How to Hold Guitar?

This article will teach beginners how to hold guitar properly. You can play the guitar by sitting on a chair or standing up. Initially, it is always recommended to play guitar by sitting on a chair.


  1. Proper posture
  2. Better practice habits

how to hold guitar

Any guitar player is aware of these two points. But with the flow, they tend to ignore the signs which lead to bad posture and bad habits. This can cause long-term physical injuries and pains affecting your career. Repetitive strain injuries, backache, shoulder pain, tendinitis, neck pain, wrist pain, arm pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are few examples. Therefore, proper posture has to be practiced since day one to avoid all these side effects. This will make guitar playing pleasant.

Sitting Position

Whenever you sit on the chair, make sure your feet are touching the ground. The back has to be straight and the waist of the guitar is kept on the right leg(right-handed people).  Hold the back of the guitar against your chest and abdomen. The neck of the guitar is positioned such that it is parallel to the floor. Do not lean down to support the neck with the help of your left hand. The upper right armrest can be used to support the guitar body. Sit comfortably.

Position of Fretting Hand ( Left hand and fingers)

Place your thumb between your first two fingers behind the neck of the guitar. All the knuckles are bent properly. Fingertips are pressed onto the strings. Fingers should be close to the fret, but not on the fret. Cut the fingernails of your fretting hand before playing the guitar.

Position of Strumming Hand

The right hand should float comfortably above the soundhole. Your arm, hand, and wrist should be relaxed.

Strumming Technique

how to hold guitar

Out of various techniques of strumming, out of which you can use the commonly used technique. In this technique, the thumb is placed against the index finger for decent support. The ring finger and pinky finger is bent towards the palm. It should feel natural to you. You can grow your fingernails to get a pick-like sound.

Using A Pick

Hold the pick with thumb and index finger.

Fingerpicking Position

Bass strings are fingerpicked with the thumb by resting the forearm on the top front edge of the lower bout. You can also use other variations for the same.

Prevent Injuries

1.Keep your back straight.

2.Align your spine and lengthen your back.

3.Relax your arms, knuckles, and hands.

  1. Take frequent breaks.

5.Stretch before and after playing the guitar.

6.Exercise is necessary for guitar players.


  1. Is it harder for left-handed people to hold a guitar?

    No, it is not so difficult to hold the guitar if you are lefty. It is just a matter of finding the right posture and position of your hand and fingers.

  2. Is it ok to strum the guitar without a pick?

    You can strum the guitar without using a pick. You need to use your thumb for the same.

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