Yamaha NP31 Review: The Best Portable Digital Piano for Beginners

Learning an instrument is a great thing to go for but one has to be very careful in choosing which one they want to go for. There are many options available which you can choose from but it is important to make sure that you go for the one which suits all your requirements. If you are someone interested in learning a piano, a keyboard is a good option to go for.

Yamaha np31 review

There are many keyboards available but with this Yamaha np31 review, you’ll know why this one is the best option to go for. We have listed all its details below which you must go through to ensure that you don’t face any problems later on.

Product Description

The Yamaha np31 is a great option to go for. It has many features that you may not find in other keyboards available online. It is an affordable piece offering many features at just one price. You can but it easily using the link provided below and enjoy the same. It is quite lightweight making it suitable to be carried anywhere along. Some of its other details are discussed in this Yamaha np31 review which will help you in knowing its specialties.

Yamaha NP31 Review: The Best Portable Digital Piano for Beginners 1


  • It has a graded soft-touch keyboard.
  • It comes with a sleek design which makes it easier to carry.
  • It requires 6AA alkaline batteries to operate.
  • You can use the Yamaha PA150MM Keyboard AC Power Adapter with it.

Product Information

  • The keyboard weighs 19.18 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are 9 x 14.6 x 7.9 inches.


  • It comes with various piano voices that are preset.
  • Automatic sleep mode helps in saving battery.
  • The keyboard is of good quality offering great grip while playing.
  • It comes with AWM Stereo Sampling.
  • It offers great value for money and anyone can use it.
  • It comes with a built-in stereo system offering high-quality sound.

Check Price

This keyboard is one of a kind and with this Yamaha np31 review, you’ll know all about it. It can help you meet all your requirements without much hassle. It is quite lightweight because of which you can carry it around anywhere you want to. Also, it is quite slim making it easier to handle. It is ready to use directly out of the box. Just set it up at a place of your choice and enjoy the music. It is quite easy to use too. Even if you face any problem, you can simply look for it in the instructions manual accompanied by this product.

It comes with AWM which is an Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling system because of which you can enjoy the voices of various instruments in this keyboard. It comes with many preset songs that you can play along while practicing. You can also learn those songs simply by using their notes. With this Yamaha np31 review, you can also learn that you can enjoy long battery life because it comes with an automatic turn off the setting. If it hasn’t been in use for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off saving you the extra batteries you may have to use otherwise. It is also helpful in case you forget to turn the keyboard off.

The Yamaha NP31 offers great sound quality because of its speaker system. You can enjoy loud music while playing. A rich sound is offered because of the multiple wavelengths. Also, the sound quality is quite high which will help you gain a little more confidence. It has great amplifiers that do the work for you. If you don’t want to disturb others or want to practice in person, you can simply attach headphones to this one. The different modes of a piano are also available in this one which can be switched with just the press of a button. All these sounds are quite realistic and can help you in practicing various modes.


We hope that you found this Yamaha np31 review helpful and are ready to bring this amazing keyboard home. We ensure you that you’ll be highly impressed by its quality and wouldn’t have to wander more for options. It is something that offers everything in just one piece and that too at a price you can easily afford. You can practice or learn easily on this one because of its amazing features. You can also gift it to someone interested in learning the keyboard. So wait no more and head to the link to buy this today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1 –Can I connect it with a computer?

Ans. – Yes, you can easily connect this one with your computer because of the input available. You may not be able to connect it to other hardware but using the computer, you can do all that you want to easily. You can use it as a master keyboard too when you connect it with a computer.

Ques. 2 – Does it offer sound like a real piano?

Ans. – You can enjoy the sound of this one to the best with its various piano modes. It does justice to the piano sounds. You can also use headphones or an amplifier to listen to these sounds better. You will surely find the sound close to an actual piano and much better than the other keyboards available online.

Ques. 3 – Can it be stored vertically?

Ans. – It can be a little difficult for those with lesser storage to store keyboards but need not worry. You can store this one vertically without any fears. It won’t show any issues but do make sure that you keep it in a hygienic place. You can store it in any other way too as you wish.

Ques. 4 – Is it portable?

Ans. –Yes, this keyboard is portable. It weighs quite less and the dimensions are fine too. You can carry it along anywhere you want to without any hassle. You just have to place it in a position of your choice, turn it on, and start practicing.

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