Yamaha FG800 Review: The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Now, choosing a Yamaha acoustic guitar isn’t as easy as it sounds. Choosing a guitar doesn’t mean that it looks cool; it should serve your need too. Although we must all agree, looks are part of the entire package. Our Yamaha FG800 Review will provide you with an idea of why you should opt for this awesome acoustic guitar.

But we’ll discuss the basics before anything else. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just starting out; there’s always common ground when you’re looking for the next big thing. Check out the Yamaha FG800 review to learn more about the instrument before making a purchase.

Factors are self-explanatory for everyone. As a rule, knowing its whereabouts and how it’s being made will definitely gear you up with the right knowledge in choosing. Experience is the key.

Yamaha FG800 Review

If you’re still building up in the experience department, we’re more than happy to help you with our Yamaha FG800 review. Assuming you’re after the best Yamaha acoustic guitar.

Take note guitar manufacturers have different ways of coming up with a guitar. It means it uses different kinds of wood, design specifications, and even equipment as well. 

Each guitar is unique, just like what you expect it to be. Every model comes in with its own set of pros and cons. Getting to know how it’s being crafted will show you a different light on how to see things as they are.

Usually, there’s already a difference in skill as to how a person chooses the guitar’s tonewood, soundboard, and other significant things which speaks volumes. Overall, it’s dependent on the construction.  

Now, the best acoustic guitar should be able to fit your needs right away. Take a look at this Yamaha acoustic guitar, maybe it’s up to your liking.

Yamaha FG800 Review – Buying Guide

Let’s stop and appreciate how Yamaha thought about this particular package. It has everything that you need, it’s geared of beautiful sounds and music. It means the bundle gets you started upon opening the package.

Yamaha FG800 Review

Selecting a guitar that satisfies your needs is not easy and picking up one of the best acoustic guitars from Yamaha is a daunting task. Before choosing a guitar of your choice, you must take a Yamaha FG800 review, which will give you a brief idea of the quality of the company’s products. Therefore, the most important features that guitarists should keep in mind before going for Yamaha guitars are as follows:

  • Body Structure:

Though FG800 doesn’t consist of the addition of some of the advanced artistic features i.e. abalone rosette, it still turned out as an amazing guitar by looks. The body of the guitar is constructed with tonewood solid Sitka spruce has scalloped bracing on its top and is furnished with laminated Nato wood on the sides and back. The guitar’s body is timeless, well-groomed having a scale length of 25″ with a non-cutaway feature, making it as large as a dreadnought.

This reasonable acoustic model of the guitar is well-designed which makes it comfortable for the guitarist to hold and feel. Considering its affordable price, the setup of FG800 gives the guitar a sleek, lustrous finish having multiple binding of black and white and also has a pickguard on the face that imitates a tortoiseshell.

The neck of the guitar is attached to the 14th fret. Like the back and sides, the guitar’s neck is also made up of laminated Nato wood, which makes it comfortable to hold with a satin finish. It has a fretboard of rosewood with 20 frets. The body and the neck are well-designed with no faults in the design.

  • Internal Equipment:

The components of this acoustic guitar are similar to those provided by the higher-priced model FG830, which intensifies the consistency, tone of the acoustic, and reliability. The guitar plays its job very well and keeps the tune properly due to the headstock, which is equipped with a set of secured basic tuners. The bottom of the guitar consists of the nut and saddle of urea, along with the bridge made of standard rosewood.

  • Sound Quality:

Although the Yamaha FG800 is a budget acoustic, it still provides you with the best sounds. The dreadnought-shaped body and the scalloped bracing give you the benefit of very loud as well as very resonant sound. The tone of this guitar is quite lighter as compared to other models such as FG830, but still sweet, adoring, and soothing with the best balance of brightness.

  • Reasonable:

The most significant feature of the Yamaha FG800 is that even with the decent, well-designed setup it comes at an affordable price. It is hard to find any fault in the design or even the playability. It provides you with everything that an expensive guitar will. The sound is also perfect. Overall the important feature that guitarists go through is present in this budget acoustic.

  • Multiple choices:

This guitar gives you lots of options to choose from. There are two different types of bodies available. Not just the body but the variety is also present in terms of color patterns and wood. You can choose whatever type of guitar you prefer in terms of design and the color of wood options. Moreover, every variety is available at the same price, which makes the Yamaha FG800 review quite artistic to make its guitar of our top choices while buying a guitar.

As for the price, you don’t have to go out of your way to purchase accessories. You’ll be saving all of the important things at a once – time, effort, and many. We’d say this really takes the cake away.

Yamaha FG800 Review

Due to its freebies, this makes it an awesome guitar for newbies as well as advanced players. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is; this has you covered. This even comes with a durable spruce top.

It has been carefully made with scalloped bracing. In addition, you’ll fall in love with its Okume rear and sides. As well as its chrome tuners.

Of course, my two favorite things: are a rosewood fretboard and to partner it up with a shell pickguard. It’s really well made.

Here’s what you can find in the package: a gig bag for easy carry, a strap, strings, cloth for keeping your guitar in shape, and many more. They even added a DVD for starters.

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Wrapping It Up!

If you don’t want to waste your time taking a lot of trips from your house to malls, this is ideal for you. It saves you the hassle of getting the “starter kit” down.

After going through the Yamaha FG800 review, you will love to spend your days practicing the music. Though it does not provide much as compared to others, however, it is one of the best guitars to improve your skills and create a sensational music piece.

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