The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers – Buyer’s Guide

 Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Next Generation Mesh Performance
Premium Eight Piece Configuration
Demand Sound | Nitro Drum
Powerful Educational Features
The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers - Buyer's Guide 1
 Ludwig Accent Drive Series LC175 Complete Drum Package

Ludwig Accent Drive Series LC175 Complete Drum Package

Ludwig Accent Drive 5 Piece Complete Drum Set
Drum set features 13" hi-hats, 16" crash
Micro classic lugs and Ludwig 200 series
Solid foundation
The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers - Buyer's Guide 1
 Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

Ready to rock
9 ply, 7mm Poplar Shells
Drums Included: 18x12 Bass Drum, 1x7 Tom, 14x1 Floor Tom, 13x5 Snare
The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers - Buyer's Guide 1
 Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece Crossover Shell Pack

Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece Crossover Shell Pack

The birch 6ply 7.2mm shell
Soniclear bearing edge
Direct transmission of sound
MAPEX Mars shell pack
The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers - Buyer's Guide 1
 Natal Drums DNA, 5 Drum Set

Natal Drums DNA, 5 Drum Set

5 piece kit
Made from all poplar shells
Professional ball mount tom arms
The Best Drum Sets for Professional Drummers - Buyer's Guide 1

Almost everyone is fascinated by the idea of playing the drums at some point in their lives. According to the perception prevalent in society, playing the drums or being in a rock band builds up your personality and portrays you as a confident being in front of others. However, not everyone can realize their dream of being a drummer due to limited resources and a lack of adequate knowledge regarding the basics of drumming.

We have got you covered through this article, and we hope that it proves to be instrumental in deciding the best drum set for you. Several features need to be taken into account before finalizing a particular drum set. Some of the basic features are the space it will cover, the life expectancy of the drum set, affordability, and lastly the purpose you require it for, that is, whether you are a newbie or a pro drummer.

Apart from these, one of the major considerations while buying a drum set is whether to opt for a shell pack or a complete drum set. A shell pack consists of a desired number of drums. However, the complete set of accessories including the stands, cymbals, etc. is not provided. Whereas, as the term suggests in the case of a complete drum set you are provided with every basic commodity you will ever require while performing a gig. Therefore, a careful choice should be made while opting between the two.

Best Drum Sets Reviews

We have filtered down some of the best drum sets available in the market. These are well suited for people belonging to any category. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a pro drummer, there is something for everyone in this list. So, get ready to seize the stage with your pro drumming skills with the help of these drum sets mentioned below.

  1. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

This next-generation electronic drum set by Alesis should top your preference list if you are looking for something that provides you with a holistic experience while performing a gig in front of a large crowd or even practicing alone on the premises of your home. It comes along with eight other pieces in the kit and covers every component you will require while playing the drums. So, what are you waiting for?

  • This drum set accounts for next-generation mesh performance. It guarantees to provide you with an incredible overall experience that is the dream of every modern-day drummer.
  • It consists of an eight-piece kit that includes everything from dual-zone snare pads to cymbal stands.
  • Another unique feature of this set is that it comes along with a total of 40 ready-to-play classics, 60 play-along tracks, and 385 different sounds already pre-installed within it.
  • This drum set is considered a complete package of everything you will ever require for a successful show. It includes four super-solid aluminum racks, drum sticks, drum keys, a power supply, and lastly connection cables.
  • It assists you in sharpening your skills by providing you with several practice-centric features.

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  1. Natal Drums DNA, 5 Drum Set

Natal Drums DNA, 5 Drum Set

The 5-drum set kit manufactured by Natal is a perfect fit for beginners owing to its easy-to-use approach. The brand provides exceptional quality in terms of the material used in the construction of the drum set. So, if you are looking for something to improve your skills and regularly work on them, this is an ideal choice for you. Here, we are listing some of the interesting features of this drum set to provide you with deeper insight.

  • The drum set comes in a UF22 configuration. It consists of various components such as different-sized rack toms, floor toms, snare drums, and bass drums.
  • As mentioned in the name, it is 5 piece kit and consists of all the major parts including cymbals, stands, pedals, and drumsticks.
  • It is made up of poplar shells which are responsible for its high quality. Due to its high quality cannot be damaged easily if it ever becomes prone to an accident.
  • It has several astonishing features that make it one of the best drum set available in town. Some of these are the prevalence of professional ball mount torn arms, naturally spun lugs and natural wing nuts. They contribute towards making it the number one choice of the customers.

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  1. Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set

An astounding feature of this 4-piece drum set manufactured by Pearl is that you can choose the desired drum set that matches your area of interest in music accordingly. Apart from that, it comes along with all the necessary equipment required for performing a successful gig on a stage. It also portrays a high value for money as it is budget-friendly.

