, there’re additionally some other practical variations.

What exactly are Many folks Of Direct Drive Turntables?

The main industry for direct drive decks will be DJs. They favor them since there’s no resistance or lag on the platter.

Regardless of what happens, the record rapidly gets up to pace and remains at that speed. This’s essential for scratching as well as mixing albums in concert.

In transitions, the beat must complement the beat from monitor to track. The DJ must have the ability to regulate the pace and direction of the platter exactly to hop the sync in sync.

Several people favor direct drives, also, but very few. The majority of users that love vinyl will pay attention to it through belt drives and also won’t actually think about a direct drive.

Non-DJs generally prefer direct-drive turntables for their excellent accuracy and speed.

What does a direct drive turntable do?

A direct-drive turntable removes the necessity for belts and utilizes a motor to push the platter which holds the vinyl record. This lets for potential rubbing since the engine continues spinning at the appropriate RPM whenever the DJ wiggles the record forth and back on the platter.

Pros Of Direct Drive

Direct drives do not have some moving parts, so they call for less upkeep and often last longer. This’s a huge deal, especially for DJs who happen to be continually taking their turntables to functions.

what is a direct drive turntable

Carting a belt move around from location to location may very quickly cause the belt to slide. And if you have a performance to enjoy, there you’re sitting there having a turntable platter that will not spin.

Another advantage would be that the platter is simple to control. This’s crucial if you’re blending two tracks together.

Direct moves can generate better torque. DJs favor them since they’ve bigger motors. There’s no need for a really powerful motor for standard listening.

The ultimate advantage of direct drives is their better speed. The speed is more exact and will remain harmless for a significantly longer time since there’s no communication between the platter and the motor.


  1. What does a direct drive turntable mean?

    Among three prominent phonograph models nowadays available is the direct-drive turntable. Some other designs consist of the idler-wheel style as well as the belt-drive turntable. Every title is decided by the kind of coupling between the turntable platter and the motor.

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