How to Read Guitar Chords?

The guitar is a string instrument and has a melodious sound. Everyone loves the music that comes out from the guitar. You can find many people that know how to play the guitar and even people that want to learn how to play it. But do you know how to read the guitar chords? Guitar chords are musical notes that are played one after the other on the guitar. With the help of these guitar chords, you can play any tune you like. 5 basic chords in the guitar are- A major, C major, G major, E major, and lastly D major. 

If you know how to read them and play them well then you are definitely one of the best guitar players in the world. You can find many popular songs that have released an acoustic version so that they can use the guitar in it. If you have not visited a live guitar concert ever then you must at least once. The whole ambiance and the atmosphere become so romantic. You must have a friend that has a guitar and plays it around to show his talent. Right?

Understand How To Read Guitar Chords Tabs

how to read guitar chords

Guitar tabs are a short form of guitar tablature. It is a form of writing where you right chords to play on the guitar. It is specifically for guitars. For all those people that do not take classes or have the proper knowledge, it is the best way to learn. It is considered even better than the written notations as the tabs provide much more information to the player. 

The top line which is the first string is the thinnest of all. While the last or the sixth one is the thickest. You write numbers on the lines or the strings and the numbers denote where you have to fret to play. It implies that you will play only those strings that have a number written on them. If a string has no number, then you do not have to play it.

How To Read Guitar Chords With Lyrics?

If you want to be a great guitarist, then you must know how to read guitar chords. Reading music is very essential in any instrument, especially the guitar. It will develop your skills when you play the guitar. It will also help you in the practice sessions. Most the beginners like to play songs that they already know. Reading through the lyrics and playing them becomes quite an easy task. When you learn how to read guitar chords with lyrics you can easily practice well and improve your focus on the instrument. Guitar learning takes time and if you wish to excel in it, you must learn how to read the guitar chords along with the lyrics.

How To Read Guitar Chords Numbers Easily?

In guitar Roman numbers are used to denote the position of the chord. If you understand and read carefully you will see that all the lowercase characters are used for the minor chords and the uppercase characters are used for the major notes. Like the diatonic notes ranging from one to seven, in guitar, we have numbers- Roman numbers that denote the whole chords. 

How To Read Guitar Chords Sheet Music?

how to read guitar chords

For every great guitar player learning how to read sheet music is a must. It is a skill that should be learned right from the start of the journey. The whole process of reading guitar chords and sheet music is tough. Many players start it but leave it after getting frustrated and bored. Some of the terms used in the process to learn how to read guitar chords sheet music are:

  • The Staff: It is the line and spaces that hold the notes.
  • Treble Clef: These circles can be seen above the G-string in the sheet music.
  • Key Signatures: It tells whether your notes are sharp or flat.
  • Bars: These are the horizontal lines that divide the sheet music into various measures.

Likewise, you can find many such terms and learn how to read the music sheets on guitar.

How To Read Guitar Chords Left-Handed?

Being a left-hander can be a challenge for people when learning musical instruments like guitar, and banjo because the build of the instrument has to be made according to it. But it is not impossible or a very hard task. For the left-handers here are some tricks:

  • Finger Placements: Try to put your fingers close to the fret wires. It may seem tough in the starting but, but after practice, you can easily do it.
  • Finger Pressure: One should use the littlest possible pressure to make the string ring to prevent that annoying buzzing sound.
  • Pain: Yes, initially it will be painful but slowly you will get used to the whole thing. Remember that today’s pain will be worth it after you learn how to play the guitar left-handedly on your own.

If you feel the need, you can take some classes online or with some of your friends. It will give you proper direction and a personal touch in understanding the whole learning phase properly.


  1. How To Read The Guitar Chords Diagram?

    The process is simple. You have to see the black dots on the diagram. These dots are going to tell you where you have to fret and where not. It will also guide you with finger use and which string you have to use.

  2. How To Read Guitar Chords Charts?

    The chart is a visual of the fretboard. It will tell you where you have to place your fingers, and the chord will tell you the finger that you have to use. The chart will give a stepwise process, and you can use it to tune properly.

  3. How To Read Guitar Chords And Tabs?

    As mentioned above the tabs help to play the guitar using the numbers that are written on the lines. You have to follow the numbers along with the strings they are written on.

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