How to Hold a Violin?

If you plan to learn violin, the first step is to learn how to hold a violin. The violin is a small and delicate instrument. Before learning how to play it, we must know how to hold a violin properly. You must learn the correct posture to play this instrument properly. The primary thing to note is to hold the violin with the help of the chin and shoulder. Some people try holding it with the help of a hand; it is incorrect. If you hold the violin with your hand, it will be difficult for you to change notes on strings while playing it.

The feet posture

Firstly you have to stand straight in a position of rest. You have to take your feet together. As a beginner, you must first learn to hold the violin in a standing position; after a while, you can try new postures. Make a ‘V’ from your feet and step out. You can step out with any of the feet. The thing you should note is to make the feed shoulder wide apart. The distance must be equal to the distance between the shoulders, not more or not less. Your feet should be parallel to your shoulders.

Holding a violin

how to hold a violin

After standing appropriately, you must learn how to hold a violin. You have to hold the left shoulder of the violin with your left hand and make your hand straight in the direction parallel to your left foot. You must not bend your left arm. After that, you have to turn the violin upside-down while maintaining the posture.

Now, you have to fly the violin into your neck while bending your arm. You should make sure that you should not able to see the top of the shoulder. If you can see the shoulder, you are not holding the violin well enough. The violin must lie between your chin and the top of your shoulder. It is a difficult but crucial step. You must make sure that the violin lies perfectly between your chin and cheek.

The position of your head should be a little tilted. Your head should be turned but also relaxed. The head should be a little laid backward for better support. You must comfortably be able to see the D string of the violin. This posture will let your fingers free, and you can use them to generate different notes in the violin. This is the correct way to hold a violin.

You can practice this posture without involving your hands. You can walk around your house to maintain stability while holding the violin. As a beginner, it is necessary to practice this posture to make it easy for you to hold the violin while playing it.


  1. Why it is necessary to hold the violin with the chin?

    It helps to let your fingers and hands free. By holding the violin with your chin, you can use your fingers for creating different notes. If you hold the violin with your hand, it will be difficult to create and change musical notes

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