  • This highly-rated drum set is well-suited for customers with varied tastes in music. If your music interest lies in fusion, jazz, or even rock, it has got you covered. Get ready to set the stage on fire with your amazing drumming skills.
  • The main components utilized in its construction are poplar shells and triple-flanged hoops. It increases its overall quality and strength which makes it one of the best drum set for novice users.
  • It consists of different types of drums and cymbals. The names that belong to the former category are bass drum, tom, floor tom, and snare. Whereas the list of different varieties of cymbals that come along with this drum set includes brass crash rides and hybrid hi-hats.
  • It also constitutes all the required hardware material such as drum sticks, bass drum pedals, stands, and tom holders.
  • It is suitable for everyone from a newbie to a professional player. All you need to take care of is to learn the right way to use it.

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  1. Ludwig Accent Drive Series LC175 Complete Drum Package

Ludwig Accent Drive Series LC175 Complete Drum Package

To provide you with a complete package to begin your journey as a professional drummer, Ludwig has come up with the accent series of drum sets that consists of some of the best drum sets available online to date. The LC175 complete drum package belongs to the same category. It guarantees an astonishing set of features and a promising experience throughout the entire journey. Refer to the link given above to purchase this amazing product by Ludwig.

  • It is available in a unique silver foil color and caters to all the needs of a beginner owing to its outside-the-box features.
  • The drum set is quite durable and can be used for a sufficient period before it gets weathered due to extensive use.
  • It constitutes several components of various sizes catering to specific requirements. These components include hi-hats, ride cymbal, bass drum, mounted toms, wood snare, and so on.
  • The accent series recently released by Ludwig is an upgrade to the already existing drum set produced by the same brand. It provides additional features consisting of double-braced hardware components such as a bass pedal, cymbal stand, drum throne, and drum sticks.
  • In addition to all the amazing features it offers, the most important point that makes it unique from others is the perfect opportunity it provides to aspiring newbies who want to make their career in the field of drumming, that too at an affordable price.
  • The product has received great reviews from customers all over the world. Therefore, it makes for one of the most popular drum sets available online in today’s date.

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  1. Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece Crossover Shell Pack

Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece Crossover Shell Pack

This incredible drum set by Mapex does not constitute any hardware components since it belongs to the shell pack category. However, it provides you with a tom mount to hold two toms on the bass drum. It accounts for one of the best drum sets currently because sturdy build and has several astonishing features. The price range of the drum set is also quite friendly for the pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately visit the link mentioned above and grab your sets while they are still in stock.

  • One of the interesting features that make this drum set a popular choice among customers is that it is available in a variety of colors including colors like zebrawood, smoke wood, bone wood, and bloodwood.
  • Each kit is provided with a completely new SonicClear bearing edge feature that has been introduced in the Mars series of the Mapex. It allows the drumhead to fall flat on the edge by increasing its contact area. It further results in a higher quality of sound.
  • Skilled artists specially handcraft the drum sets. Birchwood is utilized for its construction which is responsible for its extensive strength.
  • Apart from all these unique features, it consists of conventional hardware components such as a snare drum, floor tom, mounted tom, and kick drum. These components are available in different sizes.
  • Lastly, it is considered as the best drum set in town owing to its unique characteristic of tuning the entire set of expert-curated sounds to the perfect pitch without much effort.

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With this, we have come to the end of this specially designed list assembled for passionate drummers all around the world. The main objective behind filtering down these names is that it saves you the trouble of going through a phase of extensive research and analysis of all the important factors before deciding on the best drum set for you. We have eased down the process by doing all the hard work for you. All you have to do now is to select the most suitable drum set that closely resembles all your requirements from this list rather than searching throughout the internet and finally landing up in a state of dilemma.

The most important point to keep in mind while finalizing your desired product is that one should try not to get influenced by the people around them since everyone has a different experience level in drumming and will accordingly have different expectations from the drum set. Therefore, it is advised to go for the drum sets which suit your purpose the best. It can be for your college performance, professional gig, or a fun session at home. Whatever it is, remember to choose the best drum set in the given category.

To conclude, never forget the ultimate aim behind choosing the ideal drum set, the cause which has led you onto this path. Enjoy the overall experience ranging from the learning phase to the first time performing in front of a large crowd. If you follow this approach, no one can stop you from becoming one of the best drummers soon enough.


Q1. What is the difference between a shell pack and a complete drum set?

Ans. The major difference between the two is that while the former does not provide additional hardware components such as drumsticks, stands, toms, and so on, the latter provides all these components along with the main drum set.

Q2. What is the best drum set brands?

Ans. Some of the best brands are Ludwig, Pearl, Mapex, Yamaha, Tama Superstar, and so on.

Q3. How much does a good drum set cost on average?

Ans. For a newbie, a complete drum set can be bought within a price range of 300-400 dollars. However, as your experience increases and so does your standard you should opt for drum sets belonging to a higher price range of around 500-700 bucks.

Q4. How long does it take to learn drums?

Ans. If you are dedicated enough and are willing to put in a certain required number of hours into learning drums, you can easily master it within a period of 10 to 12 months. However, to reach the pro level it might take you anywhere between 18 to 24 months.

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